Thursday, October 04, 2018

10 Common Mistakes That Damage the Knees

Life moves fast and doesn’t always give you much time to pause and think about the treatment of your knees. Unfortunately, if your knees do decide that they’ve had enough, then ultimately, life will be paused and the injury will be the only thing you can think about.

The best way to prevent this knee trauma is to regularly evaluate your daily choices and then rectify any errors accordingly. Learn about 10 common mistakes people make with their knees and what you can do to avoid them.

1. Not Exercising Enough
One of the most common causes of any physical injury is a lack of activity. If you’re spending all day sitting down at your desk or lying on your couch, then your knees will get used to this lazy lifestyle and they will slowly weaken as a result. Avoid this at all costs, even if you only go for a short walk every day.

2. Exercising Too Much
On the other side of the exercise argument is when you push your knees too hard. If you’re increasing your workout load, do so gradually, being very cautious of any unfamiliar movements and then taking the necessary time to rest afterward. Life is all about moderation and this includes exercise too.

3. Smoking
Which parts of your body are not being damaged by smoking? Can you think of any? Cigarettes increase your carbon monoxide levels while depriving your entire being of its required oxygen intake, and this includes your knees. In fact, tests show that smokers with arthritis lose substantially more cartilage than those who don’t.

4. Ignoring Pains
There is no value in panicking about every creak from your knees, but do take note of these sensations. If a pain persists or escalates, then get some rest and speak to a medical professional immediately. Remember, the sooner you repair any damage, the better your chance of full recovery is. Following your doctor's orders, some compression for the knee area may also be a good idea while you carefully approach low impact exercises to maintain your joint mobility.

5. Not Stretching
As any athlete will tell you, stretching the body is an imperative part of the process to step out of harm’s way. Without these motions, the muscles may be stiff and this makes them very vulnerable to potential injury. However, stretching is not only limited to intense exercises, and should also be performed whenever you’re about to play some sport, go on a hike, or have simply been sitting at your desk for too long.

6. Wearing the Wrong Shoes

Feet are all different, hence why it doesn’t make sense to nonchalantly pick up a shoe based on its appearance. Always get your footwear fitted properly by a professional, paying close attention to comfort and the arch support. It’s also worth mentioning that you should always wear the correct shoe for your intended action. If you’re running, then wear running shoes. If you’re hiking, then wear hiking shoes. If you’re not, then don’t.

7. Lifting Heavy Objects
When lifting heavy objects, it is important to leave your spine out of the equation and rather bend your knees, meeting the item on the floor then raising it from that position. However, this is not some miracle foolproof solution, and if you lift beyond your capability or repetitively perform these movements, your knees could develop some serious troubles. Know your limits and don’t be too proud to ask for help.

8. Being Overweight
Unfortunately, any excess of weight will force unnecessary pressure on your frame, and your knee joints are going to take the brunt of this stress. But when your knees are already under threat, how are you expected to lose those pounds? A good start would be to participate in low impact activities (such as swimming or cycling) while keeping a strict eye on your diet.

9. Eating Incorrectly
Weight issues aside, there are also certain foods (such as refined carbs or those sugary temptations) which are inflammatory, meaning that they may cause your knee joints to swell up. For this reason (and many other reasons) cut back on the junk food and dairy while stocking up on more vegetables, fruits, and omega-3s

10. Tripping and Falling
It goes without saying that most people would never trip and fall on purpose. However, it’s the sequence of events leading up to these incidents which are often the individual’s fault. Make it your mission to always maintain a clear path from any side of your house to the other by removing loose rugs, electrical wires, and clutter while also mopping up any spills as soon as they happen.

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