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Cleaning The House For Better Holiday Health

Wow, the holiday season is upon us. Thinking about all the cleaning that you need to take care of is an overwhelming emotion. Go through the house and make notes about what is in your home that would appease the nosey in-laws or picky relatives. For instance, you want your parents to spend a couple of days. What about a new mattress and bed for their comfort? Holiday furniture sales allow you to find full size bed dimensions that fit your sleeping preferences and budget. If you need a new mattress, there should be sales galore.

New bedding is also a healthy choice because today’s bedding options are designed and manufactured to fit the body perfectly and to lessen the chances of people suffering from allergy symptoms.

Let’s go over your cleaning list and see if we can’t narrow it down for the holidays to keep your loved ones in good health:

1. Closets

Closet cleaning is very important in your hallways, personal closet, and guest room closets. Your holiday guests will need to use your closet to store their items. There is nothing worse than opening a closet door and having things fall out. Go through your closets and get rid of things that you haven’t used or don’t need to help make room for the holidays.

2. Entryway/Hallway

When you open the door to greet your family and friends, there is nothing better than to introduce them to an open and roomy entrance way. Also, dirt and germs are brought into the home and will lie around making the air polluted and our floors looking dull. In the weeks leading up to the guests arriving, remove the family coats, hats, etc. Clean and decorate your hallway with festive decorations that say welcome.

3. Living Room

The living room is where your family and guests will most likely gather to watch TV or just to chit-chat. Get rid of any carpet and upholstery stains via a DIY project or call in a cleaning service. Remember that carpeting and furniture fibers are great hiding places for dust mites, molds, dead skin cells, and insect feces.

These conditions alone are enough to create skin irritants, respiratory and allergy problems, and stomach ailments. Also, change your curtains and drapes, or just take them down to wash and refresh them. During the last week of your holiday celebration, clean the cushions on the couch, pillows, and chairs with a vacuum.

4. Bathroom

Cleaning the bathroom is a task that no one is fond of. Of course, you must keep the bathroom clean every day because germs love a moist environment. Mold, mildew, and staph bacteria that cause sickness also thrive in bathrooms if not kept well clean. A week before your guests arrive, perform a thorough cleaning. On the night before the holiday event, lightly clean all surfaces so that it will smell clean and fresh.

5. Dusting

It seems like dust particles settle on everything in our homes. Leaving dust particles in place is the cause for creating an indoor environment of germs and bacteria that causes allergens and asthma. Preparing to dust for the holidays must be carried out in a scheduled fashion so that you don’t tire yourself out at the last minute. Use a static dust tool to reduce dust that collects on ceiling fans, window sills, wall shelving, and other furniture locations. Dust regularly leading up to the night before the big holiday event. You’ll be glad you did.

6. Toys

If you have children, you know that toys show up in interesting parts of the home. Stepping or sitting on one unawares can easily cause problems. This task is a partnership. Yes, the children should become involved in locating all their toys and toy parts to deposit them in the appropriate containers in their room. This cleaning task can occur a week before family and friends arrive. Make it fun, and not demanding, by rewarding them for finding their toys and putting them away.

7. Pets

Before we give tips on pet cleaning, be mindful that if you use poinsettias, live holly, and mistletoe to decorate your home, these plants are poisonous to cats and dogs. For the weeks leading up to your festive holiday, check for pet hair, keep their beds clean, and refresh the litter box consistently. Pet hair can be an allergy-causing problem for certain individuals. Also, if your doggie or kitty also needs to be refreshed, you can use dry pet shampoo the day before your holiday festivities.

8. Refrigerator/Freezer

The longer foods remain in the refrigerator, the more likely it is to create bacteria that release bad odors and create dangerous health issues. As part of the kitchen clean-up project, your refrigerator and/or stand-along freezer should be cleaned of old foods to make room for the new meals you are preparing. The shelves should be washed and the condenser coils should be checked and vacuumed to ensure that these appliances remain operable during the holidays.

9. Air

Cleaning the air in your home not only keeps the family safe and healthy, but it also staves off illnesses. Would you believe that outdoor pollutants are also inside your home’s air environment? Stale or bad air quality can trigger coughing with a tightness in the chest, a sore throat, itchy eyes, and severe allergies. Cleaning the air can be accomplished with the use of HEPA air filters, using the A/C to lessen humidity, and reducing dust mite allergens causing coughs and sore throats.

10. Kitchen

An unhealthy kitchen is one filled with bacteria and germs that make you sick. Perform a deep cleaning before the holidays by sanitizing countertops, floors, oven vents, cabinet handles, and trash bins. Use lemon mixtures for disinfectant purposes and to keep the kitchen smelling fresh. Wash and polish the floor with products that can withstand heavy foot traffic.

There, you are all done. Now that the cleaning is finished, you can sit back and enjoy the holidays with your company. Planning ahead can really save the day and lighten the stress. If only you could get someone to cook!

This is a blog post by Nancy Evans.

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