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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Can Hypnosis Make You a More Successful Person?

Are there certain parts of your life that seem overwhelmingly difficult? Obstacles that you just can't seem to get past? Hypnosis might be the answer to unlocking your potential and achieving success despite difficult conditions.

Hypnosis is uniquely capable of transforming the way you approach these situations because it profoundly impacts the way you value them—and yourself. In most cases, where there is a challenging, personal goal a patient wishes to reach, hypnosis provides the key to making that goal a reality.

Hypnosis For Better Job Interview Performance

One popular example of hypnosis giving people the tools to improve their lives is in job interview performance. Some people, though highly educated and qualified, fail job interviews only because of the stress and anxiety they feel when confronted with a potential employer.

Stress is a natural response to an important moment like this, but succumbing to it and showing it gives off the impression that no matter how qualified you may be, you're unable to shoulder responsibility effectively.

Hypnosis can defeat that stress by digging deeply into its cause, hidden within the patient's subconscious, and subtly preventing it from manifesting in response to job interviews.

The same process can also be used to change your attitude about money or about your professional aspirations. There is no shortage of ways that you can influence the way you approach your professional life through hypnosis, and it all starts with a free hypnosis consultation.

Hypnosis to Improve Memory

Another interesting use of hypnosis for self-improvement is in broadening and deepening patients' capacity for memory. Despite being one of humanity's defining capabilities, neuroscientists and philosophers still have questions as to what memory is, how it works, or how it can be improved.

Although the scientific community's lack of concrete knowledge might seem like an intimidating obstacle, hypnosis has been found to produce significant improvements to patient memory nonetheless.

Sometimes these improvements are general, such as helping patients remember important information with greater clarity and depth. Other times, the improvement is concise and specific—helping a patient remember where she misplaced an important family heirloom or legal document, for instance.

In both cases, results have shown that you don't have to know exactly what memory is in order to know what memory does, and find ways to improve that function.

Overcoming Fear Through Hypnosis

One of the greatest ways that hypnosis can produce positive results in patients' lives is by reducing or eliminating fear. Deep-seated phobias, such as fear of heights, insects, darkness or of any number of things, can be addressed and eliminated with extraordinary efficiency through hypnosis.

Although you can't get surgery to prevent claustrophobia, you can use hypnosis to address the root of the experience that caused your claustrophobia, and resolve it on a subconscious level.

Want to learn more about improving your quality of life? Enjoy a free hypnosis download today!

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Monday, May 22, 2017

20 Summer-fun Activities for People Over 50

With summer peaking out from just behind the corner, it’s time to think about how you will make the most out of the warm, sun-filled months. Whether you’re spending time with family or embarking on your own adventures, these activity ideas are sure to help inspire your summer schedule:

1. Pack a picnic and dine outside with friends or family. Stick with staples like sandwiches and lemonade, or class it up with wine, fruit, and cheese.

2. Try yoga or tai chi. Mindfulness-cultivating practices that incorporate gentle stretching with deep breathing and meditation will bring calm and relaxation to your summer.

3. Take a hike. Hit the trails for an outdoor excursion that also serves as a cardio workout and a great way to stretch and strengthen your leg and core muscles.

4. Volunteer. Giving back and helping others won’t just give you warm and fuzzies this summer, but can actually help you destress and even lower your blood pressure. Use sites like VolunteerMatch.org to find a volunteer opportunity near you.

5. Play yard games. Break out the bean bags and horseshoes - yard games are great backyard fun during warm summer months. Horseshoes, corn hole, bocce ball, croquet, and badminton will keep you and your friends busy for hours.

6. Pick up a new hobby. Try a new hobby or sport you’ve been meaning to tackle - never a better time than middle-age! Swimming, tennis, golf, playing the guitar, evening crocheting all make for great brain-boosting activities that will pay off later in life.

7. Go to a festival. Free fairs and festivals are likely to find their way to a town near you this summer. Filled with local art, great food, music, and activities, festivals make for memorable summer fun.

8. Attend an outdoor concert. Warm summer nights provide the perfect concert setting. Scour your local papers and follow local concert venues on social media to see what free, outdoor concerts are coming to a stage near you.

9. Sell your stuff. Pad your retirement account with a little extra cash by selling gently used items you no longer need, online - try Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or eBay for safely listing your item and securely accepting transaction.

10. Dancing. Dig out your dancing shoes and hit the floor this summer! Not only does dancing give you a reason to dress up and go out, but its great low-impact exercise too.

11. Travel. Go to the beach, book a cruise, visit family far away - just travel! Even road trips can be great fun during the summer, offering you a glimpse of parts of the country you’ve never seen and taking you on adventures you’ll remember for a lifetime.

12. Start Dating. If you find yourself single and yearning for a summer of love, what are you waiting for? Dating websites like eHarmony, Match.com, and OurTime.com are a great place to start meeting new people.

13. Meet new people. So you don’t need a date, but you are looking to meet new friends and do fun things in your own city? Try MeetUp.com to find groups of people near you who share similar passions and get together occasionally.

14. Take control of your health. Never a better time to take control of your own aging and set your body and mind up for success later in life. Use apps like MyFitnessPal or wearable technologies like FitBit to track your diet, exercise, and other fitness stats.

15. Participate in a local charity event. Find out if your favorite local charities are hosting fundraisers like a fun run or walkathon this summer and sign up to take part. Not only will you be getting heart-healthy exercise, but you’ll be supporting a cause you care about.

16. Start your bucket list. Find time this summer to start your bucket list, or the wish list of things you want to do in the next couple decades.

17. Become a mentor. Turn your life lessons and wisdom into a way to help the younger generation by becoming a mentor to kid in your area. Check out Big Brothers Big Sisters of America to learn more.

18. Eliminate pain. Quit letting chronic pain hold you back from staying active and doing the things you love. See your doctor about chronic pain and try medical aids like a toe crest pad for foot pain or a rotator cuff brace for shoulder pain.

19. Take a college class. Transform your free time this summer into a window of opportunity to learn something new. Subsidized or free college classes may be available near you or online, check with your local university or community college for more info.

20. Listen to a podcast. Make a goal this summer to check out new podcasts on your commute to and from work. Most podcasts can be downloaded and streamed on mobile devices including smartphones and tablets.

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