Wednesday, January 06, 2021

The 5 Top Benefits of Laser Therapy

Using laser treatment for cosmetic purposes started in 1963 when American surgeon Leon Goldman pioneered laser applications for dermatological conditions. The developments and clinical applications of lasers for cosmetic purposes soon followed.

Getting laser treatment sounds daunting, mainly due to the lack of information about it. But laser treatment, if you have skin conditions you want to repair, may be the right choice. The treatment is quick and easy and will give your skin a new lease of life, so to speak.

Should you get laser treatment?

If there are extenuating circumstances, getting laser treatment may be the right solution. Laser treatment is versatile, and there are several conditions that only laser treatment can achieve, using different types of lasers. It can be combined with other treatments. It can also be used on all skin types. Therefore, if you are bothered by skin concerns, be sure to consult with a certified dermatologist. If you want to know more, visit

Lasers emit high-intensity light, and they are capable of accurately focusing on small spots. The laser beam gently ablates or vaporises the skin tissues to treat cut skin tissue, seal blood vessels, remove blemishes and scars, and smooth out wrinkles. The treatment directs short and intense pulsating light beams on the skin, removing the blemished skin layer by layer.

What do lasers treat?

Dermatologists say that laser treatment is effective and safe for treating the following conditions:

  • Unwanted hair
  • Sunspots
  • Skin laxity
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Uneven pigmentation
  • Spider veins
  • Brown and red spots

Benefits of getting laser treatments

Lasers are effective because they can accurately send the hyper-focused light energy to a specific area, even if it is small. With its capability to micro-direct the treatment, it does not damage the surrounding tissues. Here are some of its benefits:

  • 1. Medical aesthetics technology provides controlled strength and accuracy. Its ability to accurately target deep layers of tissue below the skin's surface is considered the most effective type of treatment for certain conditions.
  • 2. It can bring back the glow of your skin. Getting spa treatments leaves your skin clean and hydrated. In contrast, laser treatments rejuvenate your skin from the surface to several layers underneath. Laser treatments resurface, rejuvenate and tighten your skin, making it feel and look younger.  
  • 3. Laser treatment is non-invasive. Compared to cosmetic surgery, laser surgery does not require a long recovery time. You will not face the risk of blood loss, infection and nerve damage. Being non-invasive, there is downtime, and you can see the results immediately. You can have a photofacial (laser skin rejuvenation) during your lunch break if you wish.
  • 4. Laser treatment can remove unwanted tattoos. Aside from the list of services you can get, you can also use laser treatment to remove that tattoo you want to erase from your memory.
  • 5. Removes skin blemishes. Laser treatment can permanently remove acne scars and other blemishes on your skin.

The skin is the most visible and largest part of the body. Your skin protects you, and being visible, it is exposed to pollutants, dust, dirt, harsh products and other environmental hazards. If you have blemishes and other skin conditions that creams and other topical treatments cannot remove, you might find a better solution by getting laser treatment. 


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