Tuesday, August 06, 2019

How Can Smart Technology Help You Become Healthier?

We are surrounded by smart devices more and more, to the point that what had been touted as the Internet of Things over the last years becomes a reality as we speak. But any technology, no matter how cool, hip, or cutting edge, should have positive effects on people’s lives, or, otherwise, their purpose is lost.

Today, there are many ways in which smart technology can help you keep track of your health or your habits. In case you haven’t tried such a thing before, here are some suggestions for making smart technology work for you, and particularly for your health.

Smart light bulbs that help you sleep better

The home of tomorrow is a smart home. But, if you don’t want to jump the smart home bandwagon just yet, start with something small. For instance, replace the lights in your home with smart light bulbs. These can be controlled from a hub and have positive effects on your sleeping pattern.

What these light bulbs do is that they adjust according to the time of the day so that they follow the natural patterns of your awake/sleep cycle. In the evening, the lights turn to a warm yellow color, helping your body produce melatonin, essential for healthy sleep, while in the morning, they turn to a colder blue color, to help you wake up.

Telemedicine is becoming more popular

Getting enough time with your doctor, especially when you suffer from a chronic disease, can be particularly tiresome. You need to pay visits to the doctor’s office, spend time in crowded waiting rooms, and then go back home through heavy traffic.

Such issues can easily be solved with the means of telemedicine. Besides the communication between doctor and patient that could happen via specialized apps, there is another application of telemedicine that’s actually even more effective.

Patients wear a smart medical device that monitors their health and transmits the information to the doctor’s office. Imagine how convenient that can be, seeing how you don’t need to move at all to communicate these things or have your doctor examine you. This will save you a lot of time and discomfort.

Use a smart scale

A standard scale can tell you how much weight you’ve gained or lost since the last time you used it, but that’s all it can do. It’s time for an upgrade, and that means getting a smart scale. This device not only will read your weight accurately, but will also give you other essential information on your health, such as the percentage of body fat, your body mass index, and can also keep track of your evolution.

Synching your smart scale with an app used for tracking your fitness levels is usually straightforward, so you will be able to enjoy multiple benefits.

Heart-monitoring devices

There are many wearables today that will help you keep better tabs on your health, and a smart heart-monitoring bracelet can be precisely what you need to know when you’re exercising too hard, for instance.

Exceptional devices will not only monitor your heart rate, but will detect other signs, such as shortness of breath, and alert you if you’re pushing yourself. Some can even pick up the symptoms of heart conditions and even heart attacks.

Other uses for your smartphone

The flat, touchscreen device that everyone stays glued to, in this day and age, is a veritable tool for helping you become healthier. You can use it in many different ways, and you can even get a microscope for your smartphone and start examining the world around you. With so many applications at your fingertips, it is easy to use smart technology to your advantage.

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