Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Diabetes Foot Care Tips

There are different foot care rituals listed by the American Diabetes Association that diabetics should follow:

1.  Check Your Feet On A Daily Basis

Check for infected toenails, red spots, swelling, sores or cuts.  At times diabetics might not be able to feel any pain in their feet.  That is why they need to thoroughly check their feet every day.  Individuals who are unable to bend down to be able to see their feet can either have someone else check them or use a mirror.

2.  Thoroughly Wash Your Feet

Diabetics need to wash their feet in warm water every day.  After washing your feet, wipe them dry and then apply talcum powder or cornstarch between your toes to make sure the skin is dry.  Keep in mind that it isn't recommended that you soak your feet since that has a tendency to dry the skin out.

3. Moisturize After Cleaning

Be sure to apply cream or lotion or petroleum jelly even to your feet in order to keep them smooth, soft and moisturized.

Aloe vera gel frequently is recommended since it makes an effective moisturizer.  However, be sure to only moisturize the bottom and top of your feet but not in between your toes, since some infections could result.

4.  Trim Your Nails

Right after bathing is the best time for you to trim your toenails since that is when nails are soft and soaked.   Cutting your nails straight across is the best way for you to trim them. Avoid cutting into your toenails corners.  The corners can be smoothed afterward using an emery board or nail file.

5.  Always Use The Right Footwear 

Wear footwear at all times to keep your feet protected - both outdoors and indoors.  Wear stockings, nylons or socks with your footwear to avoid getting blisters or sores.  Wear shoes that fit you well and properly protect your feet.  It is also important to select the right kind of footwear.  Your feet should be supported and allowed to breathe by your shoes.  Walking shoes or athletic shoes are perfect for this, it’s also possible to get diabetic shoes.  Don't wear shoes with high heels or pointed toes since they tend to put a lot of pressure on your toes.  Make sure your shoes provide enough space for your toes.  Avoid vinyl or plastic shoes since they don't breathe or stretch.

6.  Keep Your Flood Flowing        

It is important for diabetics to make sure that blood flowing to their feet isn't hindered in any way.  Don't wear elastic, rubber bands or tight socks around your legs.  When you are sitting put your feet up.  Another way of ensuring blood flow is moving your ankle in and out and up and down.  You can wriggle your toes also for around five minutes two or three times per day.  However the main thing is to stop smoking, since it can lead to a reduced amount of blood flowing to your feet.

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