Wednesday, February 01, 2012

The Top 5 January 2012 MedFriendly Blog Entries

January was a terrific month for the MedFriendly Blog. Articles from the blog continue to be featured on KevinMD and recently formed the basis of a news article on whether or not healthcare providers should hug patients. This month also featured the most popular MedFriendly Blog article to date, with well over 2000 page views. More people are retweeting blog posts on Twitter or posting them on Facebook. Please note that all MedFriendly Blog posts are always accessible to read by clicking in the Blog Archive to the right. Just click on 2011 and then the month and you will see the blog posts for that month listed.

Without further ado, the most popular MedFriendly Blog Posts in January 2012 were:

1.    New York Neuropsychologists Leave State Neuropsychological Association: This entry was so popular because it benefitted from mass distribution by members of my profession. Result: 2438 page views to date.

2.    Have You Seen the MedFriendly Message Board?: Reintroducing the MedFriendly Message Board (the largest medical message board in the world) brought in 180 page views.

3.    The Bizarre “Morgellon’s Disease,” Psychosis, and Exaggeration. This is one of the most interesting blog entries to date as it shows how science can be used to explore bizarre medical claims. Result: 114 page views.

4.    Why Sports Leagues Need to Pay Attention to Malingering: An interesting entry with several video clips documenting the problem of faked injuries in sports. Result: 112 Page views.

5.    What Is Trisomy 18: An Explanation of Rick Santorum’s Daughter’s Condition: Just posted a few days ago, this medical explanation entry already has 100 page views and counting.

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