Thursday, May 31, 2018

10 Lesser-Known Reasons Why Headaches Occur

The chances are, everyone you’ve ever met has suffered from a headache at some point in their lives. What causes these headaches, however, is an extensive list with no definite answer and can include factors like a lack of sleep, blocked sinuses, or too much alcohol the night before.

But what about those times that there seems to be no obvious explanation? That’s when you need to look a little deeper. Experiment by eliminating the following uncommon sources, and hopefully one of them will hit the nail on the headache.

1. Exercise

The biggest concern about exercise headaches is that they can mean vastly different things. If you’ve been pushing yourself particularly hard during heated weather or at a high altitude, then it’s probably nothing to worry about and that pain should subside rather rapidly. However, if the throbbing lingers for longer than a day, then it could mean something much more serious, such as internal bleeding or a tumor. Be safe and speak to your doctor.

2. Sex
While the exact cause has never been accurately established, there does seem to be two distinct variations of sexual headaches. The first is reported as a slow buildup of pre-orgasm pain, while the second occurs suddenly at the same time as your climax. Many healthy people suffer from sex headaches, but if you have only recently been experiencing them, speak to a doctor to ensure nothing unusual has flared up.

3. Your Hairstyle
Pulling your hair back into a tight ponytail may be the fastest way to look presentable, but this tension can aggravate the nerves in your scalp, and ultimately lead to a headache. For most people, the obvious solution of loosening the hair tie should eradicate the pain within 30 minutes. However, there are those who experience a condition called allodynia, which is when your neurotransmitters become highly overactive and you experience pain in situations that would not normally cause pain. In these cases, a shorter haircut may be the only solution.

4. Your Metabolism
As one gets older, your headaches may possibly be slow metabolism related, and you would need to ensure that you address this in the same manner as any other health attribute. If you are skipping meals, drastically reducing your calorie intake, not hydrating properly, or lacking in sleep, then these bad habits are a good place to start.

5. Headache Medication
Strange but true, the medication you are taking for your headaches may very well be the cause of them. By perpetually fighting the pain with drugs, you can develop a rapid tolerance or even a dependency on these chemicals. Unfortunately, the only way out is to go through, which does mean a period of withdrawal and perhaps even worse headaches for a while.

6. Cheese
Not to be the bearer of bad news, but those aged cheeses you’ve been eating? They contain a substance called tyramine which has been linked to dilated blood vessels and migraines. A similar effect has been noted on any dried, smoked, or pickled foods. Keep a diet journal, and eliminate these parties one by one until you locate the culprit. Of course, if you insist on drinking red wine with your cheese, then you may already know what the problem is here.

7. Anxiety
Your body reacts to stress various negative ways, including tension in your neck and the depletion of your adrenal glands. These responses often conspire against you and develop into a stabbing anxiety migraine. If this is a frequent concern of yours, then you need to search for ways to destress your life. Try meditation, long warm baths, or go on a vacation.

8. Screens
It’s no secret that your computer and phone are bombarding your vision with bright lights, which can strain your eyes into a headache. A misaligned posture is also reported to play a role. Try to alleviate some of the spinal pressure by always positioning your technology at eye level, and take a 10-minute break every hour or so.

9. The Sun
Those headaches inflicted by the sun’s glare are usually a result of a deeper issue, and it’s worth analyzing your quality of sleep, blood sugar levels, or alcohol consumption before you blame a star. However, light sensitivity can also be eased with the use of sunglasses or a hat.

10. Caffeine Withdrawal
When one relies on the power of coffee to keep their engines running, a dependency may be soon to follow. Without this regular fix, you could find yourself drowsy, depressed, or carrying around a persistent headache. To quiet these symptoms, gradually reduce your coffee consumption rather than abruptly quitting it altogether. But whichever way you choose, all negative side effects should be completely gone within two to nine days.

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