Tuesday, January 01, 2013

MedFriendly Publishes Comprehensive Scientific Review on Asperger’s Disorder and Violence

In response to the frequent discussion in the media and elsewhere on the association (or lack of an association) between Asperger’s disorder and violence/planned violence, I decided to write an objective comprehensive review of the peer-reviewed published scientific literature on this topic. The review begins with an introduction and then lists and summarizes the relevant studies, which are divided based on study format and year of publication. At the end of the review, ten conclusions are listed based on the current state of the scientific literature. I believe that this is the most objective and up to date comprehensive review of this topic presently available.

As more research on the topic is published, it will be integrated into the article. When updates are made, I will mention it in the comment section below. Others can also feel free to post comments (e.g., suggest other articles for inclusions) but be aware that comments are closely moderated and that inflammatory comments will be rejected.

Click here to access: Asperger’s Disorder & Violence: A Review

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