Friday, May 29, 2020

4 Shortcuts to Good Health During COVID-19

If there’s one thing that COVID-19 has taught us, it’s that right now we need to be a little bit more resourceful. Most of us are limited to staying at home right now with a little bit of outside time, which means that we’ve got to think of creative ways to stay sane and healthy.

You also might be ever so slightly worried about the possibility of getting the coronavirus. If you're taking every precaution, then the chances are low. However, it still pays to be safe. Let's take a look at four shortcuts to good health during COVID-19, so you can keep that risk nice and low.

1. Keep Breathing

Want a quick, efficient way to keep breathing without inducing anxiety? Depression and anxiety are both things that are completely normal to experience right now, given the current circumstances. However, it's important that we try to keep the anxiety at bay as best we can for our physical and mental well-being.

This starts with your breathing. Deep breathing techniques are a great way to reduce tension and stress, as well as anxiety. Go online and have a look at the wealth of resources out there when it comes to learning how to breathe slowly and deeply so that you remain calm in the face of chaos.

2. Chew Your Food

This sounds less like a life health hack, and more of a request from your mother. However, how you chew your food has a direct effect on your digestive and gut health, so it’s important to keep it in check.

When you don’t chew your food properly, it can be difficult for your body to digest well. Ultimately, your food should be so broken down by the time it gets to your stomach that it has no texture left and is totally broken down. This makes it a lot easier to pass through your digestive system, keeping everything on the inside nice and healthy.

3. Try an At-Home STD Test

How is your sexual health? When it comes to taking care of yourself, you need to think about your body and mind holistically. This means understanding that everything is interconnected, and if one thing is off, then this could have a ripple effect.

If your sexual health isn’t where it needs to be, this could lower your immune system and even compromise it. However, not all of us are able to visit the doctor right now. That’s where an at-home STD test comes in. They’re subtle, convenient, and offer same-day testing.

4. Keep the Decision Making Low

One aspect of our busy daily lives that can increase the levels of stress in our bodies is decision making. Think about it – you do it from the moment that you wake up. How many times am I going to reset the alarm? What am I going to have for breakfast? Should I have a shower now or after my coffee?

This constant decision-making process occurring in your mind can be overwhelming and lead to high levels of stress. Try to plan things ahead of time so that you're not always making decisions on the spot. Use this time during lockdown to stay as calm and refreshed as possible.

We’ve all got to take care of ourselves during these unprecedented times, and this looks different for everyone. Remember, there are many different aspects to your health, so try to remember to take care of them all.

This is a guest blog posting.

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