Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Vitamins Are Good For All

An apple a day may keep the doctor away but daily vitamins are pretty necessary too. Today we are going to talk about the top five ingredients you need every day in order to stay healthy. And while the pill form can be alright, we will be looking at the alternatives, such as SmartyPants Vitamins. They come in an easy-to-take gummy form. You can take these vitamins wherever you are.

This may come to you as a surprise, but vitamins actually come from plants. So we will discuss how to get your daily vitamins through food as well as drinks. Taking your vitamins as a child may have just seemed like an extra snack. But really, mom and dad were trying to keep their little pumpkin on the fast track to great health. As you get older, it may seem unnecessary to continue taking daily vitamins. But once you make your way out of your late twenties, your body may make you feel like mom and dad were on to something. It's so weird when parents know more than you sometimes, right?

The very first ingredient we will talk about is calcium. As we all know calcium helps create very strong bones. But did you know that calcium also is very necessary for your muscles, nerves and your heart? Calcium along with vitamin D can help protect you from getting cancer, diabetes, and even high blood pressure. People between the ages of 19-50 need 2500 mg of calcium per day. People over the age of 50 only need 2000 mg of calcium per day. As a child, receiving too little calcium per day could stunt their growth. As an adult, not getting enough calcium could make you more prone to break your bones or even have osteoporosis in the future. Besides going down the vitamin aisle, you can get calcium from broccoli or kale. If those aren't your favorite vegetables, then you can either eat yogurt or cheese. And if dairy isn't your dietary style, you could always get some canned fish like sardines or salmon. In order to absorb calcium, you need vitamin D. Vitamin D can be found in egg yolks and even through sunbathing.

Iron is the next most important ingredient in our top five. Iron can eliminate fatigue, treat anemia, and help the immune system function correctly. Iron can also help you fall asleep at night and improve concentration. Not to mention iron can reduce bruising and improve muscle strength. The average adult should take about 8 mg to 27 mg of iron a day. Those who are pregnant or have an iron deficiency should reinforce the higher dose of daily iron. Iron supplements should also be taken with a meal. Spinach, tofu, dark chocolate, and lentils are just a few of the foods that are very high in iron.

Vitamin A is next on our list of the top five daily vitamins. The recommended amount of daily vitamin A is between 900 and 700 mcg for adults and 300 to 600 mcg for small children and adolescents. Vitamin A is great for the skin as it helps lower the risk of acne. Vitamin A also supports the reproductive system as well as bone health. Some foods that have vitamin A are kale, sweet potatoes, carrots, eggs, and berries.

Vitamin B is an energy vitamin. Vitamin B is what gives us a high level of energy if we are taking enough vitamin B. Along with energy, vitamin B gives us great brain function and cell metabolism. Vitamin B is incredibly essential to the body. The lack of this vitamin could cause you to be more prone to infections. Brown rice, eggs, beans, and seeds are just a few sources of foods with vitamin B. Because there are so many different kinds of vitamin B, there are just as many different amounts of vitamin B to take on a daily basis.

Last, but definitely not least, we have zinc. Think of zinc as the repair vitamin. This supplement is vital for the immune system, promotes healthy growth during childhood and heals wounds. Zinc can affect our learning and memory. Zinc can be found in beans, nuts, animal meats, and seafood.

What's great about today is that science and technology have allowed us to be able to take vitamins whenever and wherever we want. These kinds of vitamins are not refrigerated but they are mobile. I'm talking about chewable daily gummy vitamins. Nowadays, you can go online or go to any store and find your favorite flavor or your favorite animal shape with all of your daily vitamins gummed up into one tasty treat.

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