Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Latest Non Surgical Weight Loss Trends to try in 2017

The obesity crisis is looming each year a little more, with now over 30% of the people on the planet either obese or overweight, according to a recent study by the New England Journal of Medicine.

This crisis is bringing many individuals considering new ways to maintain their weight to a healthier state: whether people are looking to lose weight surgically or thanks to the latest diet trend, there is a solution for everyone. The weight-loss field keeps progressing year after year and here are some of the latest trends and discoveries.

1. Laser liposuction

It might sound too good to be true but non-surgical laser liposuction has become a firm favorite among all weight-loss methods. Laser liposuction works by set of sessions, usually three times a week for several weeks, combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise for maximum impact. It’s especially great for people looking for a little extra help to get back on track weight-wise, such as Dan Blustin, a former bodybuilder who found himself in a need of an extra push and encouragement after discovering he had put on 30 pounds over the years. While skeptical at the beginning, he quickly reaped up the benefits of the laser treatments paired with a healthier lifestyle altogether. The treatment is designed as a companion to help people already committed to changing their eating habit.

2. Hypnosis

Until recently, there was little evidence that hypnosis worked as an efficient method to keep off the weight durably. But times have changed and there are now many scientific studies that support hypnosis as a working weight-loss method. Hypnosis works in accessing unconscious parts of the mind, unlocking knowledge about food and de-compartmentalising behaviours. It also only works if the person is ready to adapt their diet to this newly found knowledge, so it might not be for everyone but it definitely has proven records of success.

3. Fat-freezing

The fat-freezing treatment Coolsculpting was launched in 2010 but it’s had a few important updates since then, making it an efficient non-surgical weight-loss alternative. Fat cells self-destruct when cold enough, and are then disposed off by the body in the following days. The procedure can last up to two hours per sessions, but usually one session per area is enough to achieve the desired result. Experts promise a fat reduction of 25% on average, with variable results depending on how firm the tissue is in the first place: the firmer the tissue, the tougher it will be to get rid of the extra fat with this particular method. Once again, this method is only truly effective and durable when associated with a good diet and healthy lifestyle.

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