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HGH Injections Brands: Why Your Choice Matters

Warning – not all HGH brands are the same! Before you buy HGH injections, make sure you understand the differences between the various HGH injections brands.

HGH – human growth hormone or somatropin – is a bioidentical version of the hormone somatotropin. The quality and effectiveness of HGH can vary significantly from one brand to another.

How, then, do you do which HGH to buy?
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That is why we are here – to provide you with the facts to help you make an informed choice before you spend your hard-earned money. HGH is not cheap. You are investing in your health, and we want to help you get the most bang for your bucks. The right decision can bring you superior benefits. The wrong selection could cause side effects and even land you in the hospital.

The best HGH injections brands will have the same molecular structure as somatotropin. They will consist of a 191 single-chain, amino acid sequence. HGH is a polypeptide protein that the body will recognize as real growth hormone.

Unlike inferior quality brands, the best HGH will contain pure human growth hormone and not unknown substances or bacterial residue. By ensuring that your HGH manufacturing takes place in Europe or the United States, you will know the quality is exceptional. Cheaper, Asian-made HGH is often of inferior quality, and may even have a 192 amino acid sequence. No, 192 amino acids are not better than 191. It is not an exact match to human growth hormone and can produce significant side effects. Most importantly, cheaper HGH is often produced under unsanitary conditions without the government regulations in place for cleanliness and quality.

Which High-Quality Brands of HGH Injections Are the Best?

Now that you know a little about human growth hormone let us answer the question you want to know. Which are the best HGH injection brand names to buy?

Here is our list as comprised by our hormone doctors who review each medication for quality and effectiveness:

•    Genotropin by Pfizer
•    Humatrope by Eli Lilly
•    Norditropin by Novo Nordisk
•    Omnitrope by Sandoz
•    Saizen by EMD Serono

No doubt you recognize at least one of the pharmaceutical manufacturers listed above. Each company produces superior HGH injections brands in a variety of injector styles. Tev-Tropin is another possible brand to use, although it is marketed more for children than adults. That being said, some individuals have received excellent results from Tev-Tropin. It is just not one of our top five choices for treatment of growth hormone deficiency.

Why Should You Stay Away from Low-Quality Brands of HGH Injections?

You may wonder why you should stay away from HGH injections brands with names like Jintropin, Ansomone, Hygetropin, Kefei, Getropin, Glotropin, Fitropin, and Kigtropin.

Some brands, such as Getropin, Glotropin, and Kigtropin are of questionable origin. Others, such as Fitropin are discontinued. That does not mean you will not find it for sale online. Anything is possible and potentially dangerous.

You want to stay away from low-quality HGH injections names due to the risk of receiving a potentially dangerous and counterfeit medication. Some products tested have contained compounds such as rat poison and cement. These are not substances you want to inject into your body.

Finally, never buy HGH by “cap color” rather than brand name. These are some of the cheapest generically produced forms of human growth hormone.

If you care about what you put in your body then you only want to inject pure, high-quality HGH.

How to Choose the Right HGH Injections Brands for You

We mentioned our top five brands of HGH injections that our doctors prescribe to adults with growth hormone deficiency. What makes one brand a better choice over the others, and how do you know which one to choose?

There is no difference in brand quality, so eliminate that reason for why one HGH brand is better than the others. The biggest differences are in price and injector styles.

When it comes time to select a medication, your clinical advisor will ask you a few questions. The factors that can influence your brand decision include:
  • Lifestyle habits
  • Dosage prescribed
  • Budget
  • Convenience
  • Travel
You may wonder why travel is on the list. Most HGH injections brands require constant refrigeration. People who frequently travel often do better selecting one of the options that are storable at room temperature.

If money is the primary factor driving your decision, then a brand of HGH available in a standard vial for use with disposable insulin syringes is the best option.

The dosage makes a difference in which product will meet your needs. A higher dosage may necessitate an injector pen with 10, 12, 15, 0r 24 mg rather than one with only 5 mg. You would run out of medication sooner and likely have a higher cost factor than going with a different selection.

Finally, lifestyle habits and convenience converge when people are looking for the easiest, quickest method of injecting HGH. Each of the five brands of HGH offers at least one option for injector pens. Your advisor at our hormone clinic will explain the differences in both cost and usage convenience to help you make the right choice.

Contact us today for a free consultation to learn more about which brand of HGH is right for you.

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