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6 Reasons to Choose Nursing As a Second Career

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A second career comes in handy if you’re dissatisfied with your current role or organization or your priorities suddenly change. It may also be an option if you desire a salary raise or more flexibility in work-life balance. Besides helping you attain professional and personal accomplishment, a second career also lets you establish a financial safety net. While there are numerous second careers to consider, nursing is one of the top options. Discussed below are six reasons to choose nursing as a second career.

1. Rising demand for nurses

Statistics suggest an annual average of 194,500 openings for registered nurses between 2020 and 2030. This rise in demand is associated with:

  • Nursing professional shortages: Retirement of nurses and a shortage of professionals with nursing skills significantly contribute to the high demand for nurses
  • Aging population: An increase in the aging population comes with a high development of chronic illnesses that nurses are best suited to address, creating a shortage
  • Increased healthcare access: The Affordable Care Act made it easier for more people to access healthcare, significantly increasing the need for more nurses

The increasing demand for nurses results in more job openings, creating job security. If you wish to study nursing in Idaho or any other state, look for certified courses to enroll in. Once you complete your education, acquire the relevant licensure, and fulfill other relevant requirements to work as a nurse.

2.  Job flexibility

Nursing is among the few careers that provide numerous flexibility opportunities, including:

  • Specialization: Many specialty options in nursing offer opportunities to work in hospital settings and beyond, including management, research, and more. You can specialize in family care, emergency medicine, or any other area of interest
  • Workplace settings: Nursing gives you the flexibility to work in different settings, such as doctor’s offices, hospitals, outpatient practices, schools, and home health services. If you decide to work in a hospital setting, you can find opportunities in specialty facilities like mental health and rehabilitation or medical facilities. You can also work in legal offices, insurance companies, managed care organizations
  • Scheduling: Healthcare facilities should be staffed 24/7. To ensure the most precise scheduling, these facilities base their days off and work shifts on the expected demand

3. Career advancement opportunities

A nursing career offers numerous advancement opportunities and the alternative to work in various fields. Advancing your nursing education can help you progress to managerial or advanced practice clinical roles. Progressing your nursing career comes with:

  • New challenges
  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Higher salaries

Acquiring specialized nursing certifications can help progress your profession. 

4. Nursing can be highly rewarding

Although nursing can be challenging, it’s one of the most fulfilling and rewarding fields. Caring for patients and being with them in their healing journey can be fulfilling. As a nurse, you get a lot of satisfaction by making a difference in patients’ lives. 

5. Positive work-life balance 

While nursing is challenging, it provides an excellent work-life balance. Flexible scheduling choices in most organizations, such as full-time, part-time, and travel roles, allow nursing professionals to select the work schedule that best aligns with their personal commitments and lifestyles.

You can also find career progression opportunities that match the work-life balance you desire. For instance, a nurse can pursue research, case management, or nursing education positions, which usually provide fewer on-call hours and more predictable work schedules. 

6. Attractive financial benefits 

Nursing offers competitive financial benefits, making it suitable as a second career. Registered nurses earn an average hourly rate of $43.94 in the U.S., plus $12,000 in overtime a year. Beyond the standard pay, a nurse’s total compensation can be enhanced by performance bonuses, profit-sharing programs, and retirement plans. 


Nursing is a perfect second career option for anyone seeking a flexible work-life balance and professional fulfillment. The career has a high demand for skilled professionals and offers exceptional job flexibility. The profession’s advancement opportunities and attractive financial benefits make nursing an ideal second career.

Amy Wilson is a passionate health writer dedicated to making complex medical topics accessible and engaging and covers a wide range of topics from nutrition and fitness to mental health and wellness.

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