Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Slow Rising HCG Levels in Early Pregnancy

The only way you can know that you are pregnant is through the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin. This hormone is only present when fertilization takes place. When you go for a pregnancy test, this is the hormone tested. The placenta produces this hormone and it is detected using the urine test. Apart from the urine, other women prefer the blood test because it is more accurate than the urine test. If you are pregnant, the test will show positive. If you are not pregnant, this hormone is not present.

After implantation, this hormone is said to double after 3 days. Nonetheless, the level of HCG differs from woman to woman and therefore for others it may double and others will not. Whenever, you go for clinical checkups, the doctor tests the level of HCG. In addition, with the levels of the HCG, the doctor is able to tell whether there is danger ahead. During early pregnancy, some women may report normal HCG and others low HCG.

Some women tend to believe that a low HCG level is risky but it does not always indicate a miscarriage. The condition worsens if only the level continues to go down. That is when the doctor prepares you that you might have a miscarriage or you have ectopic pregnancy. However, you may also hear of slow rising HCG levels in early pregnancy. It is very possible to be in such a condition because it will finally rise as normal. Issues come about if you have a drop in HCG levels. The low levels may indicated a problem like molar pregnancy.

Though not common in most cases, a slow rise of HCG levels in early pregnancy may indicate blighted ovum, ectopic pregnancy and an impending miscarriage. Generally, a blighted ovum does not mean that you are not pregnant anymore. It simply means that your pregnancy has ended so early that the implant did not manage to form the fetus. In the early stage of pregnancy, it is not possible to view every detail. However, it is clear that a blighted ovum finally results in miscarriage. The worst problem during pregnancy is to have a miscarriage. This is a very pain condition for a woman in spite of how early it might occur. Both miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy cannot be prevented. However, there are noticeable symptoms before these problems occur that indicate something serious.

Despite the fact that slow rising HCG levels in early pregnancy can cause serious complications, you need not suffer a lot. Here are some tips to increase the HCG level. You always need to visit you doctor to monitor your progress. Also, take the prenatal vitamins and take medications as prescribed by your doctor. There are medications to increase the levels of HCG. However, it is not crucial to do it on your own. This is because unbalanced levels of HCG may cause serious problems. If there are some problems, you really need to seek medical attention. However, you never need to worry because of slow rising of HCG. There are remedies and you can retain your baby.

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