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Losing weight: the 10 basic tricks for losing abdominal fat - Instant knockout Review

One of the main recommendations for losing weight is to avoid soft drinks, even light ones, as they encourage easy fat storage says Nicholas From Docarzt.

Eliminating "the rolls" from the abdomen is everyone's desire. The abdomen is one of the areas of the body that tends to accumulate the most fat as a result of poor diet and sedentary lifestyle. You can lose weight quickly in some parts of your body, but when it comes to this area that doesn't let you wear your clothes the way you want, it's best to get to work and stop the process.

If you let it progress, it will become more prominent and the worst thing is that it will take more effort to get rid of it. Although subcutaneous fat is difficult to remove, choosing a good lifestyle is the key. Read these tips that will help you achieve it: little by little you will practice it always.

1.- Stop eating foods rich in fat, sugars, alcohol and processed foods is the first rule to eliminate fat from the abdomen. Prefer to eat fruits and vegetables, lean and organic meats, so you can make sure you are eating quality and low-fat food. After a week, you will be able to give yourself a taste that contains sugar or fat. Choose what you want and reward yourself for the effort. From pasta, chocolate cake, or whatever you want, but don't overdo it: the ration should be normal and not repeated.

2.- Do not skip breakfast, this slows down the metabolism and makes it more difficult to eliminate fat. Start the day with a glass of warm water with lemon. Eat oatmeal without sugar and red fruits for breakfast. Oats are rich in fiber and produce satiety for several hours. It also helps to "sequester" fat from the abdomen.

3.- To lose fat, the best way to do so is to exercise. Lower your daily calorie intake through intense physical activity, such as running or jumping rope. HIIT exercises are also very effective. Ideally, you should start exercising before breakfast, since at this time you have not eaten any calories and your body will use the accumulated calories as fuel.

Your diet should be low in carbohydrates. These tend to relax the abdomen, like potatoes, pasta, bread, rice, among others. Replace them with fruits and vegetables. Eliminate from your daily diet foods with fat, fried foods, sweets, soft drinks and alcohol.

Avoid going more than 3 hours without trying food, because sooner or later you will binge. Eat small amounts of healthy and nutritious food at a larger number of daily meals, this way you will speed up your metabolism and store less fat.

6.- Avoid stress. Cortisol makes you feel anxious and hungry all the time. Most of the fat you might gain from overeating will be fat that will accumulate in your belly because most of the cortisol receptors are located in your abdominal area. Keep moving: you don't need to be a scientist to know the benefits of sport on human emotions

7.- Give the fiber a chance. Include foods rich in fiber in your daily intake. To prevent fiber from settling in your stomach, drink two liters of water.

8.- Never eat a high carbohydrate load. These foods encourage the accumulation of fat around the waist and in the belly, because your body remains immobile while you sleep, and there is no way to burn the calories you consume.

9.- Avoid soft drinks, even light ones. Although they do not provide calories, they make the body store fat easily because of their effect on insulin. The reaction in the body is similar to that of sugar. Reduce alcohol consumption as well. In fact, the hormone responsible for burning fat is almost completely blocked by alcohol intake. Nor is it a matter of not being able to go out for a wine, or a cocktail, once in a while, but never in excess.

10.- Doing abdominal exercise with excess in the abdomen only helps to gain muscle and make it look bigger. That's the myth that fat becomes muscle. That's why the solution is: exercise + diet.

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