Friday, July 26, 2019

Reasons Why Teen Drug Use Is Increasing

The issue of teen drug use is no longer new. Regardless of where you live right now, it’s safe to assume that several teens are already exposed to drugs even at a young age. As a parent or guardian, teen drug use can be a serious issue. You would never want any teen in your family to experience the repercussions of drug abuse. Not only will drug use adversely affect a teen’s life, but it can also have adverse effects on its family members.

According to, 86% of teenagers already use drugs during school days, and this number is increasing day by day.

Here are some of the reasons why teen drug abuse is increasing nowadays:

1.    Teens Want To Fit In.

Most teens think that in order for them to fit in, they have to follow any trend and practice what their peers are doing. If their friends are using an iPad, they think that they have the responsibility to convince their parents to buy them one. If all of their classmates have an Instagram account, they would likely sign up, too. This is one of the most obvious reasons why more and more teens are using drugs. They think that in order for them to fit in, they should do “what others are doing.”

Teens will not always think about the consequences of their actions. If they see that their peers are doing it, they may immediately jump in on the trend and do the same without having any second thoughts.

2.    Teens Want To Feel Good.

Using drugs in high doses and frequency can trigger a teen’s brain to “crave” for drugs. To paint a clearer picture of how drugs can rewire a teen’s brain, consider the points below:
  • The brain is built on repeating experiences that make teens feel good. This is one of the reasons why teens are willing to wait in line and buy ice cream. The sensation of eating one will provide euphoria in their bodies. Because of this, teens will be motivated to save money and buy ice cream repeatedly. The same premise is applicable when it comes to teen drug use.

  •  Once teens use drugs, the reward system of their brains will be triggered. As a response, their brain will produce a chemical called dopamine. This chemical provides a feeling of intense pleasure. So, in order for teens to experience the same pleasure over and over again, they keep on using drugs.  
  • Over time, this behavior can program a teen’s brain to be accustomed to large amounts of dopamine. For teens to continually experience the same good feeling, they might need to take larger amounts of drugs.
3.    Teens Want To Feel Better.

Most teens will have a lot on their plate. Aside from maintaining good grades, teens are also pressured to balance their time and energy between home and extracurricular activities. This still doesn’t include the responsibilities they have as a sibling or family member.

Because teens are usually overwhelmed with the number of responsibilities they have, they may turn to drugs to help them feel better.

Teens suffer from different types of stress, anxiety, depression, and physical pain. Usually, they don’t have any outlets to release all of these pains. All of the struggles teens face every day are reasons enough for them to use drugs. For them, using drugs can lessen the feelings of pain and depression, allowing them to move forward in life easier.

4.    Teens Want To Do Better.

Teens are living in a competitive society. No matter what they do in life, there will always be competition. They’ll be pressured to graduate with high honors or earn a top position in a school organization.

The pressure from this competition can fuel teens to try out drugs. Some teens use drugs in order to perform better in their academic and athletic requirements. Some teens will even take high doses of illegal drugs as a preparation for a term exam or sports tryout because they think that doing this will improve their performance.

5.    Teens Want To Experiment.

Teens are usually curious. They have a lot of questions about the things happening around them. But instead of merely asking how drugs affect other people, they may opt to try the drug themselves.

For teens, experimenting will not only give them a better idea about a specific issue, but the activity will also be perceived as daring or thrilling.

Get Help

If you know someone in your family who’s currently overusing drugs, seek professional help fast. Several psychologists and treatments are available for teens to help them live a drug-free life.

Kerrie Walker 

Kerrie has been working in the healthcare industry for many years. She has learned a lot in her experience and hopes to help encourage those around her to live a healthier and fulfilling life. She enjoys keeping active.

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