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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

The Top Ways You Can Prevent a Pimple or Acne Breakout

Pimples or acne can occur at any age, and whether you’re a growing teenager or a 40-year-old adult, acne or pimple breakouts can happen, and at the worst moments too. Pimples or acne can be caused by skin which is too oily, and when there is too much oil on the skin, the pores can become inflamed and essentially infected. What’s more, there are some kinds of bacteria which can actually make acne or pimples much worse. If you are tired of dealing with acne or pimple breakouts and simply want your skin to look fresher and clearer, here are the top ways you can prevent a pimple or acne breakout.

  • Wash your face – properly

We all know the importance of keeping our faces clean and washing and rinsing as thoroughly as we can. But there is also a proper way to wash your face if you don’t want to deal with a pimple or acne breakout. Many experts recommend washing your face twice per day, in the morning and at night. But did you know that washing your face too often can result in a worse breakout as well? While it’s essential to wash your face, don’t overdo it. When you do wash your face, wash it only with warm water (hot water can be too harsh on sensitive skin) and use only a mild and gentle cleanser which is free from irritants, preferably one which is designed for acne treatment. Don’t be rough on your skin, either – avoid loofahs and abrasive cloths; it’s best to use just your fingers when rubbing cleanser on your face.

  • Make sure to moisturize

Your skin needs to remain hydrated, and the best way to make sure that it is properly hydrated is to keep it moisturized. When choosing a moisturizer, however, don’t choose one which has synthetic fragrances or oil – an all-natural, botanical-based moisturizer free from chemicals is always a good choice.

  • Keep yourself hydrated

More often than not, skin breakouts can be caused by simply not drinking enough water. The problem with being dehydrated is that if your body lacks water, this could lead to the overproduction of oil on your skin since your body thinks you need it. Also, if you’re dehydrated, your skin can easily appear dull, and dehydration can lead to redness and inflammation as well. The basic rule of thumb is to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day, but you should drink more water or liquids if you are breastfeeding, if you’re pregnant, or if you are in a hot environment.

  • Stay away from makeup

Some of us tend to cover our faces with makeup when we do have a pimple or acne breakout, but you could end up making the breakout worse if you do this, since the makeup can easily clog your pores and even trigger another acne outbreak. Limit your use of makeup when you have pimples or acne, and if you can’t avoid it, try to stay away from greasy foundations and use cosmetic products which are free from fragrances and are non-comedogenic. It’s also a good idea to stay away from oily or greasy shampoos, hair products, shaving creams, and body washes.

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