Tuesday, October 12, 2021

3 Beneficial Uses Of Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy is an often misunderstood medical phrase, this is mostly due to the controversy surrounding the use of embryonic stem cells (cells from fetal tissue). However, stem cell therapies nowadays are a different type of procedure that uses the body’s own stem cells (adult stem cells) instead of someone else’s. What are stem cells exactly? They are similar to a cell building block in which they can become a variety of different cells depending on what specific kind is around them. Because of this, stem cells have many different uses and applications; hopefully, more will be discovered over the years. Here are three promising uses of stem cell therapy that are currently being implemented. 

Regrowing Cartilage

Our bodies undergo large amounts of wear and tear over the years, this can be from moving and the effects of gravity. Even though the human body can repair itself, there are certain parts that are harder to regrow than others — sometimes even impossible. One of these is cartilage — the strong, smooth, and flexible fibers that protect bones and joints. Once the cartilage has been worn away, it’s likely gone forever. This can cause friction and uncomfortableness. However, injections of stem cells into the knee joint can have beneficial, restorative effects. If you’d like more information about stem cell therapies for knees, contact the stem cell therapy experts at ThriveMD.

Fighting Blood Cancers

Another beneficial use of stem cell therapy is to combat blood-related diseases. Diseases like leukemia and myeloma are being treated with stem cells obtained from the bone marrow of the affected patient. A stem cell transplant’s main goal is to replace cells that have been damaged by chemotherapy and disease. There have been positive results over the past few years that will hopefully yield even more effective treatments.

Restoring Damaged Tissue

Finally, stem cell therapies can restore damaged tissues if the operation is successful. Certain problems like back pain can be debilitating such as injuries resulting from a car accident. Damaged nerves and tissue are difficult ailments to solve; however, stem cell therapy is seeking to solve them. By implementing stem cells around the damaged area, the adult stem cells can replicate and replace the damaged cells if the conditions are right. With more research and study, hopefully, the days of taking pain medication to deal with pain are over: stem cell therapy is shaping up to be one of the solutions. 

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