Saturday, January 18, 2014

MedFriendly Publishes the Most Comprehensive Entry on Stevens-Johnson Syndrome

On 1/18/14, MedFriendly, LLC, published the most comprehensive online review on Stevens-Johsnon syndrome. Stevens-Johnson syndrome is a rare but serious condition in which the skin and at least two surfaces of the mucous membranes (or the mucous membranes only) are damaged by a severe reaction to infection or medication.

A mucous membrane is one of four major types of thin sheets of tissue that line or covers various parts of the body. Detailed information is provided on the causes of Stevens-Johnson syndrome, diagnostic methods, treatment methods, and much more

The Stevens-Johnson syndrome entry is the latest in hundreds of easy to understand entries available for free at All entries on MedFriendly are written in an easy to understand format, with all complex terms defined within the same entry. This prevents the reader from needing to do extra research to understand what the writer is trying to convey. All entries are written on a single page, exposing the reader to fewer ads. Please share this link with others, bookmark MedFriendly and the MedFriendly Blog, and follow us on the MedFriendly Facebook and Twitter pages.

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