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4 Reasons to Mix Your Own Vape Juice

One of the best things about vaping is the culture that's started to grow around it. You get to create your own mods to ensure the perfect time and your ideal clouds and choose from a wide range of e-juice to suit your specific tastes. But just like mods, you can create your own vape juice. Check out some of the most common reasons why experienced vapers like to test their skills at mixing their own.

To Create a Better Flavor

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Everyone's tastes are different, and odds are you know what you like more than anyone else. You may have found some of your favorite flavors from one of the many places offering vape juice, but they may not be exactly what you're looking for. When you mix your own, you get to create your own flavor. You can start with some of your favorites and tweak them in a way that better suits your palate.

To Have Control Over the Ingredients

When you mix your own vape juice, you have control over what you put into it. Some people are highly sensitive to some of the additives of vape juice, especially diacetyl and nicotine. You also can adjust the levels of other additives to help provide for a vaping experience more like the one you desire.

It Can Save You Money

While mixing your own vape juice may require an initial investment up front, it is a lot more cost-effective in the long run. The most expensive costs include purchasing the safety gear and some of the equipment. But after these costs, you can buy the ingredients in bulk, saving yourself a significant amount of money per container. After some trial and error, you will be able to save even more money once you get your formula down and know exactly what you need to create your favorite juice.

It Can Be Fun

Getting involved in the vaping lifestyle is not only about the experience of vaping, but it is also about having fun. When you mix your own vape juice, you will become part of the vape enthusiast community. You'll also be able to connect with other vapers to find recipes to make and tips and tricks for you to try out. If you are part of a vape club, you can also share some of your experience and help impart your knowledge on those new to the vaping world.

Creating your own vape juice can be fun and affordable, allowing your creativity to really shine. All you need is the right equipment and a little know-how to get started. If you want to learn more, there are many experienced vape juice mixers and websites that can provide you with the information you need. E-juice calculators can help novices creating their own DIY ejuice to know the exact amounts of each ingredient to get the best vaping experience. Don't wait. Let your creativity soar by trying out some of your own vape juice recipes today.

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Protect Your Eyes: Common Eye Problems You Need to Know

Eyes are one of the most precious natural assets for humans, but people mostly forget to protect them. Just like other body parts, your eyes also need regular checkups. Eyes might be affected by allergies, muscle twitches or obsessive compulsive disorder, but we may not pay heed to them. Ignoring major eyes problems that may take time to heal can result in incurable problems.

It is true that many eye-related issues are hard to diagnose as there are no early symptoms. If there are symptoms, they are sometimes hard to figure out. This makes regular eye checkups an essential part of medical care. After all, don’t you want to protect your precious asset – the eyes?

Here are some common eye problems according to eye care Cherry Hill NJ which most of the people ignore:


If you have blurry and dim vision, as if a cloud has engrossed your eyeball, then you might have cataracts. Most people associate blurry vision with a lack of sleep or tiredness and fail to understand that it might be because of cataracts.

Other than aging, cataracts can also occur due to trauma, diabetes, or prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays. Whatever is the case, you should not ignore it.

Magnifying glasses or anti-glare glasses can sort out the issue, but surgery is the best option if you don’t want to rely on any outer aid. The doctor removes the blurry lens through surgery and replaces it with an artificial lens which can help you to get your clear sight back.


Glaucoma is a more severe disease than cataracts as it can result in permanent blindness if it is not diagnosed at an early stage.

It occurs due to increased pressure buildup within the eye fluid which can damage the optic nerve. It is like an image carrier to the brain, and what if this carrier gets damaged?

It can be difficult to realize that you may have glaucoma, especially if you are suffering from open-angle glaucoma which is painless. It can only be diagnoses at an early stage if you go for regular eye checkups.

In case you are lucky enough to grasp the situation in time; then you can treat it through laser, surgery or eye drops.

Eye Allergies:

Eye allergies are one of the most common eye diseases which people don’t bother to treat. People mostly assume that they will be cured in time. Although some people actually get healed in time, some allergies can result in damage to the cornea. So instead of taking the risk, it is better to get a checkup.

There can be various reasons for eye allergies including changes in the season, dust, or sensitivity to a medication which can be treated with eye drops. However, if water discharge or redness continues, then it is better to consult a doctor for proper treatment instead of putting your eyesight at risk.

All of these issues can be diagnosed at an early stage if you go for regular eye checkups. You might not understand the early signs of eye problems, but your doctor can catch them. Regular eye check-ups can save you from prolonged and permanent damage, and ensure eye health – isn’t it what we all want?

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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Problem Gambling – Symptoms, Diagnosis And Effects

Gambling has been around since the beginning of time. Gambling can be just a fun, thrilling activity, but it can also become a serious problem. Sometimes it is difficult to draw the line, but in most cases it is not that difficult to determine who is gambling casually and for fun and for whom it has become a dangerous habit that’s hard to control. Gambling is considered to be an impulse-control disorder and it is listed as such by the American Psychiatric Association.

Millions of people all over the world have a gambling problem, but a lot more are playing just for fun, with small wagers and with money they can afford to lose. When does it stop being harmless fun and becomes a dangerous problem that ruins lives is a pretty common question. 

It Isn’t A Financial Issue At Core

Maybe the best way to look at the issue would be to have a look at the symptoms and the typical diagnosis. That will give us a better perspective into the issue of problem gambling and will help us understand when gambling becomes a problem, how it happens and perhaps the most important question – why it becomes a problem (i.e. why are some people prone to compulsive gambling).

Many people mistakenly believe that the key problem with gambling is financial, but a psychological/emotional problem. That doesn’t mean that gambling doesn’t have any financial consequences, because it does. Actually, most people understand that they have a gambling problem only when they become aware of the financial problems associated with it.

And gambling doesn’t only affect the financial well-being of the gambler; it can also affect their work performance. Many compulsive gamblers end up being fired because they lose their ability to work, or even worse, steal money from their co-workers or their business account.

Can You Stop When You Want To?!

It is said that a person is definitely a problem gambler once they answer ‘No’ when asked if they can stop if they wanted to. But there’s one problem with that. Many gamblers will not say ‘no’ even if they can’t actually stop gambling and that’s because they are rarely aware of their addiction and they feel like they’re only having fun and enjoying the rush of adrenaline.

There are several signs that a person is having a gambling problem and if you can identify at least a few of them, then that person probably has a problem. For instance, if somebody resorts to gambling when they feel distressed and then they get irritable when they need to stop, that is one indicator that they are having problems. Further indicators that someone is having a problem is lying to hide that they are gambling and returning to gambling after they’ve lost a significant amount of money.

Many people feel that the amount that a player loses on a weekly or a monthly basis has a bearing on whether they have a problem, but that’s not actually the case. After all, a particular amount of money can be a lot to someone, and not significant to someone else. If you’re a millionaire and you lose $10,000 at a charitable gambling event, it wouldn’t mean that you have a problem, but if you lose your monthly salary at the local casino, you probably have a problem.

Gambling is an addictive habit, so if you’re feeling a strong buzz when you’re playing slots or a game of poker, and you need to wager more the next time you’re playing just to get the same buzz, it means that you’re getting addicted. Just like alcoholics need to drink more and more to feel their buzz.

Online Gambling Vs Conventional Gambling

The establishment of the first online casinos allows people to play their favourite casino games from the comfort of their living rooms and it is even possible to play on your smartphone or tablet. Many feel that this actually worsens the problem, but that isn’t necessarily the case. Namely, most countries have passed regulations under which online casinos are supposed to track gambling behaviour and block a player’s account if they are showing signs of problem gambling. Moreover, it is possible for players to exclude themselves for a limited amount of time, or indefinitely, if they are playing and spending too much. None of this is an option at land-based casinos.

So, the fact that a lot of players are switching to online gambling may have less to do with the fact that online gambling is more addictive than traditional gambling at land-based casinos and more with the fact that online gambling is simply more convenient. Players don’t need to travel, payments are secure and safer and there is a larger selection of games. One look at the selection of available online slots is sufficient to confirm our thesis.

On the other hand, if you or any of your close ones has a gambling problem, or you suspect that this might be the case,  be sure to contact GambleAware or some of the other organizations that help problem gamblers to deal with these issues.

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What Is A Medical Detox for Drug and Alcohol Abuse?

The addiction definition for drug detox and a medical detox varies, and despite the fact that you most likely expect guidance by a qualified medical professional throughout your detox procedure, that is not always the situation. You will find the following variations of medical detoxification programs:

1. Inpatient treatment in a rehabilitation facility with an initial appointment and feasible follow-up group meetings with an on-call medical professional

2.Inpatient treatment in a rehabilitation facility that provides nutritional vitamin supplements in capsule form or through IVs

3.Inpatient treatment in a psychological medical facility or mental health center

4. Outpatient treatment with repeat appointments with a health care provider

5.Inpatient treatment in a high-end center which includes a personalized treatment program for utmost comfort and safety, with on-staff doctors, round-the-clock ICU-level healthcare professionals, cardiovascular monitoring 24/7, in private rooms.

What Is A NON-Medical Detox?

Non-Medical detoxification usually doesn't include a discussion with a medical professional during the cleansing stage. Rehabilitation facilities providing non-medical detoxification may make an effort to control withdrawal signs and symptoms with natural solutions such as deep breathing, nutritional vitamins, saunas, and yoga exercises. For some people, this type of plan won't provide the comfort and ease required during the first days or even weeks without alcoholic beverages or drugs. For some people, going "cold-turkey" can certainly be scary, agonizing, and even harmful. The achievement and safety of any non-medical detoxification is determined by the individual's health and how long he/she has been abusing drugs and alcohol.

What Is the Best Medical Detoxification Approach?

The best medical detoxing depends on the individual's needs; however, for the utmost comfort and safety; it should consist of these important elements:

Patient Examination

A social, psychological and physical examination is carried out to determine the existing situation of the individual.

Custom-made Program

In line with the first examination, a team of Board-Certified Doctors, ICU-Level Nurses as well as an Addiction Psychiatrist meets with the individual to create a personalized treatment plan. This particular treatment has IV treatment that can easily be changed, immediately responding to the individual's withdrawal signs and symptoms.

Monitored Treatment 24/7

Throughout this particular process, the affected person is carefully supervised 24-hours a day with top-of-the-line cardiovascular and video monitors and specific attention from caring, non-judgmental nurse practitioners and specialists.

Upscale Setting

For patients to achieve success with a drug or alcohol addiction, many require the convenience and comfort of non-public rooms, premium foods, HD-TV, Wi-Fi, and therapeutic massage along with the liberty to get in contact with family members for psychological support. For many, non-public rooms are important as being housed 3 to 4 persons to a room in some other centers bring out a stress.

If you or your loved one are susceptible to alcohol dependency, drug abuse or some other addiction and need help, please make contact with several healthcare detox facilities and ask queries. Find a detoxification process that is best suited for you or your family member.

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