Saturday, October 17, 2020

Paying for Medical School Without Going Bankrupt

You might have been dreaming of becoming a doctor your whole life, but you may not have thought about how much medical school can cost. To afford the often steep prices, it’s important to know how to pay for your education without going bankrupt. The trick is to know where to look. 

Consider Taking Out Private Student Loans

Even if you get financial aid and scholarships from your school, you may not have enough to cover the cost of education. That’s when you may want to consider private student loans. Unlike federal loans, which the government regulates, private loans are issued by other lenders. Depending on who offers the loan, the repayment terms, eligibility requirements, and interest rates might vary. Private loans might have higher borrowing rates, so they can cover the remaining expenses after scholarships and other aid is taken into account. Depending on the lender, you might get a lower interest rate than federal loans offer. You’ll likely need to pass a credit check to qualify, and with some, you’ll need a cosigner. 

Look for Local Scholarships 

When you think of scholarships, you may think about undergraduate programs. But as a medical student, you still have plenty of options open. No matter where you are in the process, whether going to a residency or being an undergraduate pre-med student. Many scholarships are based on merit, so pay attention to your grades. Look up scholarships that aren't related to medicine as well. You might get something based on your outside interests, volunteer work, or even heritage. Even if you just get a few hundred dollars from each, they can add up if you get enough. 

Consider Federal Financial Aid

It’s a good idea to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). You likely did this for your undergraduate education, but even in medical school, it’s an important step in getting financial aid for your medical education. The application is used to determine the amount of aid you can get based on need. Even if you haven’t gotten accepted by one school, you should still start your FAFSA to get as much aid as you can. They might offer you a federal loan, but there are limits on what you can borrow, and it might not cover everything. Filling out the FAFSA now is the same as when you did it for your undergraduate education. Just see if certain schools have deadlines. Even as a young adult, you might need a parent to fill out the form, so do your research as soon as you can to give yourself plenty of time to get the paperwork in order.

Look for Service Programs

The military and government both offer service programs. In exchange for working for a certain time for them, you can have all or some of your costs covered. For instance, you might work for a couple of years in an underserved community. Or you might commit to serving in the armed forces in exchange for fees and tuition getting covered.

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Thursday, October 15, 2020

Try Out These Amazing CBD Drinks This Winter

CBD is a compound that has massive benefits in our bodies, and the research that is being done every day about this product continues to prove other incredible benefits CBD gives us.

For starters, it plays a huge role in killing free radicals in the body, which usually cause some types of cancers. It is also an essential product in preventing cardiovascular diseases, giving us healthy hearts, and it also helps control neurological disorders.

CBD is also helpful in alleviating pain due to inflammatory diseases like arthritis because of its excellent anti-inflammatory benefits. Moreover, it also helps us get smooth and healthy skin by reducing skin diseases like acne.

Due to the significant benefits of the use of CBD related products, more governments across the world are slowly embracing and allowing products that are made from hemp to be used.

The medical benefits that hemp products have had on patients over the years have been outstanding, and many doctors are surprised by what products made from hemp can do. During this cold season, there are some great CBD drinks you can use for therapeutic benefits, and we have outlined them in this piece.

• CBD Tea

CBD tea has excellent calming effects, which is making it to be used massively across the globe. Surprisingly, this tea has existed for a very long time, and it was mainly used in traditional medicine in treating various diseases.

It is a fantastic drink, and it would fit perfectly for the cold season. If you want to purchase hemp material for making CBD tea, you should research the shops that offer this product by searching online and comparing them. 

Some shops offer discounts on products made from hemp so that people continue buying from them, which is impressive.

When you prepare the CBD tea, you should start by drying the hemp material you have bought before mixing it with hot water.

While this is the right way of making CBD tea, the hot water cannot extract all the useful elements from the hemp, but the tea is still helpful in performing essential functions.

CBD tea is a strong anti-inflammatory, and it helps patients who are suffering from inflammatory diseases because it alleviates their pain. It also helps in healing infections that are caused by bacteria and fungi. 

Moreover, due to its relaxing nature, it is exceptionally helpful in treating anxiety and depression disorders. Anxiety makes you restless, and you may end up hurting yourself or the people around you.

But when you drink the CBD tea, it immediately calms you down, enabling you to concentrate and relax.

• CBD Latte 

While most latte products are made from steamed milk and espresso, it is also possible to make a latte using hemp extracts. Generally, CBD latte has many benefits compared to the coffee made with milk and espresso.

When you drink a cup of CBD latte, you are likely to experience some positive effects on your body. For starters, if you had a terrible headache that made you feel nauseous, the feeling stops after you take a CBD latte.

 It also stops the shaking that we experience during winter because of the low temperatures during this time. Moreover, CBD latte is safe to drink because it does not have any adverse side effects on your emotions or body in general. 

 You will not experience side effects like recurring anxiety attacks, for instance. Remarkably, the CBD latte gives you a feeling of relaxation like no other, enabling you to have balance in whatever you were doing. It also helps boost your energy and overall mood. 

When you are making a latte drink, you have to choose a milk source first. You can use hemp milk that is already made, or you can create one by yourself. If you decide to make the hemp milk by yourself, mix your milk the raw seeds, and you should also add honey and sea salt to it.

You can also use the hemp seeds without milk by using water and a vanilla sweetener. Ideally, the favor should be according to your preference. You can choose vanilla, honey, salt, or any other sweetener you think would be appropriate. 

By the way, if you’ll be trying out all these drinks, why not order a higher quantity from and get wholesale rates? Pretty neat right?

• Hot Chocolate or Strawberry CBD Smoothie

While many chocolate drinks are not always healthy, a creamy chocolate CBD smoothie is very beneficial, especially during the winter season. The CBD chocolate drink is refined to remove all the unhealthy elements that chocolate drinks have.

It does not contain sugar, gluten, oil, or soy, but it includes vegan to enhance its nutrient level. Moreover, making a CBD chocolate smoothie is also as simple and easy as you like.

You have to mix all the ingredients, including hemp seeds, cinnamon, almond milk, Medjool dates, and cocoa powder in a blender until they become smooth. 

Alternatively, if you don’t like chocolate flavors, there is also the strawberry CBD smoothie that got you covered. It is also refined to remove all the harmful components.

As such, it is made of a thick frozen strawberry that gives you a creamy ice texture, without necessarily using ice cream like the conventional milkshakes.

Indeed, drinks that are made from CBD have some outstanding benefits to anyone using them. They have high-levels of essential nutrients, fibers, and fatty acids that are exceptionally beneficial to us. 

Moreover, while hemp is a plant based-source, it has proteins, containing all the essential amino acids that our bodies require. In truth, it is time that all countries around the globe legalized the use of hemp products because of its remarkable health benefits.

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