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Different Types of Braces: Features, Advantages, and Disadvantages

An incorrect bite is not only a visual problem but also a real danger to the health of the entire body. Dental pathologies are not limited to the impact on the oral cavity but also lead to loose teeth, inflammation of the gums, and provoke problems with digestion, jaw joints, etc. Modern bracket systems help to effectively eliminate the curvature of the teeth and related issues. In addition to classic metal or ceramic braces, invisalign braces are now often used. Aligners are transparent, almost invisible on the teeth, and allow you to take any food without hindrance and clean your teeth easily. At the same time, the treatment period is significantly shortened.

What is a brace system?

Orthodontic braces are typically a fixed structure (except aligners), which consists of a lock that is attached to each tooth and a metal arch that connects all the locks together. The effectiveness of the bracket system is based on the principle of traction: the metal arch takes a given shape and gradually presses on the tooth, trying to take the correct shape. In the process, the bite is corrected and the deformation of the dentition is corrected.

Braces help to solve such problems as:

  • Crowding of teeth or a gap between them;
  • Displacement and inclination of teeth;
  • Improper closure of teeth and bite anomalies.

The orthodontist uses arches of different thicknesses and shapes, changes the degree of tension and pressure, and thereby controls the process and speed of returning the teeth to the correct position. You have to wear braces for 1 to 3 years. This is due to the principle of operation of such a design and the features of the body. The fact is that during the use of braces, the bone tissue undergoes remodeling: on one side, the tissue in the socket is destroyed so that the tooth can take the correct position, and on the opposite side, the bone tissue grows, filling the created void. This process takes time. However, tooth alignment is equally effective at any age, so braces can be worn not only by children but also by adults who want to have a beautiful, healthy smile.

Brace types and features

Brackets can be vestibular or lingual, depending on whether they are located on the outer or inner surface of the teeth. The second type of construction is more expensive due to the complexity of installation and the obvious advantage: they are invisible from the outside.

According to the method of fastening, braces are divided into ligature and self-ligating. A patient who has chosen ligature braces has to visit an orthodontist every month to correct the position of the arch. Ligatureless systems are much more convenient because they affect the bone tissue carefully, and therefore, you can visit the doctor less often. On the other hand, some pathologies can really be corrected only with the help of ligature systems.

What is the best material for braces?

Structures are made not only of metal but also of ceramics, gold, plastic, and other materials.

  • Metal ones do their job perfectly, but not everyone likes the appearance of such systems.
  • Ceramic and sapphire braces are no less effective, but at the same time, they are practically invisible.
  • Aligners are removable transparent mouthguards made of plastic. Each aligner changes the position of the tooth by 0.5 mm, so an effective correction requires a series of caps that are made individually for each patient based on the image and current changes. The main advantage of aligners is that they can be removed before eating, ensuring normal oral hygiene. At the same time, the correction is faster and more effective than in the case of conventional braces.

The choice of construction should be coordinated with the orthodontist. If the situation allows the use of aligners, this is the most convenient and fastest form of treatment. However, in some cases, only metal or ceramic systems help align the tooth line.

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