Monday, August 21, 2017

Overcoming New Challenges As Old Ones Are Solved

New Ground

As much as technology has proved beneficial, there are instances where it ended up having a negative effect on mental health. The use of the internet has a sedentary characteristic which induces increased levels of adipose tissue over time. Combined with little exercise and artificially designed diet, health tends to slip.

If that weren’t enough, today there are a number of beauty practices and lifestyle choices which fundamentally undermine healthy living. From drug use to alcohol abuse, cigarette addiction, and sexual addiction, the world today is riddled with conditions some may label as synthetic.

It doesn’t stop there, though. As people live lifestyles consumed in synthetic substances both recreationally and subversively, they damage themselves at a genetic level. Unfortunately, sometimes this can trickle down to progeny. There is a reason children today have adverse allergic reactions to seemingly unobtrusive foodstuffs.

There’s a reason why children are born with congenital defects, and disorders affecting mental and physical health have been on the rise for decades. Part of that reason is genetic damage caused by unhealthy living.

Medical Tech

Thankfully, one thing technology is getting right has to do with medical developments which address new and emerging issues. Older problems are being conquered, but the new ones are quick to take their place. Yet with computational technology and political exposure, those issues are swiftly becoming recognized and dealt with.

One way technology is directly exposing adverse conditions is through crowdfunding such as Plumfund, a well-known crowdfunding organization. For over ten years, this organization has been saving those who need to raise money.

Many hospitals and healthcare clinics are leveraging old-world understanding against new world discoveries to synthesize relevant, effective solutions for patients. This is happening across the board; from children’s healthcare to senior healthcare. Sometimes they need additional financial support, and crowdfunding delivers it.

One organization that specializes in overcoming medical treatment challenges—especially as pertains to geriatric care—is Riverside Medical Group; and the why is in how they operate. According to the site: “..we practice a highly focused approach to adult and geriatric care—which means internal medicine patient education is highly important to us. This honest-and-true approach reflects everything we do here.”

Cybernetic Trends

There is an additional trend which has manifested in order to overcome age-old conditions. In a certain way, technology is quickly becoming intrinsic to the human experience. Start with braces, metal that re-shapes your teeth. After braces, sometimes a spacer is left in the bottom teeth.

Vision surgeries are to the point where they actually implant corrective devices. Prosthetics can be mentally manipulated. A gastric bypass can overcome an eating disorder, and plastic surgery can fundamentally transform a person’s physical appearance.

Genetic Manipulation?

Going deeper, research pertaining to human manipulation at the genetic level is producing men and women born entirely unique—by now you’ve likely heard of “test tube babies”.

The issue with such cutting edge technological knowledge is that understanding where it’s going is sometimes impossible. That’s why a medical solution needs to leverage old-world techniques against new-world solutions. Some will be good, some won’t. The right medical institutions won’t institute a new procedure that isn’t tested without expressly defined consent.

As computational technology makes it possible to more swiftly process larger datasets, inferences can be made in medicine, more successful trials can be conducted, and more discoveries can be made. Hopefully things will eventually reach a stabilization point wherein age old medical scourges are solved without introducing even stranger conditions.

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