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Things to Check before Choosing a Hip Replacement Surgeon

With the advancement in medical science and technology, joint replacement has become much easier with faster recovery. However, if you are planning on getting a hip replacement surgery, you need to know that it can change the way you sit, sleep, and stand or even walk. And that is why you need to be extra alert, especially in choosing the right surgeon. You must make all attempts in verifying that the surgeon chosen by you is highly skilled and experienced to give you the desired results post surgery. Reading this article, you will learn about some important things that should be checked before choosing a Hip Replacement surgeon.

Surgical Approach and Experience with it

One of the main aspects to consider before selecting a surgeon, such as Dr. Nakul Karkare for a hip replacement surgery is their approach and experience. He is known to be a specialist with years of experience in Fluoroscopy that ensures a perfect fit of the replaced joint.

Generally, the traditional posterior approach is followed in such surgeries but due to development of newer technologies, many surgeons have started trying an anterior approach and even a minimally invasive approach to conduct a hip replacement surgery. What is most important here is to know the experience of the surgeon, so that you don’t end up being an experimental patient for the surgeon trying a new approach.

Expected Results Post Surgery

Another vital aspect to check before choosing a hip replacement surgeon is to know the estimate of expected results post-surgery (e.g., successful vs unsuccessful outcomes). Although this type of replacement surgery is successful in almost all patients you must not take everything for granted. So be sure to ask about expected results in your particular case and what would be the measures to control pain after the surgery. Additionally, ask questions related to mobility and other medications required post-surgery.

Options for Replacement Prosthetic Materials

Also check with your surgeon about the various options available for replacement prosthetic materials. The common hip replacement prosthetic materials are available in ceramic, plastic, metal and sometimes the combination of any of these materials. An experienced surgeon will always consider your specific case and suggest the best material option as a replacement part for your hip.
Possible Complications and Risks

Another important question to ask your hip replacement surgeon before the actual hip replacement surgery is the list of possible risks and complications. Don’t solely be fixated on with the benefits of this surgery. You must be well aware of its complications before the surgery, especially if you are suffering from some pre-existing health problems like diabetes, heart diseases, or high blood pressure. Thus, ensure that the surgeon can frankly inform you about the possible risks related to your pre-existing health problems and the hip replacement surgery.

Precautions before the Surgery

Last of all, make sure to ask about any precautions before the surgery from your chosen hip replacement surgeon. It is in fact very important to know certain do’s and don’ts prior to the surgery such as any lifestyle changes such as losing weight or gaining muscles around the hip. You may also ask whether there are any medicines to take prior to the surgery and any specific post surgery modifications or rehabilitation required.

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