Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Healthy Holiday Advice for Over 65s

When someone crosses the retirement age threshold, organising and undertaking travel can become quite complex. There can be more issues, health concerns and costs, as well as additional planning and research before booking. Therefore, there are extra precautions for an elderly traveller to take when going on holiday.

Seek Doctor's Advice

This is one of the most important factors for elderly travelers. Discussing a pre-existing condition with a doctor will allow the individual to be prepared and know if there are any extra precautions that they should take. In addition, it may be wise to discuss possible destinations and travel options before booking.

For over 65s that have a heart condition, it is advised to avoid destinations that are at a high altitude, due to the lower level of oxygen. There are also precautions to take when flying – in extreme cases a doctor may even advise to avoid air travel – as there is an increased risk of blood clots in the legs.

It is also wise to stock up on medication and take a larger quantity on holiday than is required, in case of delays. It is always best to carry medication in hand luggage, as it will still be on hand if baggage goes missing. Also keep a note of any tablets and treatment in your wallet/purse, in case of an emergency.

Appropriate Travel Insurance

For many younger travelers, finding and purchasing travel insurance can be a quick and painless process, but for the over 65s, there are more things to consider. In the majority of cases, basic cover will not be sufficient.

Due to the increased risk of injury, accident and illness associated with older individuals, those over 65 are often faced with higher travel insurance premiums. There are cheaper prices, but the most important thing is to find appropriate insurance that covers any pre-existing illness as well as a high level of emergency medical cost.

Healthy on Holiday

Holiday destinations often mean extreme temperatures, whether colossal heat or snowy climates. Therefore it is incredibly important for travelers aged over 65 to take extra care of themselves.

It is essential that elderly holiday makers drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated, avoid too much alcohol as it is an ant diuretic, protect against extreme weather with hats and sunglasses, make healthy food choices and use sun cream. For extra information, Age UK have a wealth of tips for elderly travelers.

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