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What You Need to Know When Furthering Your Career in Nursing

No matter how long you have been nursing, you will by now realize that no two days or no two shifts are the same. Any career or role within nursing is always very rewarding and worthwhile. However, sometimes you can feel the urge to push for more. Getting the career that you want and deserve doesn’t have to be out of reach. Now that you know what you want to achieve, how can you set about putting your plans and ideas into action? Sometimes, furthering your nursing career may come naturally, or it may be something that you wish to focus your attention and efforts on that little bit more. Whatever circumstance you find yourself in, the more that you know, then the better prepared you will be.

What Are Your Ambitions

So, to begin with, what are your career ambitions? Which direction do you want your career to go in and why? For example, do you have a burning desire to specialize and work with children, or perhaps you would like to focus your care and work on older patients? Is there an ambition that you have been wanting to follow or pursue, but up until now, have struggled to realize? When you can lay out what your ambitions are, you can then start to pursue them.

Deciding on a Path to Follow
There is no set route or path for you to follow to allow you to realize your ambition. Within nursing, you can tailor an approach or path that suits you, your needs, and your requirements. For example, you can continue to work while studying. Or you can take a gap year away from your work to wholly focus your attention and efforts on your studying. Getting a path to follow established as soon as possible allows you the opportunity to move forwards positively and proactively.

Making a Plan of Action
Now that you have a path that you wish to take, you have to set about writing up a plan of action. A plan of action will lay out and set out what you need to do and by when (to realize your ambitions). When you create a plan of action, you allow yourself the time and space needed to bring about action. For example, if you have a family to look after, but you know that you need to return to studying (to further your career), then you can set about getting arrangements in place for care and assistance. Having a plan of action that can be used for your personal life and also within your professional life will give you a sense of direction and a much-needed sense of control.

Education and Self Development Are a Top Priority
As you move your way up the career ladder, you must place self-development and education at the top of your to-do list. When you focus on your self-development and education, you can be sure that you are reaching and achieving your full potential. If you do not focus on your education, then you may struggle to leap to a better position, and you may struggle to get the recognition that you deserve.

Where You Study is Important
Of course, studying just anywhere is not going to be beneficial to the furthering of your career. You may want to study at a prestigious university. There is a lot to be said about universities with good names, and the respect and reputation that you get when you are part of the alumni could well just help your resume stand out from a competitor.

What You Study is Crucial

Deciding what to study is just as important as deciding where to study. If you rush into studying the first course or topic that attracts you, then you may well end up limiting your choices and options a little further down the line. However, if you pursue a PhD in nursing you can be sure that you are giving yourself both the chance and the opportunity to push for the career you want, and not the one you have to have.

Having Realistic and Achievable Goals is a Must

When you are following a path to further your career, it is important that you set out realistic and achievable goals. Studying, focusing on self-development, and juggling other responsibilities can get the better of your sometimes, and this is when goal setting comes into action. When you set achievable and realistic goals, you give yourself something to work towards and something to aim for.

When you are furthering your career, you must realize that you are not on your own. Getting support to help you through difficult times and also having a support network around you that you can lean on will be beneficial to you and your career goals. Being able to share your experiences with others and just seek support and guidance can be sometimes what you need the most.

A Mentor Can Help You Advance and Further Your Career
Within your support network, you may also greatly benefit from a mentor. A mentor can provide you with insight and knowledge that can be difficult to gain from other sources. Mentors have the experience that they can share and impart, and it is this experience that you need to help further your career. Learning from other people’s mistakes and taking on board feedback and constructive criticism will ensure that you can reach (and realize) your full potential.

Meeting New People and Exchanging Ideas
You may find it beneficial to look at networking when you are furthering your career. Meeting like-minded people, forging new relationships, and even getting together to exchange ideas can be beneficial to you and your aspirations/ambitions. Meeting (either online or in-person) gives you a chance to network. When you network, you never know who you may meet or what doors may open as a result of a meeting. When you invest time and energy into meeting new people and exchanging ideas, you also open up to new ways of thinking and new ways of working, which can help you land that promotion or advancement within your nursing career.

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