Friday, July 12, 2013

How Do Energy Healing Techniques Work?

Energy healing is a holistic approach to healing and health. Healers believe that physical and emotional health problems can be treated with directing healing energy to the person. Most healers use energy healing techniques that involve transmitting energies through their hands, sometimes by placing the hands on the person and sometimes holding the hands just above the body.

Types of Energy Healing

Energy healing techniques include spiritual healing, Reiki and other methods, but all are based on similar principles. The theory behind energy healing is that there is a natural life energy that flows in everyone, and when that energy is blocked, illnesses can result. The job of the healer or the Reiki practitioner is to direct energy from a higher source to the client. Some practitioners talk about universal life energy and some talk about divine energy. In all cases the healer is said to connect to this universal life energy and transmits it to the client.

What Happens in a Session?

Clients often describe feelings of warmth or relaxation during a healing session. Many people feel the energy as heat that radiates from the practitioner's hands. Most clients feel relaxed and peaceful after the treatment, and many say they have slept better than for a long time. Even animals react to healing, and Reiki healing has been especially popular when treating domestic pets. Reiki can be used to help animals that are nervous or tense, and it can be used together with veterinary medicines and treatments.

How to Become a Healer

Different practitioners learn their energy healing techniques in different ways. Some people recognize their own healing abilities early on in life, and some start to learn healing later. Some work as full-time energy healing practitioners, and others give occasional treatments to family and friends.

To become a Reiki practitioner you will need to study with a Reiki Master Teacher. The master helps you to connect to the universal Reiki energy in a process called "attunement". The student always works together with the master over a period of time to discover his or her healing abilities and to tune into the energies.

Reiki healing and energy healing are used to relieve stress and tension, to bring relief to emotional imbalances, and to speed up the body's natural healing abilities in many other conditions. Healers do not claim to treat illnesses or to provide medical services. However they can often provide healing and comfort while the patient is receiving medical treatment.

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