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The Benefits and Effects of Carditone

What is Carditone?

Carditone is known to be from Rauwolfia, a plant which is known to have been used traditionally to help maintain blood pressure levels. It’s believed to have calming properties with other minerals and herbs. One of the ingredients includes Indian coral powder, which is a good source of calcium and magnesium. 

Other ingredients include Rauwolfia serpentina, Tribulus Terrestris, Arjuna, Convolvulus pluricaulis, and magnesium in rose powder. It’s an herbal product that is made to lower blood pressure, providing a calm feeling and slow pulse. It has been used in India and the East for many years. These herbs can increase product effectiveness and reduce side effects.

Sadly, when there was a wrong combination of Rauwolfia, it was dropped, and new synthetic antihypertensive drugs were adopted. Over many years, there have been new drugs selected for high blood pressure. They are designed to improve the shortcomings of the latter one, and hence, became more expensive.

What is the difference between Rauwolfia and Reserpine?

The plant name is Rauwolfia while the name of the active ingredient in the plant is Reserpine. Reserpine is known for its soothing effect felt on the excitatory center in the brain, which helps reduce blood pressure. The American Pharmaceutical is known to be suppliers of rauwolfia root and Reserpine. The 0.1-milligram dose of Reserpine is equivalent to 50 milligrams of rauwolfia root. The double the reserpine dose, the same it is to Rauwolfia. The daily dose recommended is 0.05 milligrams to 0.25 milligrams. Rauwolfia stays in the blood system for some days, and its effects are experienced for a couple of weeks. Rauwolfia and Reserpine need to be taken once daily or as prescribed by a physician.

What are the effects of taking Carditone in high doses?

A study conducted concluded that a high dose of Carditone causes depression. Hence, more studies were conducted, and it was proved that with proper dosage of carditone, depression is never caused. With an appropriate dosage, there was no evidence of ulcers as well. 1.5% of patients reported upset stomachs from taking carditone in comparison with 7.7 % of the patients who consumed metoprolol as a beta-blocker.

Another research was carried out earlier; it showed that people are less likely to suffer from peptic ulcers with Carditone as compared to consuming other drugs. 

Unfortunately, a report from a study conducted indicated that there was a link between carditone and breast cancer. The article was titled “Reserpine and Breast Cancer.” The Boston Collaborative Drug Surveillance Program conducted this study. Over four years, more studies were carried out; it showed that carditone did not cause breast cancer.

What are the benefits of Carditone

There are natural diuretics such as hydrochlorothiazide or HCTZ that tend to increase cholesterol. The diuretics are part of known antihypertensive. Carditone is known to decrease cholesterol. Since Carditone is known to have a prolonged effect and stays in the blood system for long. All that a patient needs is just a single dose daily. When a patient misses out on a prescription or discontinues it, this tends to make their blood pressure to go up suddenly.

When the blood pressure is high, it tends to enlarge the heart muscle. Reserpine is known to return it to a reasonable size. Carditone helps in psychosis and anxiety, mostly in higher doses. In return, it helps to calm the person and slow them down.

Patients suffering from Cushing disease (this is a disorder whereby the patient’s adrenal gland makes too much cortisone) find relief when using carditone. Carditone also treats tardive dyskinesia; this is a kind of a particular antipsychotic drug.

Side effects of Using Carditone

When Carditone is used in the proper dosage, it’s only effect is nasal congestion. It was evident in 5-15% of the patient administered with Carditone.

Many people are not meant to take Carditone; that is pregnant women and lactating mothers. When you’re a patient suffering from peptic ulcer disease or depression, ensure you consult your physician for advice before taking carditone.

Ten milligrams of Carditone is recommended per day, but this dose can also causes muscle contractions and even convulsions. Note, some people can gain weight. In earlier years, Carditone was used to treat psychosis. It’s believed that higher doses consumed can lead to a sedating effect and cause depression.

Always ensure you follow doctor’s instructions and advice before using Carditone.

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