Thursday, April 25, 2019

The Importance of Physical Therapy for your Health

Physical therapy is vital when it comes to illnesses or injuries that limit your everyday ability to move or function. Engaging in a physical therapy plan will help you regain your lifestyle including the activities you once enjoyed before the injury. Your doctor will refer you to a physical therapist to help you manage your joint or tissue problem. The importance of physiotherapy involves the following.

Physical Check and Diagnosis

After filling your private details and giving relevant information concerning your health, an osteopath will take your medical history whereby you will answer some of his questions. The questions might involve your experiences such as accidents, trauma and so on. Afterward, your osteopath will perform a thorough physical check to diagnose your condition and explain to you the methods he/she will use in the treatment of your situation. Importantly, know the benefits and possible risks of methods or treatment your osteopath will use. After an agreement, the osteopath will discuss the exercises, and follow-ups to help in your condition during the sessions.

Treating Injuries

Myotherapists use massage therapy and advise you on home exercises to get the full experience in the treatment plan. Even a minor injury can sometimes affect your daily activities by limiting your movement, making it unbearable, and lowering your life quality. These minor injuries should not limit your functionality. Myotherapy will help assess, treat, or manage your health issues like muscular and joint pains, strains, migraines and many more. Qualified health physicians will also offer you pain relief techniques consisting of deep tissue massage, corrective exercises, dry needling and so on.

Importance of an Osteopath for a bike fit

First, seeking help from professionals with knowledge of biomechanics and injuries related to cycling is a significant factor. A whole approach to injury gives an exceptional ability when it comes to fitting a bike to an individual, especially when you undergo musculoskeletal screening and basic case history for mobility assessment, cycling goals, and flexibility. To identify the pain areas, speed or other issues with your Osteopathy, Myotherapy, Clinical Pilates and Bike Fit, you will cycle on your bike or wind trainer to determine your current position. Your osteopath will assist you in improving muscle imbalances and other issues restricting cycling by taking measurements to learn your bike setup. Changing and reassessing your bike position will involve changing your seat height, seat position, cleat position, and so on to adjust your movements and posture.

Pre and Post Pregnancy Pilates

Clinical Pilates involves a complete clinical evaluation by an Osteopath, a Physiotherapist or Physiologist skilled in Clinical Pilates. During an assessment, your body will undergo a tailored program and a real-time ultrasound to visualize, measure, and activate your essential muscles.

Clinical Pilates is a safe method of exercises for each pregnancy phase involving a complete postural and strength evaluation such as abdominal ultrasound of the pelvic floor and the core muscle. In pregnancy, Clinical Pilates will promote your pelvis stability, strengthen your deep muscles, improve pelvic floor strength, and reduce your back-related pain. All these exercises will lead to safe delivery and post pregnancy recovery.


If you experience any pain that doesn’t let you function normally, a physiotherapist will go through your history to treat or manage your pain after diagnosing your problem. A Myotherapists or an Osteopath will strengthen your muscles and improve its function. 

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