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Electronic stethoscope vs Traditional

Since the stethoscope was invented, it has a lot of modifications and types, but nowadays, two of them are conquering the market: the classic and the electronic stethoscope.

The stethoscope is used to listen to the internal sounds (lung and heart sounds) of animal or the human body, although it is used to attend bowel sounds or blows by blood flow in arteries and veins.

The stethoscope is the most used tool because it is simply effective and is considered as a symbol of healthcare professionals. 

René Laennec was the inventor of the stethoscope in 1816 and allowed to leave immediate auscultation technique using a rudimentary cylinder of wood of 30 centimeters. This invention was a breakthrough in exploration and description of certain diseases.

Classic stethoscope (flexible bi-earphones):

It´s composed by a chestpiece made of steel, that gets the sound and transmits it by tubes to the listener´s ears for sensing sound. Most of them respond to the quality of the materials and composition, but the main difference comes determined by the chestpiece.

Some sophisticated stethoscope models have a double chestpiece, with two different diameters that can adapt itself to different patient sizes.

The main problem with traditional stethoscopes is that the test result is not objective. Two doctors will listen different things, and this is why the electronic stethoscope was invented.

Electronic stethoscope:

The electronic stethoscope is an innovation in cardiology and pulmonary areas as in primary care physicians and nurses. It includes pioneering utilities that get benefits and advantages for the professional development of his medical practice.

Benefits of using the electronic stethoscope

1.    It allows traditional auscultation.

The way to use the electronic stethoscope is the same that is used with a traditional stethoscope, easy and using the same technique. It doesn´t require any complexity.

2.    It amplifies the cardiac/respiratory sound

It´s easier to diagnosis problems with than with a traditional stethoscope because it is possible to amplify the sound x10 dB. This will help many health professionals with hearing loss.

3.    It applies filters to change between cardiac and respiratory sounds 

The electronic stethoscope eKuore Pro allows switching between cardiac and pulmonary sounds just
 clicking on a button. This is very effective in case of infectious patients. 

4.    It´s wireless

The electronic stethoscope doesn´t need a tube; it allows increasing the distance to the patient. The professional will take auscultation without cables. This is very effective in infectious patients and telemedicine. Even more, the battery is not a problem because it has a duration of up to 25 days.

5.    It includes different sizes of chestpieces

eKuore Pro electronic stethoscope has interchangeable chestpieces, that can be adjusted to the patient’s sizes. You will only need one electronic stethoscope and change the chestpiece to use it with different patients, adults, paediatrics and neonatal.

Advantages of using the electronic stethoscope connected to Smartphones:

1.    Record the auscultation

The main difference between traditional stethoscopes and eKuore Pro electronic stethoscope is that the second one allows to record the auscultation and follow up with the patient. Traditional stethoscopes are not objective, and two doctors may give a different diagnosis for the same underlying pathology.

2.    Display the sounds

The eKuore Pro APP will capture the sound to make the process objective. It makes it easier to get a diagnosis without sending the patient to a medical specialist. Physicians can also reproduce the auscultation sounds as much as they want.

3.    Share the record auscultation

In some cases, it is necessary to get a second opinion with regards to diagnosis. With the eKuore Pro stethoscope, this is very simple; you can send the auscultation via email to the specialist and get an immediate second opinion.

4.    Visualize the phonogram

Another advantage that you will get with an electronic stethoscope that you cannot get with a traditional stethoscope is the ability to visualise the phonogram in real time and record it.

5.    Listen to the auscultation up to 5 people

This is the main difference between a traditional stethoscope is that it is possible to listen to the same auscultation with young doctors or resident doctors. The eKuore Pro stethoscope allows listening to the auscultation simultaneouslyin  up to 5 people.

6.    Perfect for telemedicine

Electronic stethoscopes have made a huge difference in telemedicine because it promotes teleconsultation and home visits. All the characteristics of the eKuore Pro electronic stethoscope make it possible to use it from any point and send the information to the doctor in real time.

7.    Artificial intelligent projects

It´s possible to combine the electronic stethoscope with machine learning to get an objective diagnosis.

8.    Made the sustainable system finance

The eKuore Pro avoids consuming other sanitary resources because physicians can make a diagnosis before sending the patient to a specialist.

9.    Marketing tool for private clinics

In private clinics and pediatricians, the electronic stethoscope is different, because it´s possible to share the diagnosis with the patient. This is especially useful fo pediatricians that want to share the diagnosis with the parents.

To sum up, eKuore Pro electronic stethoscope is helping to diagnose problems more than traditional stethoscopes because it has many characteristics that improve the classic stethoscope.

It´s possible to acquire the electronic stethoscope eKuore Pro here and try all of the new functions.

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