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3 Types of Clinical Trials That Are Changing the World

There is good news for people with psoriasis, eczema, and Parkinson's. Recent clinical trials have shown that new treatments are on the horizon that could dramatically improve the quality of life for people with psoriasis, eczema, and Parkinson's.

These clinical trials are paving the way for new, more effective treatments for these conditions. They are also helping to speed up the process of getting those treatments to market.

If you or someone you love suffers from one of these conditions, it is important to stay informed about the latest clinical trials and how they could benefit you.

Read on and discover how these clinical trials are paving the way for better treatments.

Psoriasis Clinical Trials

Psoriasis clinical trials are increasingly providing medical professionals with valuable data to drastically improve the quality of treatments available to those suffering from this condition. 

Through objective and clinically meaningful metrics, medical practitioners are now able to accurately compare novel therapies against current treatment regimens. 

From this, medical professionals can identify which therapies provide the most effective and long-term care for those living with psoriasis. 

While physical measures of efficacy remain a priority in medical trials, the importance of assessing patient well-being through quality-of-life assessments is increasingly being recognized and understood as an essential component of successful medical trials. 

As medical trial research continues to develop, the medical world is improving their understanding of psoriasis every day, allowing them to provide better care for those affected by this condition.

Eczema Clinical Trials

Eczema, or atopic dermatitis, is an inflammatory skin condition in many people worldwide. It has a range of impacts on individuals and can leave them vulnerable to secondary infections. Medical researchers are conducting clinical trials better to understand the underlying causes and paths of eczema and to create new treatments to help people suffering from it. 

A greater comprehension of the immune system's contribution to eczema development is being attained through innovative research techniques. 

Genetic components are also being studied for potential preventative measures or treatments. By backing important research with clinical trials, we can improve the lives of those affected by eczema globally.

Parkinson’s Clinical Trials

Clinical trials for Parkinson's disease are making a positive, long-term impact on the world. The results of clinical trials can help improve our understanding of the disease, which is beneficial for both diagnosis and treatment, and can lead to the development of new drugs and therapies that may eventually lead to a cure.

In addition, participating in these trials offer Parkinson's patients the ability to benefit from treatments before they become widely available, without any cost attached. 

Moreover, individuals can remove themselves from the trial if desired and may even be extended opportunities for continued access after the study has concluded. These trials present an invaluable opportunity to progress our understanding of Parkinson's disease.


In conclusion, recent clinical trials for psoriasis, eczema, and Parkinson's are providing medical professionals with valuable data to improve the quality of treatments available for these conditions. 

These trials are helping to pave the way for new, more effective treatments and speeding up the process of getting those treatments to market. If you or someone you love suffers from one of these conditions, it is important to stay informed about the latest clinical trials and how they could benefit you. 

By participating in these clinical trials, we can improve our understanding of these conditions, develop new treatments, and improve the quality of life for those affected by these conditions.

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Best Apps to Monitor your Health – Why you should have these?

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With technological growth occurring in different sectors, our lives have become easier and more convenient. One major sector that has been showing a significant improvement is the health sector, which has benefitted from the development of technology, the internet, and the development of smart devices.

Even though it may seem like maintaining a healthy lifestyle is straightforward, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. It takes more effort than you would think to maintain a balanced lifestyle. Some ways to achieve a healthy lifestyle are:

1. Exercising

2. Eating healthy 

3. Resting your mind and body

Additionally, almost everything can be found in the form of mobile applications now. There are many health apps available for us to use and easily maintain a healthier lifestyle while running busy routines. In managing and modifying our lives, health apps are super helpful. All you need is the access of the internet to download and integrate these apps into your life. For such usage of the internet, it is important to have a smooth connection, for which you can try Suddenlink en espaƱol, providing you with an easy and reliable connection for daily efficiency in all activities related to the internet, browse, stream, and download without worries about the budget or its reliability.  

Read on to learn more about what this article has in store for you as we have listed some mobile health applications for you to make use of them and live a healthier life.

1. Headspace:

There is more to a healthy life than medicines and exercise. Meditating is a very important element of a healthy lifestyle and this is where headspace plays a role. Headspace is a meditation-based application that will help you in boosting your mood and put you in a calm mindset. Research has proven that meditation will not only lower your stress levels but also make you happier. The app consists of a wide range of initiatives to help you sleep or deal with anxiety. It is available for both Android and IOS users. 

2. HealthTap:

There is no doubt that Google has been our one-stop for every query when we are experiencing any symptoms. HealthTap offers to answer your query regarding any symptoms with the right prescriptions and advice. When you have a particular ache or pain, using the HealthTap application will allow you to connect with any real doctor who can respond to your health-related queries can put you to ease. You can stop worrying about visiting a clinic for a simple diagnosis by connecting with a physician from the comfort of your phone. 

3. Fooducate:

Food is a very important factor that has a huge impact on our healthy lifestyle. A proper and nutritious diet is extremely important if we wish to stay fit and live a healthy life. Not everybody is aware of the basic knowledge regarding what food should be consumed and which should be avoided in order to stay fit. Fooducate is here to help us with it. 

4. Aaptive:

Aaptive is a mobile application that offers you thousands of workouts. You can now do workouts in the comfort of your home, gym or any other place and easily attain your fitness objectives. The workout videos also include voice guidance from the trainers so you can seek help from them too. Aaptive offers you experiences like a one-on-one class so you can set your goals high on your fitness journey. 

5. Sleep Cycle:

Your sleeping cycle plays a huge role in your fitness journey. Not getting enough sleep can really imbalance your healthy lifestyle hence, it is really important for you to get the right amount of sleep. An improper sleeping schedule can cause trouble in balancing your hormones, and maintaining your blood sugar levels and cause other issues in your body. The app will help you keep track of your sleep and monitor your sleeping heart rate.

How to pick the Right App?

Picking the right application can be a hassle for you. You need to consider a few essential points when you are willing to take your healthy life journey to the next level.

1. Match your objectives: 

Naturally, you would want to pick the app that fulfils the required criteria you are looking for in an app. 

2. Provides useful information:

Fact-checking is important before you implement something on yourself. Make sure you have an evidence-based application so that you do not get caught up in some health trouble.

3. Is Cost-Effective:

Although there are a lot of apps that offer free services if you are looking to invest further in a health-related application, ensure it does fall out of your budget and is worth the money. 


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is very important and to monitor your health-related queries, you may need assistance with some applications. The above-mentioned apps will help you in that regard. 

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How to Treat Your Medicine-Induced Hair Loss

Although medications can be used to treat a wide range of medical ailments, they can cause unintended side effects. Certain medications may factor in excessive hair growth, color or texture changes, or loss. Drug-induced hair loss might severely impact your life like any other kind of loss. Before learning how you may treat your hair loss from medication, let us go through the must-know facts about it.

Will Your Hair Grow Back?

Medication-related hair loss typically stops once a person stops taking the medication. Some might need hair transplant surgery if the medication affects them badly. Click on hair transplant in Turkey to explore permanent solutions to your hair problems. 

When a medicine is causing hair loss, you must consult a doctor before quitting it. After stopping the medicine, it may take up to six months for the hair to regrow. Although it might take 12–18 months for your hair to grow out normally, some people may experience hair growth in as little as 3–6 months. 

How Do Medicines Lead to Hair Loss?

Drugs disrupt the regular cycle of healthy scalp hair, resulting in hair loss. The hair develops for 2 to 7 years during the anagen stage. The hair rests for approximately three months during the telogen stage. The hair starts to fall out and then is replaced by new hair at the termination of the telogen stage. Telogen effluvium, as well as anagen effluvium, are two kinds of hair loss that medications can bring on. 

The most typical type of hair loss brought on by drugs is telogen effluvium. Typically, it occurs within two to four months after the medicine is first taken. The hair follicles in this disorder enter the resting stage (telogen) too early and start to fall out. The average number of hairs lost daily by individuals with telogen effluvium is between 30% to 70% which is more than the standard range.

Anagen effluvium is a type of hair loss that happens when your hair is actively growing or in the anagen stage of the hair cycle. It hinders proper cell division in the matrix cells that help create new hairs. After taking the drug for a few days or weeks, this kind of hair loss typically happens. 

It is most prevalent in cancer patients receiving chemotherapy treatments, and it is frequently severe, resulting in the loss of almost all of a person's head hair, eyelashes, eyebrows, and other body hairs. Medicine type, dosage, and susceptibility to the drug all affect how that drug causes hair loss.

Signs Indicating Medicine-Induced Hair Loss

You will know that you are suffering from hair loss from medication by

  • seeing strands of hair on pillow covers
  • haivng more hair in your combs as well as showers.
  • noticing hair falling out of your temples (if you're a man) or part-line (in case you are a woman)

Before making a diagnosis of alopecia caused by medicine, your doctor will look at the following facts about your health history:

  • Any new drugs you've started
  • Dose or medication changes
  • Any recent health issues or operations
  • Hair loss in the family

How to Restore Your Hair Growth

People may be able to restore hair loss with the use of home remedies as well as natural therapies.

1. Diet and Supplements

A balanced diet can promote healthy hair and hair regeneration. A diet rich in omega-3, as well as omega-6 fatty acids, and antioxidants, may also be beneficial.

In a 2015 study, 120 healthy ladies were examined to determine the effect of omega-3 as well as omega-6 fatty acids and antioxidant supplements on hair growth. After six months, nearly 90% of the subjects who had taken the supplements experienced a reduction in hair loss and an improvement in hair thickness. 

It proved that if you are deficient in specific nutrients, it might affect your hair development. So, proper nutrition is necessary to restore your hair loss. You can undergo a blood test to detect deficiencies that may contribute to your hair loss, such as iron, zinc, and biotin. If you find a deficiency, taking a supplement can increase your levels, which will help promote hair growth.

2. Minoxidil Topical Solution

Minoxidil, often known as Rogaine, is available without a prescription and can be used directly on the scalp. Within three to six months of beginning treatment with minoxidil, you might start to notice the regrowth of your hair. You can get more information about minoxidil from a pharmacist or buy it over the internet.

3. Pumpkin Seeds Oil 

The enzyme known as 5-alpha reductase is one of the factors that plays a role in hair loss. Pumpkin seed oil can reduce its effects. Seventy-six males experiencing hair loss were examined by the researchers of a 2014 study on the impact of pumpkin seed oil. Those who took 400 mg of pumpkin seed oil daily for 24 weeks saw a 40% rise in hair count, whereas those who took a placebo saw a 10% decrease.

You may find pumpkin seed oil in health food stores as well as on the internet. You need to consult your physician about different treatment choices if, after a few months of trying natural and home remedies, you do not see any improvement in your condition.

Final Words

You can talk to your doctor about changing to an alternative if you are on medications that are making you lose your hair. Within six months of stopping the medicine, you can start to notice hair growing again. Most of the time, after you stop taking the medicine, your hair will regrow on its own. With at-home remedies, you might be able to promote hair growth.

After six months, if there are still no signs of regrowth, you might talk to your doctor about different treatment choices. To find out whether another underlying issue is causing your hair loss, consulting your doctor will also be the best decision.

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Most Common Types of Liver Disease and How to Treat Them

It is believed that liver diseases are characteristic only of people leading an unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle. The liver is a gland of external secretion and performs the most important functions in the human body.

The liver performs many functions, the most important of which is the neutralization and removal of dangerous chemical compounds that enter the body from the outside with food, air, water, and metabolic end products that are toxic to the body (ammonia, phenol, ethanol, etc.).

In addition, the liver removes excess organic substances - hormones, vitamins, and trace elements. Gluconeogenesis also occurs here - producing glucose necessary for energy metabolism and cellular respiration and synthesizing certain hormones and enzymes.

According to experts, it is especially advisable to undergo a liver diagnosis test for those who suffer from the following:

  • constant fatigue and general weakness
  • decreased appetite and weight loss
  • pain and heaviness in the right hypochondrium
  • the yellowness of the skin and sclera
  • changes in the color of stool and urine
  • sensations of bitterness and an unpleasant taste in the mouth
  • nausea, skin rashes
Copyright: julien Tromeur on Unsplash I License: CC0 Public Domain

From the point of view of morphological changes in the liver tissue, it is conditionally possible to distinguish several groups of pathological conditions that occur in various diseases: hepatosis, hepatitis, cirrhosis, and tumor diseases of the liver.

1- Hepatosis (fatty degeneration, steatosis) 

 It is a common name for all non-inflammatory liver diseases. Hepatosis is based on the excessive accumulation of fat in liver cells - hepatocytes. Hepatosis, as a rule, occurs in the following liver diseases: non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, alcoholic liver disease, drug-induced liver disease, and some others.

Diagnosis of this disease is based on the detection of increased echogenicity of the liver and an increase in its size during the ultrasound. 

Treatment usually consists of excluding those factors that led to fatty degeneration (diet, avoidance of alcohol, physical activity). To maintain the functioning of the liver, drugs with hepatoprotective properties are prescribed. The development of hepatitis is possible over time without treatment against the background of this disease.

Hepatitis is a group of inflammatory diseases of the liver of infectious and non-infectious origin. The causative agents can be viruses A, B, C, D, E, F, and G, the bacteria Listeria monocytogenes (listeriosis), Treponema pallidum (syphilis), and Leptospira (leptospirosis).

Non-viral forms of the disease include alcoholic hepatitis, drug-induced hepatitis, toxic hepatitis, autoimmune hepatitis, and radiation hepatitis. Viral hepatitis is by far the most common type. Statistics indicate that viral hepatitis B and C top the list of causes of death worldwide. About 170 million people worldwide suffer from hepatitis C, twice as many with hepatitis B.

2- Cirrhosis 

Cirrhosis- an independent disease or condition that is the final stage of various chronic liver diseases. This diagnosis is made when pathological changes in the liver cells become irreversible. Against the background of the death of hepatocytes, they are replaced by fibrous tissue. In developed countries, liver cirrhosis is one of the six leading causes of death in patients aged 35 to 60.

According to Child-Pugh, a special scale determines the liver's functional state in cirrhosis. According to the Child-Pugh scale, cirrhosis has three stages - compensated, sub-compensated, and decompensated. Compensation means that the liver is still performing its functions, despite the inflammatory and necrotic processes.

When cirrhosis itself is not a separate disease, it can be caused by any factors affecting the functioning of the liver - viral hepatitis, alcohol, obesity, taking toxic drugs, unfavorable environmental conditions, etc. In general, form cirrhosis of the liver is an irreversible condition. The most effective method of treatment is a liver transplant - transplantation. A diet, vitamin complexes, and hepatoprotective drugs are prescribed as maintenance therapy.

3- Tumor diseases

 The most common benign liver tumors are hemangiomas, hepatocellular adenomas, cysts, and nodular hyperplasias. If a benign tumor of the liver is found, surgery is necessary, which is performed by a hepatologist surgeon. In some cases, nonsurgical treatment or local injection therapy is used.

As for malignant tumors, then they include primary liver cancer and metastatic cancer. Metastatic cancer means that the primary node of the tumor is in another organ, but the diseased cells have spread to the liver and begun to grow.

According to statistics, liver cancer ranks 5th in frequency among all malignant neoplasms and is the cause of death of more than a million people every year, about 600,000 cases of this disease are diagnosed annually in the world. The most common malignant tumor of the liver is "hepatocellular carcinoma". Carcinoma, like cirrhosis, can be the end stage of other liver diseases - cirrhosis, hepatitis, steatosis, etc.

Copyright: National Cancer Institute on Unsplash  I License: CC0 Public Domain

Modern methods are widely presented to assess the state of the liver and diagnose the disease and its complications:

  1. Biochemical studies ( blood tests )
  2. Ultrasound examination (ultrasound)
  3. Serological diagnosis of viral infections
  4. PCR diagnostics - qualitative and quantitative methods for determining nucleic acids of viruses affecting the liver
  5. Determination of immune status
  6. Endoscopic techniques
  7. Fibro/ActiTest, FibroMax, and all the necessary methods for diagnosing damage to other organs and systems against the background of liver disease.   

Causes of liver disease

Since the liver performs hundreds of essential functions, its role is difficult to overestimate; therefore, liver diseases are hazardous for the whole body. There are several leading causes (risk factors) of liver disease:

  1. excessive alcohol consumption
  2. sedentary lifestyle and malnutrition
  3. viral, bacterial, and parasitic infections
  4. intoxication of various kinds
  5. genetic disorders, etc

Prevention of liver diseases

Last but not least, prevention includes a mandatory cessation of alcohol and smoking, personal hygiene, physical activity, and a diet - without carcinogenic compounds and chemical additives, canned foods, fried and smoked. Reducing the consumption of fatty foods, including confectionery fats and fatty meats, is necessary. Steamed or boiled food should be preferred.

To avoid fat deposits, limiting the consumption of sweets is desirable. A special vaccination is also required to prevent some types of hepatitis.

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HelpCare Plus Review

HelpCare Plus is a company that provides a variety of healthcare services innovatively. These services range from telemedicine and telecounseling to discounted pricing on prescriptions and lab tests. In this in-depth review, we'll explore the issues that the company attempts to address, the services offered, and whether HelpCare Plus is the best option for your healthcare needs.

What is HelpCare Plus?

HelpCare Plus is a comprehensive healthcare provider that offers telemedicine and telecounseling services and discounted prices for prescription medications, lab tests, and medical equipment. The company is dedicated to providing advanced, practical healthcare services to meet the needs of people within their budget. HelpCare Plus' mission is to make health care accessible, convenient, and affordable.

What Issues Does HelpCare Plus Try To Address?

HelpCare Plus attempts to address several issues related to health care. Most of these are common issues among those who cannot access quality, affordable healthcare services. These HelpCare Plus Features include:

Convenience: Accessing healthcare services outside of normal operating hours can be challenging. HelpCare Plus makes it possible to get medical help at any time of day through their telemedicine platform.

Mental health care: Mental illness, such as anxiety and depression, can be exacerbated by stress. HelpCare Plus offers consultations with qualified professionals through their telecounseling service.

Safety: In crowded hospitals, there is a risk of picking up contagious infections like COVID-19. With HelpCare Plus, you can access medical help without having to travel to a physical facility.

Easy access: HelpCare Plus is available on all major mobile devices, making it easy to get the help you need quickly. The company also has a presence on social media platforms, so you can get tips or contact representatives easily.

Discount plans: The cost of healthcare can be prohibitively high. HelpCare+ has a prescription discount plan that helps you to obtain medications and medical supplies at a low cost.

Round-the-clock access to specialists: HelpCare Plus offers access to medical professionals, ranging from psychiatrists to fitness trainers, at any time.

What Services Does HelpCare Plus Offer?

HelpCare Plus offers a variety of services to help you get the care you need. These include:

Telemedicine: Through their telemedicine platform, you can contact a board-certified health practitioner for diagnosis and treatment advice through video conferencing or phone calls.

Telecounseling: For mental health care, HelpCare Plus offers telecounseling services, so you can talk to a qualified professional without having to visit a physical facility.

Prescription discount plan: HelpCare Plus has a prescription discount plan that can be used to obtain medications and medical supplies.

Lab tests: HelpCare Plus offers discounted lab tests to get the tests you need without paying full price.

Medical equipment: The company also provides discounts on medical equipment, such as wheelchairs and hearing aids.

Diabetic supplies: HelpCare Plus offers discounts on diabetic supplies, such as glucose meters and insulin pumps.

MRI or CT scans: The company also offers discounts on MRI or CT scans.

Is HelpCare Plus Right For You?

Whether or not HelpCare Plus suits you depends on your healthcare needs. The company's services may benefit those who need access to quality healthcare services on a budget. However, it's important to remember that HelpCare Plus is not an insurance provider, and its services should not be used as an alternative to traditional health insurance.

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5 Reasons To Do a DNA Test Before You Get Married

A premarital test is a fast-tracking test which tells about the transmissible and genetic disease. These diseases can be found in men's or women's reproduction cells. These tests protect their children from any genetic disease. Marriage is a remarkable event in a couple's life as they step towards the family buildup. They begin a new journey of emotional, social and familial relationships. Premarital tests inform couples about unbiased information about their DNA and genetic history. All the facts like age, exercise, weight, family background and diet add their specific role in the big picture of the test report.

Why is it so important to take a DNA test before marriage?

The primary purpose of DNA testing before marriage is to educate the couple and provide information about upcoming events related to their children's health. Reports also guide couples on taking necessary safety precautions to prevent disease before getting pregnant DNA tests will put you outside the thinking box where you are doubtful about the children's health and whether your child will be ok or not. Genetic screening leads your doctor toward the best solution for your family's health. If you are getting married soon, check out some modern wedding invite card ideas. A couple considering marriage should do a DNA test before marriage as this act has several benefits, some of which are highlighted below.

1. Finding unknown problems

DNA test figures out the flawed genes which can lead your children towards the genetic health problems like thalassemia, a minor or insignificant form. Most of the time, men or women have a problem related to their fertility, and at that time, they both have no idea about their sexual health. This issue can also be sorted out by premarital testing.

2. Family history 

Most doctors want a culture-based genetic test for their patients to find the disease related to their family health background. These tests are beneficial if a couple's family has a continuous cousin marriage scenario. This will help you determine if you lie at a high-risk level.

3. Limiting the genetic disease 

Some significant diseases like sickle-cell anemia, HIV, and hepatitis B & C are most likely spread through sexual intercourse. Making early tests of the couple can prevent to transfer of diseases.

4. Healthy marriage concept

DNA test leads to a healthy marriage with only a 0.09% chance of genetic health problems. The report also provides peace of mind to have secure sexual life ahead.

5. Reducing the financial burden

A mostly genetic disease can be cured, but it is expensive. This testing system also prevents us from the extra burden of the expenses on children's health. This DNA test also reduces the load on health institutions and blood banks. Also, look at these save the date templates if you plan to tie the knot this year.

Final Thoughts

Apart from all the benefits and positive insights, a DNA test before marriage leads to the life a married couple dreams of. Happy married life provides enough energy to survive through other hardships of life. As all tests had been done before, there is no chance of abnormal conditions in upcoming children. All the genetic health conditions are pre-matched.

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A Short Guide to Brain Injuries

For those unfortunate to have one, a brain injury is a complex and challenging problem to deal with. 

Whether you have suffered a brain injury yourself, know someone who has one, or simply want to learn more about this unfortunate medial ailment, you’ve come to the right place.

In this short guide, we’ll explain what brain injuries are and what effects they typically bring with them.

What is a brain injury?

A brain injury is generally defined as damage to the brain. Brain injuries can be classified according to type and severity.

While general definitions are useful, it is important to note that each injury is different and the effects on the individual can differ greatly, requiring varying levels of care, treatment, and rehabilitation.

Traumatic brain injuries

The injury is classed as a traumatic brain injury (TBI) if the damage results from an external force applied to the head. Damage is then categorised as mild, moderate, or severe depending on various parameters. 

Traumatic brain injuries can be divided into two further categories: closed head injuries and open or penetrating wounds.

    1. Closed head injuries

A closed head injury is not visible to the naked eye as there is no open wound. These types of injuries commonly occur as a result of rapid acceleration or deceleration, which causes the head to move violently forward, backward or from side to side. These types of injuries can damage nerve cells in the brain, resulting in a traumatic brain injury.

    2. Open wounds

An open or penetrating wound is visible to the eye and can expose the open skull and brain. An injury such as this can result from being struck directly on the head and outcomes can vary depending on severity. 

An open wound tends to be localised to the area of the head that has been stuck, while the injury can also be coupled with the fibre damage caused by acceleration and deceleration forces.

Depending on the extent of the injury, the individual may require rehabilitation and support as well as costly specialist equipment.

Common causes of traumatic brain injuries

Traumatic brain injuries can occur in a variety of ways, including:

  • Being hit in the head
  • Falling from a height
  • Or being involved in a collision

Brain injuries are even caused by incidents in contact sports such as American football, rugby, or boxing.

Acquired brain injuries

Also called non-traumatic brain injuries, acquired brain injuries (ABI) result from internal factors present in the brain. They have many causes, including strokes, brain tumours, haemorrhages, or a lack of oxygen to the brain. In some cases, acquired brain injuries are even present from birth. 

According to data released by Headway, there were more 355,000 UK admissions to hospital with ABI in 2019-20.

Common effects of brain injuries

In addition to the visible presence of a wound, an individual may show signs of suffering from a brain injury in a variety of ways.

Cognitive effects

These include difficulty performing different cognitive tasks, such as

  • Memory problems
  • Challenges with planning and organising
  • Difficulties solving problems
  • Poor concentration
  • And difficulties speaking

Behavioral effects

Brain injuries can also express themselves through behaviorally changes, such as sudden shifts in mood, anger management issues, and a lack of motivation. The patient may even suffer from secondary medical ailments or symptoms, including:

  • Confusion
  • Vision impairments
  • Dizziness
  • And fatigue

Financial effects

Moreover, sufferers of brain injuries often experience financial effects, like:

  • Legal costs, such as the costs required to make a brain injury compensation claim
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Loss of earnings
  • Care costs

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Tuesday, December 27, 2022

5 Trending Reasons To Use CBD Gummies With Your Family And Friends

CBD gummies are a tasty and convenient way to enjoy the health benefits of cannabidiol without the potential drawbacks associated with smoking or vaping. Gummies can come in various shapes, colors, and flavors, eliminating any stigma associated with CBD consumption. Aside from their delicious taste, these products offer consumers a controlled dosage that is easy to take.

Here’s Why You Should Use CBD Gummies With Family And Friends

1. They Are A Delicious And Convenient Way To Take CBD

CBD gummies offer a delectable way to stay on top of your daily Cannabidiol routine. Their delightful taste will make it easy and enjoyable to take your dose while helping family and friends transition into Cannabidiol consumption. 

In addition, they are very convenient since you can easily control your portions with their available variations in strength and size. The part that most people like is that the sugar coating helps to mask any unwanted hemp taste, leaving only the yummy flavor behind.

2. They're Perfect For People Who Don't Like The Taste Of Oil

Trying to consume CBD daily can be tricky, even for people who believe in its numerous benefits. One of the most common issues people face is knowing how and when to take it. But with these gummies, those problems vanish. 

These delicious chewy candies are perfect for those family and friends who don't like the taste of other forms of Cannabidiol, like oil tinctures. Gummies also provide an easier way to get an exact dosage, as each piece contains a measured amount of hemp extract. 

So if you know someone who loves the effects without wanting to taste them, look no further than CBD gummies - no more wasting time trying different methods with uncertain results and potentially unpleasant tastes!

3. Gummies Are Easy To Dose, Making Them An Excellent Choice For Beginners

CBD gummies are becoming increasingly popular, especially among family and friends looking to experience the potential health benefits of Cannabidiol without overwhelming themselves with numerous products. 

With so many different types of Cannabidiol available, it can sometimes become quite confusing. This is why many first-timers find comfort in these gummies that help make finding the correct CBD dose simple and accessible in a delicious form. 

Not only do they come in tasty flavors, but they also provide an accurate dosage and help make sure that each family or friend receives maximum benefit from the product.

4. They're Discreet And Can Be Taken On The Go

These gummies are a popular health supplement for a good reason! Not only are these tasty treats discreet, but you can take them on the go and share them with family and friends. With so many flavors to choose from, there is something to suit everyone’s preference. 

These delightful edibles also make it easier to control dosage, so you can find what works best for your needs. This makes these gummies perfect for taking out and about - when you need extra support, simply pull one out and get ready to enjoy a quick boost of goodness!

5. Gummies Are A Great Way To Supplement Your Existing Routine

CBD gummies make taking your daily Cannabidiol as easy and enjoyable as can be. Taking it doesn’t mean you have to take it as an oil or tincture; with these gummies, family and friends alike can enjoy a delicious treat while supplementing their existing Cannabidiol routine. 

A bonus is that they are surprisingly convenient and taste great. Not to mention, because your family won’t be able to tell that they’re consuming Cannabidiol, it makes an excellent option for those who want to try out CBD yet aren’t too keen on taking drops or capsules.

Appropriate Dosage Of CBD Gummies

When it comes to family and friends, you want to make sure dosing with these gummies is appropriate. Ultimately, the goal of ingesting these gummies is to achieve the desired result, so it is vital to refer to the instructions that come with the product and determine an optimal dosage for each individual. 

Every person's physiology is different - based on body weight, diet, age, and other factors - so what works for one might not be correct or suitable for another. If one desires a more significant therapeutic effect or they have a medical condition that needs to be treated, it could be best to start small and gradually increase the dosage over time while monitoring the results until they find their sweet spot; however, it should always be consulted with a doctor first.

Are CBD Gummies Legal?

CBD gummies have been all the rage lately, with people trying to take advantage of their purported benefits. However, the legal status of these edibles can be confusing for many potential users. 

Generally speaking, these gummies that contain 0.3% or less THC, the psychoactive compound responsible for getting high, are legal in most of the United States and many other countries worldwide. 

However, many states and countries may have additional restrictions depending on local laws and regulations, so it is always important to stay informed. If you want to take advantage of the potential benefits of these gummies without crossing any legal lines, opting for those that contain 0.3% or less threshold of THC is a safe bet.

Things To Keep In Mind While Consuming CBD Gummies With Friends And Family

When consuming CBD gummies with friends and family, it’s important to remember everyone who will be trying them. Consider if they have tried it before if they need a lower or higher dose than what is on offer, and any potential allergies. 

Awareness of dosage amounts is also essential, as some friends and family members might not be aware of the effect that higher doses may have on them. 

Furthermore, when consuming the edibles like gummies with friends and family, try to find one with a delicious flavor; this will make the experience more enjoyable for everyone involved! 

Finally, always be transparent with friends and family about the product: its ingredients, potential side effects, and what type of effect you should expect. These factors will ensure an informed and enjoyable experience when consuming CBD gummies with friends and family.

Final Words

CBD gummies are a great way to enjoy the many potential benefits of Cannabidiol without the need for vaping or traditional methods of consuming the compound. These gummies can also help you deal with depression.

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How Can CBD Gummies Make Your Christmas Party Fun?

CBD gummies are an ideal snack to offer guests at a Christmas party. Delicious and infinitely enjoyable, the hidden benefit of Cannabidiol sets these gummies apart from other traditional snacks. Greet guests with sweetness with the knowledge that it's not just sugar providing health benefits like anti-inflammatory and relaxation properties; these delicious gummy bear candies also come with the added power of cannabidiol. Whether you choose your favorite flavors or want to give each guest something special, these gummies are sure to be a hit at any holiday gathering.

Here’s How CBD Gummies Can Make Your Christmas Party More Fun

1. They Can Help You Relax And Feel More Festive

Christmas parties are a fun time to let your hair down and kick off the Christmas season by celebrating with friends and family. However, Christmas parties can also present stressors that can add strain to an already jam-packed holiday season. 

If you're feeling overwhelmed, these gummies might be the solution for you—they provide a mellow way to melt into the festive spirit without any mind-altering effects of other substances. While these gummies won't get you "high," they will help you relax and enjoy the party more relaxedly. These gummies are increasingly popular as an alternative relaxation method, so why not try them this Christmas season?

2. They Can Help You Socialize Better With Friends And Family

Christmas is the perfect opportunity to meet up with friends and family and catch up on all the latest gossip. For some, it can be difficult to feel relaxed and chatty in a room full of people. CBD gummies are a novel way of helping you socialize better with those around you. 

They provide an extra boost of confidence, alleviating your anxieties while helping you stay focused and present during conversations. Taking these gummies before Christmas parties or visiting friends can help you relax and maintain your composure, allowing you to enjoy your Christmas gathering even more!

3. They Can Make Your Food Taste Better

Christmas parties are always a blast, but why not elevate them to the next level? CBD gummies can make your party food taste even better and add an exciting twist to Christmas dinner! Unlike traditional gummy candies, these gummies are made with natural flavoring agents, chemical-free binders, and organic ingredients. 

These unique gummies can also be used to complement your Christmas sweets. Adding some gummies will give it a special punch, whether you have Christmas cookies or cake. Not only that, but they'll also decorate each dish in a unique way that's sure to impress everyone at your Christmas party.

4. They Can Keep You Energized Throughout The Party

Christmas parties can be a lot of fun, but they also require a lot of energy! Fortunately, next time you need an energy boost mid-party, reach for CBD gummies. These convenient on-the-go snacks are filled with quality hemp extract giving your extra body energy to keep dancing the night away. 

Not to mention, these gummies can help you wind down after the party to ensure you get plenty of relaxation before Christmas morning!

5. They Are A Great Party Favor To Give Your Guests

CBD gummies can be used as a Christmas party favor. Not only are they tasty, eye-catching, and fun, but they also provide a delicious way to share the potential benefits of Cannabidiol with your Christmas guests. 

With their easy portability and the variety of flavors and potency options, these gummies make an excellent choice for Christmas party attendees. Because of their accessibility and ease of use, these gummies allow guests to experience the wonder of Christmas in a unique, safe, relaxed, and stress-free way.

Different Ways To Add CBD Gummies To Your Christmas Party

Christmas parties are perfect for trying out unique, holiday-themed treats and drinks! For an exciting twist this year, why not spice up your menu with these gummies? There are several options for adding these gummies to your Christmas party. 

You can simply place them in a bowl at the center of the table or get more creative by using them as decorations for glasses or plates. If you want to take it a step further, consider making your own CBD gummies - many delicious recipes available online don't require special kitchen skills. Whichever way you choose to serve them, adding these gummies to your Christmas party is sure to add sparkle and fun.

Why Are CBD Gummies A Favorable Snack For Christmas Parties?

With their fun shapes and sweet flavors, CBD gummies are an excellent choice for adding a unique twist to any Christmas party. They bring a happy element to seasonal celebrations, and gummies are also made with all-natural, plant-based ingredients that can promote calmness and balance. 

Unlike other edibles, they don’t contain any calories, making them a great snack if someone wants to stay health-conscious while still enjoying something indulgent among family and friends. 

On top of that, the effects of ingesting these gummies are known to be longer lasting than inhalation or topical application by providing steady relief from stress and anxiety throughout the gathering.

Factors To Consider Before Adding CBD Gummies To Your Christmas Party

Consider a few things before introducing these gummies into your festivities:

  1. It is essential to be aware of any legal restrictions concerning the use and sale of CBD products. Understanding the regulatory requirements for labeling and packaging these products is also essential.

  2. As with any new product, it is essential to research possible sources for quality assurance.

  3. Try out some test batches ahead of time to ensure that your attendees receive a product made with care and attention.

Wrapping Up

CBD gummies for anger management can be a great addition to one's daily routine to control their emotions better. They are perfect for those who want to experiment with different forms of CBD and anxiety relief without worrying about smoking or vaping, as the risk of smoke inhalation is eliminated.

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CBD Gummies: Tips For Beginners And Recommended Dosage

Trying out CBD products can be intimidating for a beginner, but it doesn’t have to be. CBD gummies are the perfect way to start your journey into the benefits of Cannabidiol. Like all products, gummies are widely available in various concentrations and formulations tailored to meet individual needs or preferences. There is something for everyone, from single-serving doses to long-term maintenance bundles. Gummies come in various fun flavors and make daily supplements as enjoyable as possible; plus, they’re easy to take. Consider giving them a try- you might surprise yourself with the results.

Tips For Beginners To Consume CBD Gummies

1. They Are A Great Way To Start Using Cannabidiol

CBD gummies are a great way to start using cannabidiol. A practical and simple solution, these gummies offer a great entry point for those new to this unique compound derived from hemp plants. An easy, convenient, and calorie-free option, gummies are shareable and great for carrying on the go. 

With no need for water or preparation, consuming it in the form of these tasty treats is an enjoyable experience that is sure to bring relief to the user. All it takes is popping one or two of these pharmaceutically safe treats into your mouth for a reliable dose of cannabidiol, with each gummy containing precisely the same amount of Cannabidiol; great news for anyone interested in calculating their exact dosage.

2. Start With A Low Dosage And Increase Gradually As Needed

Tips for beginners to use CBD gummies are essential, as taking the wrong dosage can result in an unsatisfactory experience. Start small and increase gradually, experimenting with different strengths until you reach the desired effects. 

Begin with a low dose of 5-10mg when using these gummies, and see how your body reacts to it after 30-60 minutes. If no sensation is felt or the results are not satisfactory, slowly increase the dose amount until the required effect is achieved. 

Starting small will ensure that your body receives the correct amount of Cannabidiol, enabling you to enjoy balanced wellness without adverse reactions.

3. Look For Gummies Made From Organic Hemp

For those just starting with CBD, one of the most important considerations to keep in mind is to look for gummies made from organic hemp. These products are free of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, helping to protect the environment and preventing these chemicals from coming into contact with our bodies. 

Additionally, organic products tend to be fresher than their non-organic alternatives and may offer superior potency due to the lack of industrial toxins or solvents that can degrade cannabinoid content over time. By investing in certified organic hemp-based gummies, beginners can get a high-quality product with responsible growing practices.

4. Avoid Products That Contain Artificial Sweeteners Or Additives

If you’re starting to use these gummies, it’s essential to check the label and be aware of any artificial sweeteners or additives they may contain. Although many companies use additives in their products as flavor enhancers or preservatives, these can often bring unwanted effects such as headaches and nausea. 

You may also use these edibles to boost energy after a tiring day, therefore, avoiding products with these additives is best to experience the full benefits of it safely and without any unnecessary side effects.

5. Store Your Gummies In A Cool, Dry Place

Store your CBD gummies in a cool, dry place to maximize their effectiveness and longevity. Excess heat or moisture will force it out of the gummy, reducing its concentration and making it less effective. 

Store them at room temperature for best results, ideally in an air-tight container like a food jar or baggie. Be sure to keep your container away from direct sunlight, as long periods of exposure to direct sunlight can quickly degrade the potency of your gummies. These simple steps will help you get the most out of your gummies and enjoy their effects for many years.

The Recommended Dosage Of CBD Gummies For Beginners

When it comes to taking CBD gummies, it is vital to start small and go slow. The recommended dosage for beginners is typically one 10 mg gummy daily. This dosage allows the body to adjust to the new supplement while providing the desired effects. 

Additionally, you may consider using a mini dose to start - by breaking or cutting a 10 mg gummy into halves or quarters for a 5 mg or 2.5 mg dosage, respectively. When increasing your daily intake of Cannabidiol, it is vital that you do so slowly over an extended time; this will ensure that you experience all of the potential therapeutic benefits safely and healthily.

Why Should Beginners Consume CBD Gummies?

CBD gummies are an ideal choice for beginners who are interested in exploring the potential benefits of cannabidiol. They are easy to consume, taste great, and are discreet. Many present-day products have been developed with specific health issues or wellness concerns in mind and come in various capacities, making it simpler to find one most suited to the individual's needs. 

Internally produced cannabinoids and endocannabinoids play a critical role in regulating many functions and processes, including development, anxiety levels, sleep regulation, and more. Therefore, consuming cannabinoid products, including the gummies, may help maintain balance throughout your body's system.

Things Beginners Should Keep In Mind Before Consuming CBD Gummies

As CBD gummies become increasingly popular, potential consumers should be mindful of several considerations. 

One of the most critical factors is to only purchase these products from reliable sources, ideally with third-party tests to assure the safety and quality of the product. 

Additionally, those considering taking it should consult a medical professional, as it might not be suitable for specific medical conditions or medications. 

Furthermore, it's essential to understand the form of CBD in each gummy; i.e., full-spectrum CBD offers different effects than broad-spectrum or isolate.

Bottom Line

CBD gummies are becoming increasingly popular for their various health benefits, including improving sleep quality, reducing pain and inflammation, fighting against cancer cells, and improving sleep quality. They have an incredibly positive effect on overall mental wellness. These gummies are an excellent choice to improve your health without using drugs or other substances with potential side effects.

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Tuesday, December 06, 2022

Menopause: Testosterone Is Not The Enemy!

Also in this article:

  • Menopause and Women's Aging Process
  • Testosterone and Menopause
  • How to Improve Your Overall Hormonal Health
  • Sum Up
  • 4 Key Takeaways

Menopause and Women's Aging Process

It's normal to be curious about improving your quality of life during menopause. After all, this is a time when your hormone levels are changing, and you may be experiencing uncomfortable symptoms like:

  • Hot flashes
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Irregular periods
  • Chills
  • Night sweats
  • Weight gain

Usually, this process starts at age 45 to 55 for most women with the so-called peri-menopause. It can be hard to keep track of everything going on with your body during menopause—especially if you're also dealing with other health issues like heart disease or osteoporosis. We're here to help! In this post, we'll explore some factors that can make a difference for women going through menopause.

Testosterone And Menopause

There is a common misconception that when women go through menopause, their testosterone levels are high, which is why they are uncomfortable. However, it is quite the opposite! Both men and women suffer a decline of about 50% in their testosterone levels over the course of their life. Low testosterone levels result in low libido, less bone density, and a lack of energy in women. When testosterone drops along with estrogen and progesterone (which is the case of menopausal women), then these symptoms can develop into osteoporosis, chronic fatigue and depression.  

Therefore, it is not a surprise that research has shown the benefits of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) in menopausal women. Scientists have found that the "male hormone" can have a beneficial effect on menopausal women by improving their sex drive, energy levels, and mood. Since testosterone is a forerunner of estrogen, it improves the latter's production of the "female hormone" and therefore decreases the intensity of symptoms experienced by women in menopausal age. 

That being said, if you're a menopausal or perimenopausal woman worrying that your testosterone levels may be too high, and blaming this hormone for your discomfort, stop. Testosterone is actually a friend in your situation. However, too much of anything can be harmful, so first look into hormone testing from Private MD Labs to fully understand your hormones. These results will give you enough information to discuss treatment options with your doctor. 

How To Improve Your Overall Hormonal Health

Good eating habits are essential to improving your hormonal (and overall) health. Eating a well-balanced diet, exercising often, and getting enough good quality sleep are all needed to optimize your hormones in any life stage. These tips can be a starting point to improve your habits:

  • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables contain vitamins and minerals essential for overall health and hormone production. 
  • Prioritize whole grain foods, like brown rice, whole wheat bread, beans, chickpeas, etc. Foods that are high in fiber have proven to be anti-inflammatory, which will improve your hormonal response. 
  • Exercise regularly. Working out 4-6 times weekly, including strength training and cardio sessions, is optimal. This will improve your muscle mass and heart health and release chemicals that aid in hormone regulation. 
  • Some hormones have production peaks at night. Get good sleep, for at least 7 hours every night.

You already know how beneficial it is to lead a healthy lifestyle. However, even when you're following every healthy rule, your hormones might still be out of whack. If that is the case, Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) could help alleviate your symptoms. Testosterone has been proven to be a good option for both men and women in their older years. Get your blood tested, speak to your doctor, and find the best option for your needs. 

To Sum Up

Menopause is a normal part of the aging process for women, but it isn't free of uncomfortable symptoms. Many women will jump the gun and blame their discomfort on testosterone, but the reality is that all hormones decline during this time, including said "male hormone." Women that are going through menopause can actually benefit from TRT and HRT with estrogen. Lifestyle changes are also helpful for hormone production and regulation. Hormone testing is an important part of your healthcare; you can look into Private MD Labs, where you can get your tests at affordable prices. Speaking to your doctor about results and treatment options is the first step in alleviating your menopause symptoms. 

4 Key Takeaways

1. Testosterone is not the cause of menopausal symptoms.

2. TRT and HRT can help women alleviate some of their menopause symptoms when done under the surveillance of a professional and with regular blood testing.

3. Lifestyle changes (such as eating nutritiously, exercising regularly, and improving your sleeping patterns) can benefit hormonal health and should be considered even if you're on TRT or HRT. 

4. Hormone testing is an important step in your menopause monitoring and treatment, and can be done through Private MD Labs at an affordable price. 

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Monday, December 05, 2022

Travel CPAP for Everyday Use?

If you’re facing OSA (obstructive sleep apnea), a CPAP machine can help you out by providing relaxation and soothing. We can observe all of the disturbing causes and routines that affect all sleep patterns. A more revolutionary idea could transform the way sleep apnea is treated.

 In recent years, all portable travel CPAP machines rapidly gained popularity, and many people use these machines for therapy. Suppose you’re searching for a portable therapy machine for sleep apnea, a CPAP machine is one of the best options. According to the latest research, it is also very effective, and especially for travelers, it will provide the best experience while on the road. This fantastic product provides excellent ease of transportation where needed.

Importance of CPAP Machine:

This device is considered the best therapy machine for sleep apnea patients. For healthy sleep, you can rely on the travel CPAP machines because you can manage it during traveling and  make it easier. This is a convenient, small, lightweight machine with extraordinary features.

If you are on your road trip, it is easily plugged into the car’s auxiliary power outlet. The well-matched DC converters will offer the battery an extended lifetime. The extensive life of the battery is especially beneficial for road trips. But on the other hand, if you want to travel by air FAA, TSA-approved CPAP devices are available for sleep apnea patients.

Would A Travel CPAP Benefit Me?

As we know, every gadget, like a travel CPAP machine, has some benefits, but it has some limitations. People with sleep apnea commonly use continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) devices. These extraordinary devices offer an established flow of pressurized air to keep the throat open during sleep. Advancing in a travel CPAP device would be valuable for those who often travel.

  • This gadget makes traveling more convenient and easy. On the other side, it covers a small area of space with its regular size.
  • Moreover, various travel CPAP devices come with rechargeable batteries, so you don’t have to worry about finding an outlet and plugging it in a while on the go.
  • Thirdly, it has less weight: a maximum of one to two pounds.

Can A Travel CPAP Be Used Daily?


Camping with CPAP Machine

Camping with the CPAP machine is becoming more common and is considered important for apnea patients. This will provide great soothing and comfort while you explore nature and want to enjoy the best outdoors. For easy transportation, this is a more compact and lightweight machine.

Using your home machine can be challenging because of the power requirements and size. A Travel CPAP makes it easier with its smaller size, battery-powered competencies, and ability to connect to 12V or 24V vehicle batteries. 

 Moreover, some models come with additional features like a heated humidifier that helps reduce dry mouth caused by traditional CPAP machines. 

Is a Travel CPAP Machine Worth It?

Definitely, it's worth it for you if you're a regular traveler. The portable travel CPAP machine is more valuable and admirable, but on the contrary, sleep apnea symptoms come back without CPAP therapy.

Here we discussed dome valuable facts and advantages of a travel CPAP machine.

Small Size And Light Weight:

Most travel CPAP machines are tiny; their estimated size is approximately the size of the palm, and it’s too lightweight. The weight of this machine is also less than 2 pounds, but the minimum weight is in ounces. You can carry this machine everywhere and keep it in your luggage.

Remarkable Power Options  

AC and DC acceptance CPAPs are present in the market; mainly, CPAP easily accesses DC power without any adapter or mostly come with USB ports. Some tools automatically detect 100V and 240V.

Portable Humidifier/Waterless Humidification: 

There’s no water and drops in the CPAP because of the new high advance technology of humidifiers. It’s much safer for all travelers, especially those who have traveled a long time, and now they don’t need to hold the pack of bottles and wander here and there for water.

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Thursday, November 10, 2022

Restore Your Hair with These Hair Care Tips

Sick and tired of having bad hair days? 

Having thin, dull or lifeless hair is a common complaint but few people know how to resolve it. While genetics play a role in the hair you have, there are lots of other factors that determine the health of your hair including the products you use and the weather. 

Use these tips below to achieve healthier, shiner and fuller hair. Achieving the hair of your dreams will be easier than you think if you just follow these tips! 

Hair Care Tips

1. Use quality products 

You can’t have healthy hair if you don’t start with the proper base. In order to build voluminous and healthy strands, you need to invest in quality products. Sulfates and parabens are used to increase the strength of your hair but they can cause skin irritations over time. 

Capillus are hair care experts and they offer a number of products that will help you achieve your healthiest hair. Their clinical hair therapy products use only the best ingredients designed to gently cleanse and moisturize hair and exfoliate your scalp. You’ll achieve better hair or get your money back! 

The best part? You can even save on your next purchase by using a promo code. Just grab a wholesome Capillus coupon code from this page and start saving! 

2. Wash your hair regularly 

If you want to enjoy healthy hair, you'll have to wash your hair regularly. Washing your hair on a regular basis will ensure that your scalp stays healthy and your hair is free from dirt and excess oil. Your hair washing schedule will depend on your own hair type. 

If you have dry hair, you may want to limit your hair washing to a few times a week. If you have oily hair, you can alternate days you wash your hair.

3. Use your conditioner correctly 

Conditioner is important to healthy hair. The ingredients contained in conditioner will keep your hair healthy and more manageable. It also protects your hair from environmental factors and the heat from styling. 

However, you want to make sure that you only apply conditioner to the tips of your hair. That will prevent your hair from building excess oil. You also want to make sure you properly rinse off all your conditioner after application. 

4. Oil your hair

Did you know that pre-shampoo treatments like hair oil can improve circulation to your scalp and actually stimulate hair growth? That’s right, applying oil to your hair can dramatically improve your hair’s texture by restoring moisture and repairing split ends. 

You can choose from almond, coconut, castor or olive oil. Just make sure that you avoid applying any mineral oil to your hair. 

5. Use the right comb 

When your hair is wet, it’s prone to breakage. If your hair is wet, you should only use a wide-toothed comb to brush your hair. This will keep your hair healthy, prevent breakage and prevent split ends. 

6. Avoid styling with heat

One of the easiest ways to damage your hair is to use too much heat. Styling your hair with heat can damage it over time and lead to split ends. As much as possible you should always try to wear a natural style that you can achieve without relying on heat styling.

If you must use heat to style your hair, you should always apply a heat protectant oil or spray beforehand. This will create a barrier around your hair follicles and protect them from damage. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed these hair care tips and that they help you achieve the hair of your dreams! If you’re looking for even more advice, check out these hair care and scalp tips from the American Academy of Dermatology. 

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Wednesday, November 09, 2022

Has medicine failed women?

A lot has happened in the last few years. Where once we were very stiff-upper-lip about the common cold, we now back away the moment we hear someone coughing. This knee-jerk response reflects the way that our health, and the importance of looking after ourselves, has been at the forefront since March 2020.

However, while we might have a very different view of our personal wellbeing today compared with three years ago, one thing has remained both before and after the onset of the pandemic: the attitudes towards women’s health.

In 2019, we were having discussions about how women were being ignored by medical professionals. Symptoms were being disregarded and health issues were poorly researched. Today, there remain issues around women being believed and treated properly by medical staff.

According to research conducted by Bolt Burdon Kemp, there is a worrying lack of knowledge about women's health, especially reproductive health. This lack of knowledge has led to many cases of misdiagnosis and mistreatment, resulting in medical negligence claims being made.

So, how have we reached this point? And what happens next?

Myths and gender roles

Myths and the roles women play in society are the last things you want to think are a factor in how medical treatment is administered. But worryingly, there seems to be biases and preconceptions that persist.

Women have historically been considered ‘hysterical’, especially when discussing their mental or physical health. In fact, the term ‘hysteria’ comes from the Greek word for womb, making this a very female attribute. While this term has been left in the past, women continue to be dismissed based on their symptoms being down to hormones - often, when there’s a medical issue that needs to be addressed.

One area where the difference between men and women’s health is stark is when discussing sexual health. There’s an irony in the fact that the male contraceptive pill hasn’t been given the green light due to the side effects experienced – many of which women on similar contraceptives live with daily.
There are also many reports of women actively requesting to have their tubes tied – also known a tubal ligation – and doctors refusing for various reasons.

They’ll be asked invasive questions just to be sure that this is what they want. When placed side-by-side with reports of men who have requested a vasectomy, it becomes clear that women’s sexual health is very much in the hands of the medical professionals.

Poor funding for research

As well as the different assumptions in place, there are also discrepancies in funding for research. For instance, back in 2019, it was revealed that five times more research goes into erectile dysfunction, which affects 19% of men, than into premenstrual syndrome, which affects 90% of women.

This imbalance means that symptoms that women are presenting with aren’t necessarily being picked up as a certain illness or condition, simply because the research isn’t there to support what the condition could be. Instead, misdiagnosis is more likely as medical professionals don’t know enough about the alternatives. This, in turn, can have negative consequences for women who are already in pain.

Poor inclusion

As well as clinical research being out of reach, there’s a lack of women on the medical teams who are doing the research. Representation matters – especially in labs where studies are being carried out. By having more women on these teams, it’s more likely that the balance will shift in favour of ploughing funding into women’s health issues.   

Negative healthcare outcomes

Women’s healthcare outcomes are already lower than they should be. When we look into this further, it becomes clear that there are discrepancies if you’re a BAME woman. For instance, if you’re a Black woman, you’re four times more likely to die in pregnancy.

There’s already an equality gap in healthcare. But when we drill down into the details, race also plays its part.

Things must change. Women are being repeatedly let down by medical professionals, with their conditions worsening unnecessarily and their lives being severely impacted. It’s more than ‘just hormones’; it’s genuine suffering and it can’t be overlooked anymore.

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Monday, November 07, 2022

LASIK Surgery in Istanbul

Istanbul has remained one of the world's centers for health tourism in recent years, and its reputation is rising quickly. The city of Istanbul stands out in the field of health tourism for a variety of reasons, including plastic surgery, hair transplantation, and many more. Eye operations are one of these factors.  LASIK surgery, which has continued to increase its popularity in the field of medicine in recent years and is the focus of this article, continues to attract a large number of health tourists to Istanbul. What is LASIK eye surgery and why do people fly there to have LASIK surgery in Istanbul?

What is LASIK eye surgery?

Patients who need to use glasses or contact lenses because of eye conditions can undergo LASIK surgery in Istanbul to achieve clear vision without using glasses or contact lenses. LASIK is a procedure that uses laser beams to treat eye problems. In Turkey as well as the rest of the world, LASIK surgery is the most popular and effective type of laser eye surgery.

In order for the patient's vision to be clear, the rays coming into the eye must be properly refracted and focused on the retina. This focusing process is done by the cornea and lens in our eyes.  Light cannot be refracted properly in eyes with refractive problems, resulting in a blurry vision. LASIK eye surgeries are used for the treatment of this vision disorder.

During LASIK surgery, you lie on your back in a reclining chair. To make you more relaxed, you could be given drugs. Your surgeon uses a tool to hold your eyelids open after placing the numbing drops in your eye. Your eye surgeon removes a tiny, movable flap from the front of your eye using a cutting laser. Folding back the flap gives your doctor access to the part of your cornea to be reshaped.  Your surgeon uses a computer-controlled laser to reshape portions of your cornea. The laser beam removes a tiny bit of corneal tissue with each pulse. The surgeon repositions the flap after shaping the cornea. Usually, no stitches are required for the flap to heal after the operation. You will be instructed to focus on a point of light throughout the procedure. Looking at this light helps keep your eye still while the laser reshapes your cornea.  If you need LASIK surgery on both eyes, doctors will usually do both operations on the same day.

What types of eye conditions are treated with LASIK surgery?

LASIK surgery is used to correct vision defects such as myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism.   Contact lenses and glasses are also used to treat these sight problems. However, the patient's vision becomes blurry if no lenses or glasses are worn. The patient is therefore dependent on his or her glasses and lenses. With LASIK surgery, the need for glasses and contact lenses is eliminated.

Why should we prefer to have LASIK surgery in Istanbul?

As it has been mentioned many times in the previous sections, the city of Istanbul, due to its expert and experienced doctors, continues to be a highly preferred address for patients who want to have LASIK surgery for many years and find it difficult to choose the right surgeon for them. The affordable prices are also one of the important reasons for preferring to have LASIK surgery in Istanbul.

If you have one or more of the vision disorders mentioned above and do not want to live the rest of your life dependent on glasses or lenses, the best choice for you may be having LASIK surgery in Istanbul.

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