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Some important facts you should know about erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is most often defined as the inability to obtain and maintain an erection of a member sufficient for satisfactory sexual intercourse. They are often accompanied by individual discomfort and difficulties in the relationship with a sexual partner. A report states that about 5 percent of men that are 40 years old have complete erectile dysfunction, and that number increases to about 15 percent of men at age 70. You can buy tadalafil in uk with Numan and its effects last for 36 hours.

How does erectile dysfunction manifest themselves?
Erectile dysfunction is now considered not so much as a separate disease, but as a symptom of other diseases, especially those affecting the cardiovascular system, since most risk factors are the same. Symptoms of disorders may increase gradually (more often then the involvement of organic factors is suspected, e.g. increasing in connection with hypertension and excess cholesterol vascular damage) or suddenly appear in a person who has been functioning well until now (more often then the involvement of psychological factors, e.g. stress related to a new partner, acute stress related to another area of life or a direct influence of other factors, e.g. the consumption of large amounts of alcohol).

What to do if symptoms occur?

The occurrence of symptoms once or several times in a situation that can be psychologically understood or attributable to a factor, e.g. alcohol consumption, does not require action, especially when the elimination of this situation results in a resolution of symptoms. However, repetitive or persistent erectile dysfunction that builds up during erectile dysfunction requires medical consultation in order to make the correct diagnosis. The doctor may be a sexologist, urologist, psychiatrist or internist. It may also make sense to report to a cardiologist because erectile dysfunction may be several years ahead of other symptoms of coronary artery disease and is frequented by a coronary heart attack.

Is it possible to cure completely?
The possibility of complete recovery depends on the cause. The effectiveness of oral medications for erectile dysfunction is very high. In patients with severe vascular damage, advanced diabetes, penile tissue damage, and in those who have testicular hypo existence in testosterone secretion, the efficacy of oral medications is lower. The cause may also be incorrect intake of oral medications. Similarly, good results are achieved after injection into the cavernous bodies of a member or vacuum apparatus.

These methods may be effective as indicated in some patients who do not respond to oral medications or cannot use them. Psychotherapeutic and training methods show good effectiveness in cases in which the problem appeared at some point in sexual functioning (does not apply to, for example, all life), partners have a good bond, mutual desire and good general health are present. It is often appropriate to combine pharmacological and psychotherapeutic methods.

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