Monday, July 24, 2017

The World's Cosmetic Surgery Hotspots

Over the last year, according to the outcome of the annual Global Aesthetic Survey for 2016 by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons or (ISAPS), there has been a marked increase in cosmetic non-surgical and surgical procedures worldwide. The most common forms of plastic surgery are buttock lifts which account for a 22 percent rise and a 45 percent rise in labiaplasty.

However, it would be wrong to assume that surgery is widespread in nations where most of the procedures are performed because when the per capita figures are calculated, the leader board shifts with the five top countries being America, Brazil, Japan, Italy and Mexico. Although one might assume that Miami or Hollywood take the lead, a closer look by the Cosmos Clinic reviews reveals that cosmetic surgery is quite popular in other parts of the world like Australia too. The cosmetic surgery hotspots in the world include:

Seoul, South Korea

A look around the city will show one many instances of bandaged locals, and the enhanced cuteness of many others. This is an indicator that plastic surgery is common in the city. But in Seoul, many surgeons are careful not to take part in the ISAPS audit even though available data indicate that more than 20 people per 1000 have the procedure.

Miami, USA

It is estimated that for every 100,000 residents over 18 years, Miami has about 18 plastic surgeons. World class surgical procedures can be accessed from the University of Miami Hospital, the Mount Sinai Medical Center and The Cleveland Clinic, just to mention a few.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Brazil leads in the per capita concentration of plastic surgeons. The city of Rio is home to many renowned plastic surgeons who also offer training facilities for other surgeon. Many medical tourists jam Rio every year to get popular procedures like face lifts, tummy tucks and breast augmentation performed on them.

New York, USA

The city has nine major hospitals for cosmetic surgery, and apart from being the heart of culture, technology and other innovations, the city of New York is also a hotspot for plastic surgery. One of the leading and most renowned doctors for the procedures in America has his practice in the city.

Bangkok, Thailand

There are numerous plastic surgery centers where one can relax as the treatment is going on. Every year, thousands of patients flock to the city known as the Land of Smiles. Most of the doctors in Thai who perform the procedures are experienced and have certification from Australian and American surgery boards. All the practices in Thailand reflect the standards of the American Medical Council.

Los Angeles, USA

There is nowhere else where the need for enhancing appearances might be as acute as in this city because it is home to Hollywood and thousands of celebrities. As many as 134 plastic surgeons in California made it to the list of "U.S. News List of Top Doctors". Some of the nation's top celebrities have the procedures performed on then using some of the latest and most advanced technologies.

San Jose, Costa Rica

The city has become a popular destination for plastic surgery because the prices are cheaper. Its proximity to many US cities and the fact that tourist can stay for up to 10 days without a visa makes it very attractive for patients who need time to recover.

Dunyagoz, Turkey

Due to the English speaking culture, Turkey is a popular vacation city for tourists seeking surgery. It is believed that Turkey performs over a quarter million procedures annually because the clinics have advanced equipment besides being cheap. Other cities that also perform many procedures are Mumbai in India and Singapore city in Singapore.

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