Wednesday, September 30, 2020

What is CBD isolate?

     CBD isolate in Australia is becoming very popular. You can buy them on almost every corner nowadays, and as the government takes new steps towards regulation and legalization, there is a good chance that medical marijuana will become one of the top exports for this nation. Australia has an ideal climate for hemp. Because of that, products such as CBD isolates are usually of high quality.

    By purchasing a CBD isolate, you get cannabidiol in its purest form. While this might sound ideal, using just CBD can have its advantages and drawbacks. In this article, we will talk about cannabidiol in general, CBD isolates, and all the benefits you can experience when using this product.

What is CBD?

    Strangely enough, there is still a lot of people who don’t know what CBD is.

    CBD is short for cannabidiol. It is a substance that can be found in cannabis and hemp plants. Oftentimes, people also call it medical cannabis or medical marijuana. Even though we often put focus on CBD, there are other substance within hemp that promote health and wellbeing. The plant is full of terpenes and other cannabinoids which is why it has such a wholesome impact on our bodies.

    Besides CBD, most people have heard of THC. It is the psychoactive substance that gets us high. Unfortunately, most medical cannabis products have THC and sometimes, the quantity of THC can be so high affecting your therapy in the process. The last thing that a patient need is having to flush out the toxins. Because of that, a lot of people turn to CBD isolates as a way of avoiding THC.

What is CBD isolate?

    CBD isolate is not actually a product; it is more of a product type.

    You see, we can categorize all cannabidiol products as full-spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum CBD, and CBD isolates. 

    Full spectrum items are the fullest type of products. They are a mixture of all the cannabinoids present in hemp and cannabis. Once you extract all these substances, you add them to a carrier oil. Then, the mixture is added to gummies, edibles, capsules, etc. In other words, full spectrum medical cannabis is very similar to natural hemp in a sense that it doesn’t omit anything.

    Broad-spectrum is very similar to full spectrum with one minor difference – it doesn’t have THC. Broad spectrum medical marijuana is ideal for people who want to avoid THC, but still want all the benefits of medical cannabis. It is a small twist, but most people will appreciate it.

    Lastly, CBD isolate focuses on just one substance which is cannabidiol. There is nothing else within these products besides CBD. They are ideal for people who just want to ingest cannabidiol while avoiding all other cannabinoids present in hemp and cannabis.

Are CBD isolates better than full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD?

    It is really hard to give a straight answer to this. Each one of these product groups is specific in its purpose.

    Experts often say that full spectrum is the best one as it gives you the full potency of all cannabinoids combined. This effect is also called “entourage effect”. The substances work in conjunction providing a stronger effect than the individual matters. Even THC should have certain medical properties, regardless of its psychedelic impact on the body. 

    Broad spectrum CBD excludes THC from the mix. This makes it much safer, but it also means that it isn’t as potent medically. Whether you use broad spectrum or full spectrum depends on your ability to withstand THC. Keep in mind that most CBD products are made of hemp which has a very low concentration of THC. Because of that, you can use full spectrum without getting high.

    When we talk about cannabis isolates, there is much more than just CBD. For example, there are also CBG, CBC, THC isolates. With these products, you can focus on just on specific substance while avoiding all others. In theory, CBD is the best option out of this group of isolates. Still, we shouldn’t neglect the potential that other substances have. 

    Writer’s bio: Nikolay Stoyanov is the founder of CBD advertising agency – a US-based marketing company that drives higher rankings and more Google traffic to its clients. Nikolay’s expertise lies in SEO and content marketing and he’s been working in the CBD niche since 2015.

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