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Top 5 Differences of Turkesterone and Ecdysterone

Whether you have just started your workout regime or you are someone who has been doing this for quite some time and now, ecdysterone supplements are not foreign to you.
Whether it is the boost of energy for an early morning workout or good muscle power for building body mass, you may have had the idea to take supplements to enhance your performance at least once.
Turkerstone, and Ecdysterone are two names that come up quite often in the world of workouts. This is especially true for those who indulge in vigorous routines to tone muscles and for athletes or practice.

So, in this excerpt below, we will be discussing the differences between the two and which one you can consider opting for.

What Is Turkesterone?
Turekrsterone is a natural compound that is extracted from the plant called Ajuga turkestanica. It is a natural supplement that is later processed. Ajuga turkestina is a natural medicinal plant that has been used in several traditional medicines.

Some of the medicinal properties of this plant are that they provide anabolic, hepatoprotective, adaptogenic, and hypoglycemic activity. Other than the muscle strength for which it has become popular as a great supplement for a workout, turkesterone can also help our body take action against heart disease.

They are antimicrobial and antioxidants that can help you heal a wound. Most of the turesketrone results come from experimentation done on rats. However, very few human experiments have been done regarding this stimulating supplement. The term testosterone is similar to Turkesterone, because they are extremely anabolic, helping with your metabolism.

What Is Ecdysterone?

 Ecdysterone is something derived from insects, water animals, and some classes of plants. Ecdysterone is a supplement with the most structural similarity to testosterone, and thus, they are used as a safe substitute for certain performance-enhancing steroids.
They are also anabolic in nature and can help with muscle growth. Through tests and experimentation, it was seen that this particular supplement could help in increasing muscle energy and prevent fatigue after vigorous exercise.

There was a time in Russia when it was allegedly speculated that Olympic athletes took these Ecdysterone supplements. They were known as their ‘secret weapon.’ 

Other than that, this supplement is also known for increasing protein synthesis in the body and insulin resistance for people with type 2 diabetes. All in all, it is a good thing to add to your diet.   

What Are The Main Differences? 

On reading the two definitions and properties, many might think that both have the same properties one must be confused about the differences. However, there are two distinct differences between turkesterone & ecdysterone.

  • Lack Of Experiments: Although both these supplements have closer price selection, the experimentation has quite a few differences. This is because there is an exponential lack of human experiments. Most of the experimentation and research subjects on turkesterone have been rats.
  • More Literature Review By Researchers:  Ecdysterone has literature reviews from researchers. Over there, they talk about a ten-day ecdysterone intervention where results have noted an increase in exercise performance and muscle mass. Compared to turkesterone, they have more credibility to their name.
  • Turkesterone Is More Anabolic In Nature: Although the studies have been conducted on rats, and there is a lack of human trial on this supplement, turkesterone has been proven to be more anabolic in nature. In a recent experiment that was done on rats to see the anabolic density of the subject, it was noted that turkesterone is responsible for increasing weight and is more anabolic than any outfit counterpart like ecdysterone and Dianabol.
  • Turkesteorne Are For Athletes: Turkesterone is an excellent substitute for steroids and drugs for working athletes during their practice sessions. This is because they are known for their healing properties as well. Turkesterone can heal wounds quicker.
  • Ecdysterone Are Insulin Resistance: Along with fitness properties, ecdysterone is also known for increasing metabolism and helping in increasing insulin resistance in patients of hyperglycemia. No such account has been found for Turkesterone.  

Which One Should You Go For?

With these differences, you should be able to figure out which one to use if you are so inclined but you should also discuss this with your physician. Other than the differences stated above, both of these supplements are almost similar. However, the anabolic nature can have some side effects.
It is always better to consult a dietician and physician before using these supplements .In addition, you should be doing activities complementary to the supplement. For example, you cannot have such supplements without the proper workout regime or diet to support them.

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