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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Why You Need To Manage Student Stress And 7 Best Ways To Do It

Managing stress has been a major issue for decades now. Many people continue to let stress overtake them to the point of having depression and having its final end as committing suicide. It starts with a small issue, something that brings worry, anxiety or panic.

Why would you need to manage stress as a student?

Student stress management for college students is quite essential as it helps avoid many dangerous effects. College life is not that good for all people. Most people who struggle learning in college either in terms of finances, relationships, physical, emotional, or mental health. You might be struggling with this problem while you are in college. Here is why you will want to manage that stress:

• It Lowers Your Desire to Learn.  You can find yourself either day dreaming in class, having completely lost their focus or missing the classes.
• It Weakens Social Life. When you are stressed, you barely go out to meet up with your friends. You just want to sleep or stay somewhere quiet alone.
• It Greatly Affects Your Health. Your appetite worsens, you can lose a good deal of weight. Moreover, if not immediately attended to, it may bring various serious diseases.

There are thousands of ways to manage stress in college. Some have worked on certain people while others have not. Stress reduction is a key to a productive and happy life. Here are 7 handy tips that will help you manage your stress no matter how long you've been overtaken by it and why. These will go a long way in calming the stress down, and giving the ultimate strength to overcome it completely.

1. Have a Flexible Schedule

There are times when it's hard to keep up with a timetable especially when you have more on your table than what you normally have. If you have a lot of work to be done, you may consider getting help. If you have to write an essay, work on some project and finish up on the notes you missed, this can get you really stressed out. You can always find an essay writing service like EduZaurus which helps you to get some fresh ideas on what to write in your research paper. Then the rest you can distribute through the following day.

2. Join Stress Relieving Programs

There are stress relief programs for college students almost everywhere, even on the web. You may want to join one of them at least to help you set aside some time to help you clear your mind and have focus on freedom and peace. Meditation is perhaps the most commonly used method of relieving stress and it works like magic! So be sure to check the programs that promote meditation and other effective ways to reduce stress join them and be consistent with them.

3. Face Disappointments Boldly

You can never have a disappointment-free life, ever! Most students get depressed when they fail exams and don't want to deal with it. Most often, they'll sleep through it and that's just about it! Well, sleeping helps to reduce the pressure but it most certainly doesn't take away the fact that you failed. You need to sit down and analyze your educational strategy. Look at what you are doing wrong and right. Then from your analysis, you can come up with resolutions to handle each problem.

4. Reward Yourself

If you are working through certain difficulties, you need to track your progress with gifts. Give yourself a good treat after a hard test. Doing this will help give you confidence and motivation to continue working hard. Do not forget to take a break from studying.

5. Don't Keep Silent

Research shows that many people who are stressed are those that keep things, especially serious problems, to themselves. Having people you can talk to about your problems is highly recommended. A recent survey shows that almost all people who talk to counselors and psychiatrists end up blowing off the steam much faster and come out with positive energy.

6. Be Optimistic

Stress only comes when you anticipate that something bad will happen. Being optimistic and having faith that things will turn out just fine helps. Optimism is one the best sources of your war against stress. Do not worry about things you do not have influence on.

7. Get Yourself a Mentor

A great teacher will help get firsthand knowledge of how things actually work as opposed to how you think they do. A relevant mentor helps to shed light on your career path brighter than it currently is.

This is a guest blog entry. Jeremy Raynolds is a blogger and freelance writer whose lifestyle credo is “The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.”

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