Friday, November 15, 2019

Business is Booming for CBD Company MINERAL in Austin, Texas

An Austin-based CBD oil company called MINERAL has boomed so much since its inception two years ago. Based in Austin, Texas, MINERAL is a cannabinoid brand that grows, cultivates, harvests, and formulates its own hemp-based products to create harmony and balance in the human body. It also provides the usual health benefits associated with using CBD.

MINERAL Company History
MINERAL provides more than just a regular cannabinoid product. This company, founded by Mathew “Mills” Miller focuses on overall wellness that promotes a positive lifestyle for its many clients. This cutting-edge company relies on innovative ideas to ensure that it produces both helpful and trendy products that can uplift the quality of people’s lives.

The reception of MINERAL has been so immense that the company opened a brand new brick-and-mortar store downtown on Sixth Street, with the purpose of serving more clients. This space acts as a shop and wellness center for those in the community who are eager to learn more about CBD oil.

Why People Like CBD Oil

For people seeking alternative treatment, including those who have been failed by traditional medicine, many turn to CBD oil, as well as other forms of CBD products, to address their issues. This oil extracted from the hemp plant is known to treat seizures, migraines, chronic pain, and other kinds of ailments that no longer respond to traditional medication.

CBD oil is a healthy supplement that has been radically transforming lives. It has been making major waves in the health community because, apart from being a treatment option, it is also a wonderful supplement that can help optimize health.

CBD oil has been touted by many satisfied users for its ability to change the way people can heal themselves, while also promoting a more positive lifestyle that is focused on health and well-being. Today, many people use products like MINERAL’s CBD oil to help them sleep, alleviate anxiety, and find balance.

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD is short for cannabidiol. This is the non-psychoactive component of the cannabis plant, which means that it doesn’t get people high. Research indicates that there are more than 400 chemical compounds in the cannabis plant. Unlike the other drugs out there that cause a buzz or high, CBD will not do that. In fact, CBD is touted for having many medicinal benefits. People’s bodies have been documented to respond well to it.

Today, many scientists point out that CBD is a natural component that can be found in a woman’s breast milk. Cannabidiol is actually a critical component for the development and growth of newborn babies. If it is safe enough for babies to take, then it is safe to say that it is safe enough for everyone to take.

Common Misconceptions About CBD

The number one misconception that most people have is that CBD will make people stoned and high just because it is extracted from the cannabis plant. The cannabis plant was classified as a Schedule I drug by the FDA, along with heroin and cocaine, so many people assume that it is a dangerous and habit-forming drug with no possible benefits.

Because the plant has been illegal for a long time, funding for added research has not been given to the industry. It is only now, with the legalization of marijuana in many states for both medicinal and recreational purposes, that scientists are beginning to explore the popular product that the public has begun to embrace.

The Specific Benefits of CBD
Those who have been disappointed by regular pharmaceutical drugs swear by CBD for treating their pain. CBD provides pain relief from different kinds of pain, such as chronic pain, migraines, and arthritic pain. On top of that, it is known to control anxiety and address PTSD, allowing those who suffer from these conditions to find calm, balance, and peace. Because of these qualities, CBD sleep products are also very popular among consumers.

Apart from these, cannabidiol can also be effective for treating more serious medical conditions. Those with psoriasis, a chronic skin condition, swear by CBD oil. Many with epilepsy espouse that it has controlled their seizures. Those with Parkinson’s say that it helps keep their tremors under wraps. In the same vein, those who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease have reported improvement with their mental faculties and memory upon taking CBD.

Bottom Line
It is evident that CBD is here to stay in the market for a very long time. Thus, it is not surprising for a company like MINERAL to continue to expand its product offerings. With its concept store that also serves as a community center, the company hopes to further educate people on the benefits of CBD.

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