Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Debut of the New MedFriendly Home Page

It is with great pleasure that I reveal the NEW MedFriendly Homepage. Now, you will see a fresh, crisp, and professional looking web design that will greatly enhance readability, page loading speed, and your overall use of the site. All linked areas from the new page will bring you to pages that also have the same new design. Links that used to be on those pages to other terms have been disabled and will gradually be replaced with active links once the entries for those links have been reformatted with the new design. Each day, older terms will be replaced with the new format. New terms will continue to be added as well.

Some things to note on the new homepage: Now, there is no longer a separate page for the top 10 list as they are listed on the bottom right of the page. To bring more people to this blog, the top right of the home page will have a link to the most recent blog entry. This will allow for better integration between MedFriendly.com and the MedFriendly Blog and will provide the home page with dynamic content. The most commonly used links are listed on the top left of the page and other links are located in the "Other MedFriendly Features" section. Nice new buttons for the MedFriendly Facebook and Twitter account are included.

Special thanks to those of you who provided feedback on the new site design, especially my wife who provided critical input that helped shape the look of the site.

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