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How Celebrities Deal with Depression And Could You Do The Same

It’s time to be honest. Studies show that one in four people are affected by some form of anxiety, depression or a similar mental health issues. The world we are living in is making a lot of things rather difficult and our mental health is the first thing that suffers from all the stress of our everyday lives. It can keep creeping up on you for years and years and then suddenly become so strong that you cannot seem to bear it anymore. Since people tend to have misconceptions about what depression feels like, I suggest you learn more about it before we go any further.

Speaking of misconceptions, here’s another common one. If you have a successful career, make good money and have a generally happy family, there’s no way you’ll become depressed. It’s just insulting how untrue this is. This is a mental illness we are talking about and it’s about time that people started taking it seriously.

Following the “logic” above, one would say that famous and successful people, actors, musicians, businessmen and similar all have a shield around them not letting depression creep in. If that were true, then statistics would show very different numbers. That’s, however, completely untrue. This disorder does not discriminate in anyway. After all, it is an illness, and illnesses don’t care how much money you have.

Raising Awareness And Motivating Treatments

When you spend months or years trying to unsuccessfully find meaning in your life and enjoy it, when everything feels meaningless and hopeless and when your career and your relationships are affected by your inability to focus or find any joy in life, money becomes completely irrelevant. It’s definitely not the way to solving the issue. If it were, you couldn’t find a depressed famous person, could you?

Oh, but we can very well find them and easily. As I have already mentioned, this illness doesn’t discriminate and doesn’t choose its victims in accordance with their bank account. Nor do the victims choose it. That’s why you will find so many celebrities with depression, which, paradoxically, might be a good thing, because it can teach us that we are all in the same boat.

Plus, if anyone has the power to influence the public, then celebrities do. That means that they can raise awareness about the seriousness of this illness, but also help a lot of individuals find their path towards recovery. Today, we’re going to see how celebrities usually and successfully deal with this disorder and, hopefully, we’ll motivate someone to do the same thing if it turns out to be applicable.

How Celebrities Do It

Demi Lovato admits that this disorder got here whole life off track, but she claims to be the living proof that everything can change for the better once you get the necessary treatment. Robert Pattinson says that he has learned to love his little quirks that anxiety has brought about, while Angelina Jolie claims that she didn’t appreciate her life enough in the past and that the humanitarian work she does has really helped her find herself. Chrissy Teigan wants people to know that they aren’t alone in this and that it can happen to anyone.

Do you know what all of these and much more celebrities who fought depression have in common, though? They would all agree that getting the right treatment is of utmost importance when struck by this disorder. Getting the right treatment, of course, means that you need to get in touch with medical professionals who are able to help you.

No matter all the other techniques that celebrities have employed, such as Lena Dunham and her accent on exercising, there’s one thing nobody can deny. Nothing can top therapy and most of these celebrities have sought professional help to overcome their struggles. That only goes to show that there are a lot of layers to dealing with depression, but therapy is definitely the top and most important layer.

Here’s what else these people have to say about depression:

How You Could Do It

You should exercise, that’s for sure. You should also take care of your diet, engage in activities you like, pick up a hobby or two and try to do improve your lifestyle in order to help yourself feel better at least temporarily. That’s the thing, though. These techniques are usually temporary and, frankly, they sometimes sound like those ignorant pieces of advice you hear from people who have never dealt with this in their entire lives.

They aren’t ignorant pieces of advice. It’s just that you cannot get yourself to get off the couch and do any of those things, even though you know they’ll help. That’s where therapy comes into play. It helps you regain control over your life and yourself in the first place which, consequently, leads to following all the other pieces of advice that these celebrities have given us.

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