Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Moving Mountains Together Through Faith

If you are struggling with a substance abuse problem and need help, a residential treatment center is often the best solution. Inpatient treatment allows you to recover in a safe environment, free from outside distractions. You will have the opportunity to learn tools and strategies to help you deal with cravings, and to learn life skills that will help you cope with life on life's terms.

Spiritual Growth And Recovery

A lack of spiritual connection may alternatively be thought of as a cause or a symptom of addiction. It's true that for those in the midst of the struggle, the feelings of loneliness, disconnection and desperation can make recovery seem impossible. You may be feeling alone, ashamed and desperate.

For many people, the solution lies in uncovering and nurturing a spiritual connection that builds faith and offers solutions through a closer connection with that faith. A Christian rehab center is an ideal way to achieve this.

Christian rehab centers offer the best of evidence-based addiction treatment while nurturing the spirit. Many are twelve step based, and offer a combination of clinical and spiritual counseling which may include one-on-one sessions with on-site clergy, bible study and prayer groups and weekly church services as well as topic-based group counseling, substance abuse education and twelve step meetings.

Issues Faced By Christians Who Suffer From Addiction

Most people who face substance abuse problems will also find themselves feeling guilt and shame, but for those of faith, these powerful feelings are often magnified. Many will feel abandoned, unworthy and unable to access or draw comfort from their faith. This is not only an addiction crisis, but also a crisis of faith. By getting help from a rehab with a strong Christian message to share, and counselors who understand and can offer support and guidance from a Christian perspective.

Christian Rehab Is Real

Some people may wonder if a Christian rehab offers the same benefits as a non-secular rehab. The answer is yes. These are credentialed, professional facilities. Staff members are certified and knowledgeable about addiction and treatment practices. What you get with a Christian rehab is quality care that also offers faith-based teachings, support and practices. For many people who have struggled with addiction, their faith and Christian beliefs are integral to their recovery. Not only that, but the support they gain from a Christian fellowship that understands their struggles is an invaluable source of support they are able to draw on.

Another advantage to Christian rehab centers is that they don't just treat the addiction, they treat the whole person. More and more, addiction professionals are realizing the addiction isn't just about the lack of ability to stop using drugs. There are underlying issues and crisis that must be addressed in order for recovery to take place. People have needs for fulfillment and connection, and many turn to substance abuse to fill their need to belong, to fit in and to be a part of something. They also turn to substance abuse to cover up pain, or to help them cope with the feelings of loneliness, anxiety and depression that they feel. Christian rehab centers offer a more holistic treatment that addresses these often overlooked issues that can keep people from achieving sobriety in the long term.

If you are seeking relief from active addiction, a Christian rehab center may be the solution you need. It's important to understand that Christian rehab isn't something that should be forced on someone who doesn't want it. While there are other options that can be explored, many people have finally found the help and healing they need through Christian rehab.

This is a blog post by Joyce Kim.

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