Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Four Early Signs of A Pregnancy

Pregnancy is almost every woman's desire in their quest to produce children. However, not many aspiring mothers are aware of the signs to look out for which might confirm that the sperm has successfully merged with the egg.

Here are four signs that indicate that a woman is pregnant. It's almost a 100% sure bet with these four signs. Speaking of a sure bet, if you're one who is cut out for the betting game, then you can test your wits online at Novibet casino.

1. Frequent Urination

If you notice that you engage in trips to the toilet at regular intervals at night, then this could be a sign that a certain fertilized egg has started its implantation on the uterine wall.

It has been gathered that the pregnancy hormone or hCG hormone induces frequent urges to pee regardless of the tiny size of the embryo. This happens, although there is no real pressure being applied to the bladder from a growing baby at the time.

2. Nausea

This is usually referred to as morning sickness or sometimes all day sickness. Regardless, it is a common experience for many women who are in the early stages of a pregnancy. It is believed that about 50% of women will experience vomiting and nausea in the course of their first trimester.
Although nausea is an early sign of pregnancy, a good number of women don't experience vomiting until two weeks to about two months after their conception.

3. Feelings of fatigue and exhaustion

This occurs at conception due to the rapid rise of progesterone levels in the course of the first trimester of pregnancy.

Progesterone can be described as a hormone that sustains a pregnancy. It functions by preventing contractions in the uterus and also inhibits early immune responses. This eventually results in the pregnancy carrier always being tired and fatigued.

4. You'll experience a cold

As the progesterone hormone swings into action by preventing the immune system from launching any attacks against the new foreign DNA in the body, viruses can have a swell time by inflicting a cold on the individual. Even the mildest of colds can knock a pregnant woman down at that moment.

If you have these signs and symptoms and suspect that you may be pregnant, please consult with your physician.

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