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What You Should Do To Prepare For Licensing Boards Interview

An investigation carried out on you by the Medical Board is a stressful experience, regardless of how friendly the experts and experienced the officers are when interacting with you. Your license and career may be in jeopardy the minute that you get called in for questioning, which is why preparation is mandatory. 

The California Medical Board Investigations aim to establish a possible deviation from Board practice. The interview is where you get the chance to litigate your matter, which is why you should be well-prepared for the interview.

Here are a couple of things you can do to prepare for a licensing board interview: 

1. Contact An Attorney

The minute you receive the notice of investigation, you need to find an attorney. Attorneys are experienced professionals in the matter and can adequately walk you through the preparation steps of the interview. Left to your discretion, you might unknowingly disclose information with investigators under stressful conditions, which can be used against you in the case. With the expertise of lawyers, interaction guidance with investigators is provided. 

Lawyers provide information that you might otherwise have not known. For example, your right as a licensee is to be represented by counsel at the interview, which is information you might not find without expert advice. Thus, having an attorney on your team increases the chances of you retaining your license. 

2. Understand The Complaint That Is Filed Against You

Before attending your interview, you need to be fully equipped with the complaints that are filed against you. You have the right to learn the conviction, settlement of malpractice, public complains, and discipline reports that may be from other health facilities.

 Having read the complaints against you, there might be confusing terms and dynamics that attorneys can analyze and interpret in the interest of your case. 

3. Know Your Case 

Having understood the general complaints that have been made towards you, you must thoroughly go through the information on your case. Attention to detail, as well as your recollection of the events, is crucial in the decision that investigators derive. 

Attorneys can provide objective points of view that may be relevant in the interview.

4. Understand How To Respond 

The questions that you’ll be asked in the interview will determine whether you can continue your practice. You must understand how to respond to questions for a favorable outcome

Lawyers have encountered Licensing Board Investigations and have taken part in interviews countless times. Part of their job is to help you understand the questions as well as the responses. Left to your discretion, you may be caught off guard or answer questions inappropriately or not to your full defense.
The point is to answer the questions in full honesty in a style that still serves to exonerate you.

5. Dress For The Occasion

During the interview, you must dress the part. Since the medical board interviews are held formally, formal wear is expected of you.

You may have prepared your responses and understood the complaints and cases against you, however, the first impression may also influence the outcome of the case. Dressing in casual wear or inappropriately can communicate a nonchalant disposition or that of mockery. You wouldn’t want to jeopardize your license because of non-verbal communication relayed that’s through the way you dress. 

6. Calm Your Nerves

An interview with the Medical Board determines your career path going forward. It’s either you get to keep your license or you have to surrender it, depending on the investigation and the outcome of the interview. This places one in a stressful situation, which can cause anxiety. 

When interacting with the interview panel, it’s important that you calm down and lean into confidence. If you’re nervous, you might forget how to respond to the questions that you had prepared for. Also, you might not understand the questions that are posed, which can result in incorrect responses.
Find methods of relaxing before the interview that can work for you, such as breathing exercises, quality sleep, or meditation. 


An investigation carried out by the licensing board is a stressful one. You have to be well-equipped for the interviewing process for the best possible outcome regarding your license. 

The first point of contact is to find an attorney to provide expert advice and guidance. Your lawyer can then assist you with the interview preparations, which include knowing the claims filed against you, familiarizing with your case, and understanding how to respond in the interview. You also have to play your part by dressing for the occasion and remaining calm before and during the interview. 

Left to your discretion, you may become overwhelmed by the process, confused by the information required, and run the risk of losing your license. Thus, hiring an attorney increases your chances of litigating your case.

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