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Best Apps to Monitor your Health – Why you should have these?

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With technological growth occurring in different sectors, our lives have become easier and more convenient. One major sector that has been showing a significant improvement is the health sector, which has benefitted from the development of technology, the internet, and the development of smart devices.

Even though it may seem like maintaining a healthy lifestyle is straightforward, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. It takes more effort than you would think to maintain a balanced lifestyle. Some ways to achieve a healthy lifestyle are:

1. Exercising

2. Eating healthy 

3. Resting your mind and body

Additionally, almost everything can be found in the form of mobile applications now. There are many health apps available for us to use and easily maintain a healthier lifestyle while running busy routines. In managing and modifying our lives, health apps are super helpful. All you need is the access of the internet to download and integrate these apps into your life. For such usage of the internet, it is important to have a smooth connection, for which you can try Suddenlink en español, providing you with an easy and reliable connection for daily efficiency in all activities related to the internet, browse, stream, and download without worries about the budget or its reliability.  

Read on to learn more about what this article has in store for you as we have listed some mobile health applications for you to make use of them and live a healthier life.

1. Headspace:

There is more to a healthy life than medicines and exercise. Meditating is a very important element of a healthy lifestyle and this is where headspace plays a role. Headspace is a meditation-based application that will help you in boosting your mood and put you in a calm mindset. Research has proven that meditation will not only lower your stress levels but also make you happier. The app consists of a wide range of initiatives to help you sleep or deal with anxiety. It is available for both Android and IOS users. 

2. HealthTap:

There is no doubt that Google has been our one-stop for every query when we are experiencing any symptoms. HealthTap offers to answer your query regarding any symptoms with the right prescriptions and advice. When you have a particular ache or pain, using the HealthTap application will allow you to connect with any real doctor who can respond to your health-related queries can put you to ease. You can stop worrying about visiting a clinic for a simple diagnosis by connecting with a physician from the comfort of your phone. 

3. Fooducate:

Food is a very important factor that has a huge impact on our healthy lifestyle. A proper and nutritious diet is extremely important if we wish to stay fit and live a healthy life. Not everybody is aware of the basic knowledge regarding what food should be consumed and which should be avoided in order to stay fit. Fooducate is here to help us with it. 

4. Aaptive:

Aaptive is a mobile application that offers you thousands of workouts. You can now do workouts in the comfort of your home, gym or any other place and easily attain your fitness objectives. The workout videos also include voice guidance from the trainers so you can seek help from them too. Aaptive offers you experiences like a one-on-one class so you can set your goals high on your fitness journey. 

5. Sleep Cycle:

Your sleeping cycle plays a huge role in your fitness journey. Not getting enough sleep can really imbalance your healthy lifestyle hence, it is really important for you to get the right amount of sleep. An improper sleeping schedule can cause trouble in balancing your hormones, and maintaining your blood sugar levels and cause other issues in your body. The app will help you keep track of your sleep and monitor your sleeping heart rate.

How to pick the Right App?

Picking the right application can be a hassle for you. You need to consider a few essential points when you are willing to take your healthy life journey to the next level.

1. Match your objectives: 

Naturally, you would want to pick the app that fulfils the required criteria you are looking for in an app. 

2. Provides useful information:

Fact-checking is important before you implement something on yourself. Make sure you have an evidence-based application so that you do not get caught up in some health trouble.

3. Is Cost-Effective:

Although there are a lot of apps that offer free services if you are looking to invest further in a health-related application, ensure it does fall out of your budget and is worth the money. 


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is very important and to monitor your health-related queries, you may need assistance with some applications. The above-mentioned apps will help you in that regard. 

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