Thursday, July 30, 2020

Why darker eyeglasses are better for sensitive eyes?

If you are the guy that loves to close the blinds, turn off the lights, or like to stay in a dark corner of the room, your eyes may be sensitive. Putting on sunglasses may seem like an easy solution, even indoors. But wearing darker sunglasses for sensitive eyes is not a long-term solution. This is why:

Don't make your eyes love the dark.

Wearing sunglasses indoors can reduce your short-term discomfort. It might even help you avoid having a migraine if certain types of light are a trigger for you. But with that sense of immediate relief, there's a significant risk: the risk of adjusting the darkness to your eyes to become even more sensitive to light over time.

The last time you went to see a movie during the day, do you remember how it felt to leave the dark theatre and go out in the sun? Especially if you're sensitive to light, it could have been downright painful. While you were in the theatre, your eyes got used to the dark and just weren't ready for daylight.

Wearing sunglasses indoors regularly, be it the average pair or the darkest sunglasses for sensitive eyes, you can find that darkness can adapt your eyes over time. This means that his retinas have become so used to the darkening conditions that when he inevitably ventures into normal light, he gets that painful cinematic effect.

Wearing sunglasses indoors should be strongly discouraged. By wearing dark sunglasses indoors, patients go dark, adjusting their retina and worsening their sensitivity to light. "

Necessarily, the regular wearing of sunglasses indoors will make your eyes more sensitive to light over time. And since you often can't control lighting outside of your own home, that will become a problem.

Where to buy

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Choosing the right sunglasses for the outdoors

You must be sure about the quality and ability to reflect light when choosing outdoor glasses.
Sunglasses must have a UVB transmittance (315 to 280 nm) of less than 1% and a UVA transmittance (380 to 315 nm) of less than 0.3 times the transmittance of visible light.

These are the darkest standard sunglasses you can get that are legal to drive in the United States. They provide a high level of sunburst reduction and the right level of UV protection against the intense sun or reflected light from water or snow.

Darker sunglasses for sensitive eyes won't work indoors - try glasses designed for light sensitivity.

Sunglasses are designed to darken all kinds of light. But light-sensitive people should remember that not all lights are created equal. Certain types of light in the spectrum are more likely to be a problem than others. Instead of wearing sunglasses indoors to block all types of light, it is better to filter only the painful types.

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