Thursday, March 01, 2018

Tactics to Get More Facebook Likes

The relationship between businesses and potential clients in healthcare and other sectors begins with an “A”; Attention. You can post all of the ads in the world and glam it up with text and graphics but if it doesn't get anyone's attention, then it's merely online noise. There are so many ads being posted online that it has become quite a challenge to get yours to stand out and the random Facebook user to stop and give your page a Like.

The social media giant has over two billion account owners and it offers a huge opportunity for businesses to reach their target market. Research shows that there are around sixty million business pages that exist on Facebook which increases the competition for Facebook Likes.

One may ask, why are these Likes so important? Well, these Likes are crucial elements in your company's Facebook marketing strategy. Having a lot of Likes on Facebook shows people that your business is popular and boosts engagement with your audience. For more tips, read on:

Who Do You Want to Talk To?
When we talk to children, we change the way we speak because we want them to understand us. This is the reason why, before creating a business page on Facebook, you need to identify your target market first. Do you want to appeal to a more mature demographic? Professionals? Millennials? Parents? Single ladies? There are tones, words, and ways of communicating to your target market. While working on your marketing strategy, you also need to think of ways to get Likes or endorsements from influencers or accounts that already have a huge fan base. They will bring the best value to your business. Also pay attention to the accounts Liking your page. Do they interact or participate regularly with your page? Or are they simply passing by? This is important to observe because if the Likes you receive are just a one-shot deal, you may need to go back to the drawing board.

Know How to Design Your Facebook Business Page

Now that you've identified your target market, it's time to know how to design your page. It’s important that the colors and images you upload represent your brand. Business pages that look boring or don’t grab people’s attention won't gain many Likes at all. Entice the online visitors to read your posts, browse the albums, watch the videos, and Like your page. Be prepared to answer questions sent to your inbox as Facebook informs visitors how responsive a business page is or not. People are easily turned off when it takes more than a day for business pages to answer their questions.

It's All About Consistency
A lot of Facebook business pages make the mistake of uploading profile and cover photos that have absolutely nothing to do with their brand. Remember, everything that appears on your business page reflects your brand so think twice before uploading anything. The last thing you want to do is to confuse people. Appeal to your target market by being consistent with the photos that you upload and the words that you use. If your company has a logo, use that as your profile picture. If there's a product that you want to feature, then by all means, use it as your cover photo. Be creative. Put yourself in the shoes of the page visitor. Does your page grab their attention? Will it be easy for them to navigate around your page? Is it visually appealing? Will the layout make them want to hit the Like button?

Call to Action

For obvious reasons, your business page needs to have a call to action button, in other words, the Like button. This is a teeny tiny detail, but you can lose opportunities to gain Likes if you neglect this. If you want people to Like your page, then that blue Like button should be visible. Today, everything is about instant gratification and people are not exactly keen on rotating their mobile devices to find the Like button.

Choose a Page Name That's Easy to Find
When you create a business page, think of a name that's 1) connected to your brand and 2) easy to recall. Keep it short and sweet so people can easily find you. Facebook assigns random numbers on the URL to fresh business pages so don't forget to edit this. Replace it with your business name, and if you discover that someone else is using the same name, change things up a bit by adding your current location or the word “official” to make the distinction.

Pin What's Interesting
More often than not, you'll notice that some of your posts are getting high quality engagements from visitors and loyal customers. Don't let those Likes go to waste; pin the post on your page to maximize its visibility. Ask an Facebook expert at if you need assistance with this. Pinned posts stay right at the top of your page so it can easily be seen whenever people visit your page.

Embed Facebook Posts on your Website
One way to link your business page and your website is through embedding. This means people won't just see a button that directs page visitors to your business Facebook page, they will see an entire post embedded on your website. To do this, just click on the three dots located at the upper right corner of the post that you want to embed. You will be given a code that you can copy and paste on the HTML of your website. People who click on the embedded post will be taken to your business Facebook page, presenting an opportunity for additional Likes!

Getting more Likes on Facebook does not have to be complicated. The steps needed are very simple. You just need to observe the behavior of your target market, find out what appeals to them, give solutions to the problems they present and keep up with the latest trends on Facebook.

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