Tuesday, February 27, 2018

3 Toxic Issues You Didn't Know are Linked to Your Overall Health

It is easy to think that your health relies completely on your medical practitioner but that is not the case. Health is an all-encompassing issue that must be addressed a number of ways. The following are three toxic things Australians need to pay attention to, even though they may not seem health-related.

1. Bullying
Bullying is definitely something parents and children worry about, but they may not stress how damaging this act can be. What is worse is the bullying phenomena has expanded beyond school yards or parks. Kids, teenagers, and even adults are exposed to bullying in various ways, like through social media.

This kind of taunting has been linked to a number of long-term health issues that should concern everyone, such as obesity, drug abuse, and overall poor health choices. Parents, employers, and other people in positions of power need to nurture a culture that does not allow bullying or addresses it firmly to prevent these types of outcomes. People should consider constructive confrontation and contacting the Australian Human Rights Commission to report the incident.

2. Financial Problems

Financial stress may not seem related to health, but this feeling can lead to a number of psychological and physical manifestations that no one should have to deal with. At the moment, more people are considering letting go of their private care insurance because premiums are too high. This is no good since the overall health of a family depends on continual attention to preventative care amongst other factors.

The problem is that some people are simply not aware of other good and affordable options. For example, a family can compare health funds from good member-owned private insurance companies. These companies are normally non-profit organizations, which means members get to save on their premiums. The number of options available is growing, giving people the opportunity to compare options until they find one that meets their needs. This is one effective way to fight the financial stress high premiums cause families.

3. Boredom
It is likely that boredom is not the first thing that pops into the mind when thinking about overall health but it should. A study shows how those who suffered from boredom were often linked to more heart attacks compared to those who were less bored. Now, this does not mean boredom needs to be demonized because it is only a specific type that is hurtful to a person called reactant boredom.

The reason this specific feeling is so destructive is because the person that feels it normally links it to additional negative feelings like stress, anger, and restlessness. These types of feelings may lead some of these individuals to pick up bad habits, such as smoking or other destructive behavior like eating junk food.

It should be noted that there is a second kind of boredom usually referred to as the indifferent form, which may lead people to be more creative through daydreaming. Being aware of this issue should help some be more equipped to deal with it. For example, healthier snacks can be kept at home instead of junk food, or exercises like yoga can help fill in those boring moments.

You may not think a health care practitioner can help you deal with some of these issues but that is not the case. Health care specialists are aware of the problems that could affect a patient's overall health. Do not be afraid to discuss some of your fears or concerns with him or her to figure out a solution together. All of these points may make health care feel overwhelming, but just try to remember that improving your quality of life really has everything to do with finding as much joy as possible.

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