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4 Medical Trends You Should Be Watching Today

Once upon a time, healthcare involved visiting a doctor who would, with the help of the supporting staff, diagnose you and start surgical or medical treatment. Today, advanced technology has made its way into healthcare, and is gaining popularity in the world of medicine. Technologies such as stem cell and gene manipulation are now a reality, and researchers around the world are using them to achieve remarkable medical results.

Some of the latest healthcare trends are already making big waves. Some of the best hospitals in America are already using medical technologies that are consumer-centric, offering vital information to healthcare customers. Below is a quick snapshot of some of the latest trends in healthcare that are already used or will make a huge impact in the upcoming years.

Online Scheduling And Telehealth

Telehealth involves sharing critical medical information via a mobile health app, and the number of people using this medium is steadily increasing. Telehealth includes video conferencing a physician or virtual chats that eliminate the need to schedule appointments at a hospital or clinic.

Collaborating technology with healthcare is a process that started in earnest a few years ago with the sudden increase with mobile health apps. While the process is still ongoing, it is expected to improve public health, increase patient awareness and education through online resources like Corpina, and support healthcare services in the country.

At the same time, organizations in the healthcare niche are rapidly moving towards implementing online scheduling services. This means that patients will have the capability to make appointments with doctors via the internet. In fact, 42 percent of patients prefer making appointments online rather than scheduling over the phone.

Wearable Technologies And Software Platforms

Apart from the software platforms already on the market, new products are likely to revolutionize how the medical world operates. Such software platforms are usually available in mobile and desktop health apps, taking away some of the major roles doctors play. For example, using mobile apps, people can track calorie intake and find out whether they are at risk of health conditions related to obesity.

Plus, expect an increase of wearables sold like FitBit and Apple watch. Such wearables help users monitor their health as well as put in place steps to live a healthy lifestyle.

3D BioPrinting And Skin Regeneration

Today, regenerating human tissues and organs with the use of one’s own cell is a real possibility. This is all thanks to developments made in stem cell technology. Though in its early stages, some parts of the technology are already in use for managing type 1 diabetes and ending neurological disorders. In addition, stem cell technology is also used in the regenerating skin layers of severely burnt patients.

In combination with 3D bioprinting, stem cell technology will also help in creating functional replicas of different body organs. Once these technologies have been implemented, a drastic reduction in costs and more personalized care for all patients can be expected.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence technology is already in use, helping nurses and doctors make better decisions in diagnosing and treating their patients. The latest boom in AI technology is likely to strengthen the medical world – especially when it comes to treating non-critical conditions like breast lift Henderson | Mastopexy procedures.

Some of these technologies include voice recognition systems that take the doctor’s notes. Administrative software for billing and scheduling will also receive a major facelift in future, making them more patient-centered.


The above technologies are fast becoming the trendsetters in the healthcare industry. Such technologies will make advanced treatments easy and fast.

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