Monday, March 05, 2018

What To Look For In A Great Chiropractor

Like many people who suffer from back pain, you might feel like you’ve tried everything: naturopaths, acupuncturists, physiotherapists, stretching and exercise… The list goes on. Maybe you’ve even tried a chiropractor, but they didn’t help all that much. Don’t lose faith – a great chiropractor can help your back and neck pain, and furthermore they can give you the tools to avoid pain in the future. But you can’t just go to any chiropractor in Toronto and hope to receive great treatment; here are a few things to look for when choosing a chiropractor in Toronto.

Look for a chiropractor with ample experience – a decade or more, even. This isn’t to say that novice chiropractors can’t be good, but, in general, with experience comes a greater breadth of knowledge, as well as a deeper understanding of the variance in people’s spines. A chiropractor who has seen and treated a large number of people is likelier to have a better understanding of how to treat your specific issue. Certainly, if you haven’t tried a chiropractor before, it’s best to start with an experienced one; but the same goes if you have tried chiropractors in the past, and are looking for a new chiropractor to help with your back pain.

Look for a chiropractor who takes a holistic approach. Chiropractic adjustments are great, but they can’t be the only thing your chiropractor offers you. The spine doesn’t exist in a vacuum – it is influenced by (and influences) many other facets of your life, including activity, diet and sleeping habits. Find a chiropractor who looks at the big picture, one who is generous with advice and willing to create a personalized treatment plan to alleviate underlying structural problems.

On that same note, look for a chiropractor who seems knowledgeable about stretches and exercises. A good chiropractor cares about you even after you’ve left their office, and will offer you the tools to maintain the improvements with your back and neck pain relief. After they have assessed the nature of your specific problem, ask them what stretches you can do, whether it’s a knee-to-chest stretch, piriformis stretch, flexion stretch, etc.

Finally, look for a chiropractor who comes recommended. This might seem obvious, but it too often goes overlooked. Proximity shouldn’t be the deciding factor in which chiropractor you choose, but rather, look for client testimonials online that speak to a chiropractor’s knowledge, care, generosity and effectiveness. If you have to drive a little ways across town to receive a more thorough level of care and attention, it’s totally worth it, and your back will thank you. Other than that, be wary of chiropractors who try and push a lot of products on you. Sure, there are pillows and chairs out there that are very helpful, but a chiropractor who constantly suggests supplements and so forth might care more about profits than your health.

In summary, you haven’t tried it all until you’ve tried a great chiropractor. Your back deserves a thorough, holistic approach, built on experience and care, with great reviews to back it up (no pun intended).

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