Friday, May 29, 2020

4 Shortcuts to Good Health During COVID-19

If there’s one thing that COVID-19 has taught us, it’s that right now we need to be a little bit more resourceful. Most of us are limited to staying at home right now with a little bit of outside time, which means that we’ve got to think of creative ways to stay sane and healthy.

You also might be ever so slightly worried about the possibility of getting the coronavirus. If you're taking every precaution, then the chances are low. However, it still pays to be safe. Let's take a look at four shortcuts to good health during COVID-19, so you can keep that risk nice and low.

1. Keep Breathing

Want a quick, efficient way to keep breathing without inducing anxiety? Depression and anxiety are both things that are completely normal to experience right now, given the current circumstances. However, it's important that we try to keep the anxiety at bay as best we can for our physical and mental well-being.

This starts with your breathing. Deep breathing techniques are a great way to reduce tension and stress, as well as anxiety. Go online and have a look at the wealth of resources out there when it comes to learning how to breathe slowly and deeply so that you remain calm in the face of chaos.

2. Chew Your Food

This sounds less like a life health hack, and more of a request from your mother. However, how you chew your food has a direct effect on your digestive and gut health, so it’s important to keep it in check.

When you don’t chew your food properly, it can be difficult for your body to digest well. Ultimately, your food should be so broken down by the time it gets to your stomach that it has no texture left and is totally broken down. This makes it a lot easier to pass through your digestive system, keeping everything on the inside nice and healthy.

3. Try an At-Home STD Test

How is your sexual health? When it comes to taking care of yourself, you need to think about your body and mind holistically. This means understanding that everything is interconnected, and if one thing is off, then this could have a ripple effect.

If your sexual health isn’t where it needs to be, this could lower your immune system and even compromise it. However, not all of us are able to visit the doctor right now. That’s where an at-home STD test comes in. They’re subtle, convenient, and offer same-day testing.

4. Keep the Decision Making Low

One aspect of our busy daily lives that can increase the levels of stress in our bodies is decision making. Think about it – you do it from the moment that you wake up. How many times am I going to reset the alarm? What am I going to have for breakfast? Should I have a shower now or after my coffee?

This constant decision-making process occurring in your mind can be overwhelming and lead to high levels of stress. Try to plan things ahead of time so that you're not always making decisions on the spot. Use this time during lockdown to stay as calm and refreshed as possible.

We’ve all got to take care of ourselves during these unprecedented times, and this looks different for everyone. Remember, there are many different aspects to your health, so try to remember to take care of them all.

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Is Covid-19 causing you to drink too much?

People have responded to the Covid-19 crisis in many ways. Many people under a stay-at-home order have had to find ways to stay emotionally well during stressful times over these past few months; from practicing mindfulness, to staying mentally active, or even talking to an online therapist, there are different ways to deal with stress healthily.

However, some people find themselves dealing with stress or boredom by drinking. As people try to deal with the stress of worrying about the spread of the virus or having to deal with loved ones passing away, turning to alcohol might be a coping mechanism. Or, they simply don’t know what else to do during the day and start drinking as a way to pass time.

And the question you might be wondering is ⁠— how much is too much? When does your lockdown drinking turn into a problem? Are you going to struggle to return to a normal working routine after this is all over due to your alcohol consumption?

Well, here are some of the signs you’ll want to watch out for.

Drinking as a coping mechanism

If you’re starting to reach for the bottle whenever you feel stressed or bored, instead of turning to other coping mechanisms, you likely have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol. You might find yourself thinking about having a drink and how nice it will be once you’re drinking.

Alcohol isn’t a good coping mechanism for either stress or boredom. There are healthier coping mechanisms, such as mindfulness, taking a walk, or talking with a friend, that can help regulate your emotions more effectively.

You’re experiencing physical symptoms

You might find yourself not feeling well throughout the day or find yourself dealing with intense hangovers when you wake up. If you wake up most mornings with a headache, sensitivity to light, or generally not feeling well, you’re likely drinking too much.

You might find yourself struggling to sleep or eat. Some people may even find themselves experiencing withdrawal symptoms. If you find yourself growing anxious, sweaty, or hallucinating when you don’t drink, you have become way too dependent upon alcohol.

Drinking more and more

Evaluate your drinking habits. If you find yourself drinking more each week or more each day, your drinking is escalating. You may even find yourself starting to drink earlier and earlier in the day as a way to cope.

As you drink more, you may find yourself worrying about having enough alcohol in the house. If you are as concerned about having enough alcohol during the lockdown as you are worried about having enough food and other essentials, that is a problem.

Others are concerned

Eventually, others may comment on your drinking habits. They might express concern over you drinking more often during the day or they might comment you’re behaving oddly. They may ask you to slow your drinking down or may even try to stop you from drinking.

As a result, you could find yourself growing defensive and justifying your drinking. Or you might try to hide when you’re drinking or how much you’re drinking. If others are worried about you, listen to their concerns

Drinking comes first

Taking care of obligations during a pandemic is hard. Eventually, you could start prioritizing drinking over other responsibilities. For example, if you’re currently working from home, you might find yourself drinking while trying to work. Or you might find yourself wanting to drink instead of taking care of your kids.

If drinking has completely taken over your life, and you’re neglecting other parts of your life in favor of drinking, that’s a sign that drinking is starting to interfere with your life.

You can’t stop yourself

Finally, you may tell yourself that you’re going to stop drinking. Or you may tell yourself that you’re going to go back to only drinking in the evenings. But if you’ve told yourself this, and still find yourself needing to drink, you need to seek professional help.

You might need to talk to a therapist to develop a healthier coping mechanism. Or you may need a rehab program, such as Delray Beach Drug Rehab, to help you overcome your relationship with alcohol.

Final thoughts

Realizing you have a problem with alcohol is a good first step. If drinking has become your primary way of coping during the pandemic and you’re unable to stop yourself from drinking, don’t allow it to keep consuming your life. Eventually, the world will open back up, and you’ll want to be fully functioning when it does!

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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

How much lactose in 5 mg Eliquis?

This article was written with the help of expert - Ann Greenfield.

How much lactose in 5 mg Eliquis?

As you know, Eliquis 5 mg is a med that is used to inhibit the creation of serious blood clot. Clots usually develop due to a situation which causes irregular beating of heart muscles usually referred to as atrial fibrillation.

Clots arising because of this ailment sometimes moves around the body to vital organs therefore predisposing you to risks of getting a stroke.

As an anticoagulant, Eliquis works by inhibiting proteins responsible for clogging of the blood. If you are wondering what generic eliquis 5 mg looks like, well, this medication exists in two strengths.

The 2.5 mg is yellow in color debossed with the numbers 893 on one side and 212 on the other. The 5 mg strength is pink in color and also debossed with the numbers 894 on one side and 5 on the other.

They are easy to distinguish without much needed expertise. If you are intolerant to sugars and wondering how much lactose us in 5mg Eliquis, for each tab there is some small amount of lactose as an active ingredient.

It is wise to consult a doctor before using this medication. Note that as anti-clotting medication, Eliquis will inhibit the creation of clots.

Remember to avoid unnecessary bruising and cuts due to excessive bleeding.

How do I take Eliquis 5 mg? 

Reading the medication guidelines must always be the first step when using this medication. In case of either questions or clarifications, consult a physician for further guidance.

Eliquis 5 mg is administered by mouth and can or cannot be taken with meals depending on the directions given by a doctor.

In case of any trouble when ingesting, break down then stir together with a suitable liquid preferable water or applesauce and then consume immediately.

Do not prepare for later use. In case you miss an administration, remember to take one immediately when you are able to. It is not advisable to administer more than the required amount in any situation whatsoever without proper direction.

This medication is usually taken twice a day. A dosage could, however, be adjusted depending on a response to treatment.

How do I get off Eliquis 5 mg oral tablet?

It is critical to mention that early suspension of this medication or any other anticoagulant increases a chances of developing thrombotic complications.

Suspension of this medication whether as a result of pathological bleeding or conclusion of therapy, consider replacement with a different anti-clotting medication.

Use of this medication should be suspended 48 hours before any major surgical operation that causes major bleeding under the supervision of a doctor.

In case of a lesser procedure with little blood loss, Eliquis should be suspended 24 hours prior under the supervision of a doctor. However, you ought to resume using the medications immediately when normal conditions are established under the supervision of a doctor.

After treatment ailments of Eliquis

The only serious after therapy ailment of Eliquis 5mg is having difficulty in clogging. Prolonged use of this medication is likely to get in the way of the proteins responsible for the clotting of blood.

In this case, with any sign of serious bleeding like prolonged bleeding, bleeding gums and overall discomfort, seek immediate medical intervention.

Keep in mind that a doctor has prescribed this medication if the overall benefits outweighs the risks involved with the after treatment ailments.

Serious after therapy ailments with this medication is not very common. However, if you notice any symptom that may indicate a possible allergic reaction seek immediate medical assistance.

Keep in mind that the aforementioned symptoms are not the only ones as far as after medication ailments and allergic reactions are concerned.

Precautions before using Eliquis

Before getting on this med inform a medic on any allergic reaction that is experienced. The Eliquis 5 mg oral tablet may contain ingredients that may cause allergic reactions.

Remember to inform a doctor on your medical history and especially on any pre-existing bleeding conditions such as hemophilia.

When using this medication, take caution when handling sharp objects to avoid bruising and unnecessary cuts.

What is the cost of Eliquis 5 mg oral tablet?

If you are wondering why is Eliquis so expensive, then it could be you are looking in the wrong places.

This medication attracts different prices depending on where you decide to purchase it. Although this drug is usually a bit pricey, for the best deal check out .