Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Medical Tourism in Mexico

Mexico is the 13th largest nation in the world and is one of the most visited countries in the world. There are many reasons why Mexico is a popular tourism destination ranging from its sprawling white beaches and resorts, warm climate, breathtaking views of the ocean and mountain ranges, delectable cuisines,  and historical cultural landmarks. More recently, Mexico has also become a popular destination for patients residing in other countries seeking effective medical care at a much lower cost (e.g., compared to the United States and Canada).

Overall, Mexico’s healthcare system is highly rated, particularly in the major cities. Some medical facilities in Mexico will make all of the travel arrangements for the patient to make the process easier. Most of the doctors in Mexico who work in medical tourism sites are comfortable speaking in English.

A few of the common reasons people from other countries seek medical care in Mexico includes:

1. Weight loss surgery: Obesity has become a world-wide epidemic and is associated with a wide variety of negative health consequences such as diabetes mellitus, hypertension, high cholesterol, cancer, and high mortality rates. As such, many people who need to lose weight and have not had success with traditional weight loss methods such as diet and exercise are interested in pursuing bariatric surgical procedures to help with weight loss. There are many such procedures available, including gastric bypass surgery, the gastric sleeve procedure, the gastric balloon procedure, and the duodenal switch. These procedures reduce the input of food and liquid and some can alter functioning of gut hormones to decrease hunger and increase the feeling of fullness. For more information about these procedures in Mexico, see RenewBariatrics.com.

2. Cosmetic work: Cosmetic work is very popular in Mexico due to significant cost savings. Most cosmetic procedures are very expensive in the United States are not covered by insurance. For example, whereas as a face lift can cost $18,000 dollars at a U.S. clinic, the same procedure by a reputable plastic surgeon in Mexico can cost $4250. Thus, many patients are willing to pay out of pocket for the drastically reduced costs and make plans to recover in a relaxing resort area. 

3. Dental treatment: As featured recently by National Public Radio, medical tourism in Mexico is very popular for dental procedures that are normally very expensive in the U.S.  Examples include dental implant procedures, bridge placement, multiple root canals with crown placements, and other cosmetic dental procedures. The prices for these dental and cosmetic procedures can be two thirds of the price of these same procedures in the U.S. and Mexcio, often with the same (or better) results. The appointments can also usually be scheduled quickly due to the high number of dentists practicing in Mexico and the high number of dental labs that can make materials (such as crowns) in only a day or two.

Other popular reasons for medical tourism in Mexico include orthopedic surgery (such as hip and knee replacement surgery), heart surgery, and eye surgery.  As with medical care that you seek in any country, be sure to do your research into any company and health care provider(s) that you seek to engage with for medical tourism to be sure that it is reputable and known for providing excellent health care.

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