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Health benefits and uses of LSD

LSD or Lysergic Acid Diethylamide is a clear white odourless substance that is categorised as a class of drugs referred to as hallucinogens. It is known by many other names like yellow sunshine, dots, blotter and acid. 1938 was the year when LSD was created for the first time by a Swiss man named Albert Hofmann. It was derived from ergotamine, a type of chemical obtained from ergot (a fungus) which grows on rye and other types of grains. It wasn’t until 1943 that LSDs psychoactive effects were discovered. Thereafter, in 1947 it was introduced in the form of a commercial medicine sold under the trade name Delysid. Scientific studies indicate that psychedelic drugs like LSD can help significantly in treatment of mental illnesses and many other conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder, addiction, cancer and anxiety. Over 22 million people in the world have tried LSD at least once in their lives. Let’s throw light on some of the important health benefits and uses of LSD.

Relieves pain and anxiety

Studies carried out on advanced stage cancer patients revealed that use of LSD significantly reduced their anxiety levels. In one such study it was found that LSD given in 100 µg dosages significantly reduced the duration and intensity of pain. Their sleep improved considerably and they found themselves less occupied with thoughts of death.

Enhances suggestibility, sociality and emotional empathy

In a placebo-controlled study carried out on healthy volunteers, during which they were administered 40 µg to 80 µg of LSD intravenously, the subjects returned a fairly high rating for Creative Imagination Scale (CIS). LSD has also been proven to enhance suggestibility in patients suffering from schizophrenia and neurosis, but not so much in case of patients suffering from depression. Another double-blind, placebo-controlled and random-order crossover study carried out using 200 µg of LSD in 16 subjects and 100 µg of LSD in 24 subjects revealed that LSD causes feelings of closeness to others, trust, happiness and enhanced implicit and explicit emotional empathy.

Helps get rid of drug and alcohol addiction

Regardless of the fact that young people are drinking less alcohol compared to elders, society is in dire need of a solution for alcohol addiction. An analysis carried out on the impact of LSD on alcoholism revealed that out of 536 participants that took part in six trials, 59% of them who received 210 µg to 800 µg of LSD reported reduction in alcohol misuse, as against 38% of subjects that received a placebo. Another study which reviewed the LSD usage in treatment of drug dependency showed that the users of the substance reported that it helps significantly in recovery of drug dependency. This could potentially have to do with the serotonin mechanism, in which more of this important brain chemical (serotonin) for mood regulation, becomes available.

Helps in treatment of cluster headaches

The usage of hallucinogens by patients suffering from cluster headache is nothing new. Many of them have in fact used it outside of the physician recommendation, primarily to abort the cluster period and have reported that it worked. For this reason, some researchers are pushing for clinical trials to determine the effects of psychedelics for cluster headaches.

Note:MedFriendly does not in any way endorse the use of illegal drugs but supports research into whether such drugs can have medicinal benefit in some circumstances. Please consult with your physician to determine which treatment options are the right ones for you.

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