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How a Portable Oxygen Generator Helps You Live an Enjoyable Life

Supplemental oxygen therapy is experiencing an increase in demand as many medical conditions are becoming more prevalent with age. Currently, more than 25 million individuals in the US have asthma. Almost 14.8 million adults have Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). COPD is an irreversible and progressive health condition that comprises diseases like emphysema and chronic bronchitis or a mixture of the two.

In COPD, the damaged tissues of the lung and contracting of the airways make it difficult to breathe well. Even though the condition is incurable, its rate of advancement is halted by things like a healthy diet and workouts. Since people with COPD experience breathing difficulties, they need breathing machines known as an oxygen generator to help them breathe with ease.

Previously, patients who needed continuing oxygen therapy depended on oxygen cylinders. These cylinders contained concentrated oxygen and offered purified oxygen, but they were bulky and heavy to carry. Luckily, the advancement in technology resulted in the making of portable breathing machines. The new devices form their oxygen instead of relying on the limited supply.  They are designed to draw oxygen from the air, purify it and keep it.
  • Travel certified oxygen device
Portable breathing machines are lightweight and simple to carry around, assisting patients in living a life without constraints. However, these are not the only advantages. Let's look at other perks for people who need oxygen therapy.
  • The best treatment for COPD
COPD is a progressing lung disease that gradually deteriorates with time. It can’t be cured, but its symptoms can be handled. While the condition worsens, the disease will cause a lack of oxygen, and this means people with COPD require extra oxygen. They might not feel comfortable to travel while on oxygen therapy due to the heaviness of the oxygen cylinders.

So, portable breathing machines are the most effective remedy for COPD patients. The devices don’t have to be filled with oxygen, and they’re compatible. Most of these machines weigh up to 5lbs and can be placed in a small bag. The current oxygen concentrators are powered by batteries that lasts for 12 hours. They also come with an A/C adapter that allows you to plug in and recharge anywhere.
  • Easier travel and improved mobility
Travelling is almost impossible for patients who use oxygen cylinders, and they also can’t fly. When traveling by air, you are exposed to reduced air pressure. Even though this is unnoticeable for many people, they will restrict the capability of people with lung disease to fly. Furthermore, people can’t bring liquid or gaseous oxygen cylinders on planes.

Nevertheless, the Federal Aviation Administration has permitted the use of several portable breathing machines on planes. If you want to fly, confer with your preferred airline to ensure you can fly with your breathing device. If you can disconnect from the device, you can put it in the luggage bag or have it in the carry-on pouch. If you can’t disconnect, you might go through the pat-down check.

Besides air travel, you can move with the breathing device in your car or when you travel by train. Because the device is designed with an A/C adapter, you can recharge the device by plugging into the car charging system. Since the machines compress oxygen in the air, they’re not prone to similar threats posed by cylinders containing concentrated oxygen. Lastly, they are easy to carry since they are lightweight and small.
  • Improvements in every aspect of life
Getting a portable breathing device allows you to improve your lifestyle. For instance, having the capability to move more often will help you enhance your mood rather than feeling lonely in the house. You will enjoy recreational and social activities and visit various places and friends far away from your home.

The machine can enhance your sleep. Set the device to supply an ongoing oxygen flow to allow you to sleep restfully. Once you sleep well during the night, you will have an enhanced cognition in the daytime. Individuals who don’t have enough sleep tend to feel confused when they are awake.

The machines might improve your capability to work out well since you won't have a shortage of breath, and you’ll have enough oxygen required to support the workouts. Because the devices are lightweight and small, you will have unmatched independence and have the ability to do any activity you want.


As you can see, having this machine will help you live a quality life. When it comes to purchasing a portable breathing device, ensure you talk to your doctor. He will advise you on the best type and brand of machine that suits your needs. The doctor will also calibrate the device to ensure you get oxygen therapy at optimal pressures. 

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